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IMeetZu Review

IMeetZu Review
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Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 67%
Popular Age 27-39
Profiles 1 027 946
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 6.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site offers different modes of communication
  • There is access for non-members
  • Registration is free
  • Creation of profiles is easy
  • Most of the profiles are scams
  • The random chats don't work out well
  • Most of the members in the site are perverted
  • Lots of sexual content rather than focusing on the interaction of members

IMeetZu is an online dating platform that is video-oriented but also offers additional communication means to its users. The site has a couple of features and policies to it as well. Read on this IMeetZu to learn more.

IMeetZu Review

How Many Languages are Offered on the IMeetZu Website?

The site was developed and is only offered in English. Nonetheless, the site also offers members the ability to ensure that they can spice up their conversations by using a common language that both of them well understand. There is a translator as well in cases where there is a language barrier.

Who Owns IMeetZu?

The site is owned by Wired Web, Inc, a company under Josh and Aaron, which is obliged to run the operations and monitor the activities in the site.

So Where are the IMeetZu Offices Based Now?

Neither the site nor any of the IMeetZu reviews give any information on the address of the site’s offices so you better be careful as you go about your business on the site since there is no place to physically locate these guys.

Which Year was IMeetZu Launched?

The site was launched back on 1st March 2017 and since thVideo chat en it has been attending to its members.

Is IMeetZu Used Worldwide?

The site can be used by individuals from all corners of the world. The site also records members from every continent.

How Old Should You Be to Sign up for IMeetZu?

The minimum age requirement for one to register for an account in the site is 18 years old. The site’s age distribution is quite even though most of the users are on their 20s and 30s and are also the most active in the site.

How Old Should You Be to Sign up for IMeetZu?

Can I Use the Site From My PC?

You can operate the site from your PC since there is a desktop version of the site which is accessible from both Windows and MacBook. The version is appropriate for the members who enjoy using laptops and fancy a larger screen view. The version offers the users the opportunity to register for an account, create a profile, and use all the communication features offered as well as use the special features available.

How Many Users Does IMeetZu Have Globally?

The site hasn’t released the data on this information as there is no exact estimation due to the many dormant profiles. Claims are that the site has about 200,000 members and that most of the members are located in the United States. However, the site experiences a lot of traffic as most of the members are usually active and awaiting other members to initiate contact. The male members exceed the number of female members, and they are the loudest members on the site, although the female members enjoy the video chat feature most.

Website Design & Usability

The website design used in the site is not good at all as the site has an outdated look. There is a poor layout incorporated since the information is not well-positioned at the respective places. The site’s background is a dark blue color that denies it the brightness to be more attractive. The instructions are evident, although the site doesn’t inform members much on how the site is run and the policies are too shallow for a site offering video chat.

Which Browsers are Compatible with IMeetZu?

There are many browsers out there that might support the IMeetZu website but it is only wise if you go for the best in the market. Options like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera will deliver the quality that you are looking for. The benefits these sites will give you include getting excellent speeds, saving on the space on your device as well as protect you from hackers and malware.

How Do I Utilize the Camera on IMeetZu?

The camera is what you need if you want to make your experience in the site a marvel. The key specs to have are ensuring it has a good resolution great zoom capability and being on a well-lit area to make sure that you are seen properly. All these are to be considered since the site offers video chat to its members as the primary way of communication. You need also to know that you will require a profile picture or upload videos as well. These can be made possible by using the camera on the site but just getting the right postures and proper backgrounds.

How Do I Utilize the Camera on IMeetZu?

Special Features

The uniqueness of sites creates a gap between the best and the rest. The unique feature is what most people consider when they are checking out which site is conducive for them to join. With this in mind, let’s take a look at why people join IMeetZu;

  • Video chat – This is a means of communication where members face time with other members as the communication is at the peak. It is a more personal kind of communication and provides users the best results.
  • Chat rooms – These are areas of interaction where the members can have a specific topic to discuss as they also air out their thought and share their points of view.
  • Activity – This feature enables members to know who said what and who did this and that, who just joined the site and every other new thing that is happening on the site
  • Recently active – The site enables you to see the members who have been on the site minutes before you logged in
  • Online status – This is a feature on the member’s profiles where the members can see who is online.

How Does It Work?

The primary this to do is to sign up or sign in to the site to start your experience. The process is simple: all you need to do is start searching for a member according to your specifications. Usually, there are generalized search filters: new users, active users, active girls/guys, and new guy/girl users. After you spot the member, you’re interested in. You can click on their profiles to see what they are made of before initiating contact. If you still want to go ahead and make a move, you can use several communication features to do so.

How Can I Message Someone?

There are different ways for you to initiate contact with members on the site. These adverse options help interaction to be more among members as you can choose what is comfortable for you and go on and follow that lead. These options include;

  • Video chat – This feature enables members to see each other and talk to each other via the webcam. This feature is for the members who are willing to explore or have grown interested in each other over time. The site offers a keyboard down below if there is a poor internet connection and can type something to the member.
  • Text chat – This feature is the direct message version of this site as it is the old fashioned way of communicating with the members you are interested in. The feature requires you to be good with words to drop your ice breakers and great pickup lines to make a great first impression.
  • Chat room – These are groups within the site where you can join the particular one that is comfortable with you to participate in them. The chat rooms bring together people of the same interest.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Sending messages on the site and video chatting with fellow members and participating in chat rooms is free.

How Can You Start Messaging with a Member on IMeetZu?

The primary move to make before you can think of contacting an individual if finding the right person worth your time and effort in the communication sector. This is done by simply searching for the members that look like they probably match on the site. There are several features for this so don’t you worry about that. After getting the one then you better start slow by a simple text message and as things progress, you can request a video chat to intensify the communication.

Why Can’t I Access IMeetZu?

This can be an issue of entering the wrong URL on your browser that will lead you to the wring site. According to several IMeetZu reviews, the other common issue is the issue of poor internet connectivity that gives the members a hard time accessing the website or the app.

Why Can't I Access IMeetZu?

How Long Does IMeetZu Bans Last?

The site gives bans to users who violate the terms of use and policies of the site. There are two bans issued by the site and they are Temporary and permanent. The permanent is usually given due to members who have committed a crime within site, which is fraud or scam and its lasting time is indefinite. As for the temporary bans, members get this by making another member comfortable. There are usually given after reporting a member, and they last for a specific time depending on the issue.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Profile?

Uplifting of bans take a different turn since the temporary ban won’t require you to do much but wait until the ban time is over so that you can get full access to the site. The total access part is mentioned because these bans are usually a denial of a feature rather than the whole access. The permanent ban will require the member to send an appeal to the support team for his case to be reviewed. Further investigation on the site will follow, and a decision will be met, which will be getting your account back if you are found to have no-fault.

Is there an Option to Terminate Your IMeetZu Account?

There is an opportunity for members who are fed up with the site to terminate their membership. This is possible by only going to the account settings and following the steps involved to attain this goal. The result of this will also include erasing your data and profile details from your account.

NB: This process is irreversible.

What Happens If I Disable the “Show Me on IMeetZu” Choice?

This feature is usually offered by sites that allow their users to sign in their accounts using their social media accounts. This feature helps them hide the identity of the linked accounts, in this case, the IMeetZu profile, form the social media community. Unfortunately, this site does not offer its users the option to register using their social media accounts.

Where Do I Locate My IMeetZu Matches?

The matches on the site will be located where you will be searching for the partner depending on the specs that you prefer, basically your search results. Since there are no search results, the random suggestion also counts as your matches, and you can choose whether to accept them or not.

How Do I See Who Has Contacted Me on IMeetZu?

The profiles have an inbox section where you can see all the communications you have had with other members, including the new ones. You will be lucky if you have an app since you can get the notifications, and upon clicking them, they will send you directly to the messages. This section includes the video calls, text chats, and chat rooms that you have participated in.

Is it Possible to See the IMeetZu Users that I’ve Liked?

There is no like feature on the site, so basically, if you like someone personally, then communicate with them. So the chats that you’ve initiated can be termed as your likes since you have to be interested in someone for you to make contact with them.

What is IMeetZu’s Ghost Mode?

The spy mode is a feature that allows users to hide their profiles and move forward to view the profiles of fellow members anonymously. This feature is enabled indirectly in this site since you cannot see the members who have viewed your profile. So if you view a profile and end up not communicating to them, then it can be termed as ghost mode.

How Do I Change My Display Name on IMeetZu?

That is not an option in IMeetZu nor any online dating platform. This is because the display names of users, email addresses, gender, and age always act as the user’s identity (that is why they are used in searching) that maintains their uniqueness.

Why am I Finding it Hard to Enter the IMeetZu Site?

This can be as a result of having a difficult time logging in to the website. The most important details in your profile are your email and password and if you cannot keep track of them, then you won’t access the site. The solution to this is to save these credentials on your browser or the app and using the ‘forgot my password’ option to go through the password recovery process. The other reason why members get a hard time accessing the site is that they might have a banned account or have deleted theirs, so the site will deny their details.

Why am I Finding it Hard to Enter the IMeetZu Site?

What are the Different Filters Offered on the IMeetZu Search Feature?

There are different ways in which you can search for a member. They are divided into two. The first one is the site’s generalized search, and you need not enter any filters to get the results. These search suggestions are new users, active users, active girls/guys, and new guy/girl users and the results are usually long lists of members. If you like to get to the specific, you better choose to narrow down your suggestions using the filters. The filters involved here include the sex, minimum age, maximum age, whether the profile has photos or not. When they last logged into the site, the country of the individual, the state they are situated, the city they reside in, and the range in miles that you want them to be around you. These will bring excellent results for you to get the right individual for you.

Sign up Process

The signing up procedure is straightforward and quick to achieve. You will have to fill in a couple of details for you to be able to complete your profile. These details include your name, sex, and the date of birth, enter your email address twice, key in your desired password, and zip code. You will complete the process by agreeing that you are over 18 years old and to the terms and conditions of use and then confirm that you are not a robot. You will then create your profile by first uploading photos filling in info such as your education level, relationship status, interests, occupation, body appearance, height, eyes and hair color, ethnicity, and religion.

How is Email Verification Done?

There is an email verification for the profiles that assures security. The process is usually done after completing the registry form, after which you will receive an email from the site located in your bulk email section. There will be a link upon opening the email which you will click to give you access to your profile.

What Happens If I Sign in Via My Facebook Account?

The site does not allow members to sign in via Facebook account or any other social media accounts.

How Do I Join the IMeetZu Community?

The first thing you should do is to either get to the website or download the application. You will then follow the procedure of registering for an account by filling in all the credentials necessary to fill-up the form. You will then proceed to verify your account via your email and then get access to your profile. You will be required to make the necessary changes on your profile to have a full account and then proceed to search and communicate with members.

Can I Access the Site as a Non-Member?

Yes, you can. This is one of the features that has made the site gain popularity. There is much that you can do as a non-member. These include: video chatting and text chatting with random members, joining and participating in different chat rooms (be cautious in this since the titles might deceive you), searching for members, viewing the members’ activity on the site, reading how the site works, contacting the site and getting to know the terms and conditions of use. All these are enough to help you decide whether you want to be a part of the site or not.

Users Profile Quality

The site’s profiles’ quality is one to be discussed, similar to the design, it disappoints. The profiles are rather loaded with very shallow information about the person, and unless you get to ask for the details personally, you cannot know much than the little offered on the site. The other thing about profiles is that they are neatly arranged, and the details follow each other correctly despite they contain little info. The communication options are also well positioned and you can make contact with the member with the click of a button. The overall opinion is that the quality is average.

Mobile Applications

The site offers users who are always up and about an opportunity to use the site in their phones via a mobile app. The mobile app is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store and installation is free. The app is somewhat outdated even compared to the website and the design is just poor. All the features that are accessible on the site are accessible in the app, but only the app offers chat rooms.

Mobile Applications

Membership Costs and the Payment Methods

There are no costs incurred on the site since all the features available are offered for free.

Free Membership Features

There are plenty of features offered in the free subscription, which include;

  • Registration of an account
  • Creation of your profile
  • Sending and receiving text messages
  • Video chatting with members
  • Communication with random members
  • Searching for matches
  • Checking the activities of the users
  • Joining and participating in chat rooms.

Is IMeetZu Free?

The site is free from getting an account to enjoying all the features available on the site.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on IMeetZu as a Free Member?

The like feature is not available on the site but you can still see them indirectly (refer to the ways if seeing your likes subheading) on a free membership.

Premium Membership Features


Does IMeetZu Have a Premium Membership?

The site does not have any premium subscription.

Does IMeetZu Have a Premium Membership?

How Do I Cancel My IMeetZu Subscription?

Don’t worry about renewing subscriptions since the site offers all its features for free.

Is IMeetZu Premium Membership Auto-Renewed?

No credit card deductions are done on the site for renewals of premium subscriptions.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Time on the Site?

Worry not about refunds for you won’t spend even a penny on the site.

Is My “Donation” to IMeetZu Automatically Renewed Each Month?

The donations made on the site are agreed on and the member has to set the terms that he/she will be comfortable with. If the auto-renewal was one of them, then it will be effective upon expiry.

I Am Not Satisfied with the IMeetZu Premium Membership. Can I Get My Cash Back?

No premium in the site is paid for so money issues should be the least of your concerns.

How Will My IMeetZu Donation Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

The donations on the site will appear on your credit card bill as the company’s name that runs the site.

Can I Give Support to a Fellow IMeetZu Member?

There is no clear indications or instruction for so doing.

Can I Send Donations for Only a Single Month?

It is very possible if agreed upon by the site.

Is Connecting Singles Really Safe?

The site is moderately safe as the site offers security measures although there are cases of scams.

Is Connecting Singles Really Safe?

Are IMeetZu Forums/Threads Standardized?

A lot goes on in the chat rooms and clearly, they are not monitored by the site nor standardized.

How Can I Filter Who Can Contact Me on IMeetZu?

This can only be done when you get the random suggestions since you can choose either to accept or deny the request for communication.

What Security Features Have IMeetZu Put in Place?

  • Verification of emails
  • Banning of profiles
  • Blocking and reporting by members
  • Encryption of chats.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspicious Member?

Blocking and reporting a member is simply done for the profile where the instructions are clearly stated.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses an IMeetZu Account to Steal Cash?

The member will be arraigned in court to answer for his/her criminal charges.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Included on Your IMeetZu Account?

Anything that is against the terms and conditions of use and policies of the site.

Are IMeetZu Conversations Encrypted?

There is an algorithm that does that job.

Are IMeetZu Conversations Encrypted?

Can IMeetZu Track You Down?

If there is a reason for doing so, it is possible.

Can IMeetZu Be Traced by the Authorities?

Not at all. The site doesn’t have a physical address.

Who Should I Consult If I Have Concerns Regarding My Privacy on IMeetZu?

The support team

Can I Delete the Details that I’ve Already Given Out to IMeetZu?

Editing of info is enabled but limited.

Are there Any Fake or Scam Users on IMeetZu?

Few cases have been reported.

Are there Any Fake or Scam Users on IMeetZu?

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]


Omegle, Bazoocam, and ChatBlink.

Real Life Review


Nice. There are normal chats here happening, and I tried it for the first time. I found someone who was entertaining, but then we got disconnected but I guess it was by choice and not because of malfunctions on the app so far I like it – Dx Nur


This site tracks your chat and time duration as well as your Wi-Fi IP address, and I am saying this because yesterday I talk one person approximately 10 min and then in between chat this site blocks my Wi-Fi and now I am not able to do “Text Chat” when my laptop connect with Wi-Fi, but I can chat when it’s connected with mobile data – Sanjay Kumar

Is IMeetZu the Best Dating App Out There?

The site is doing somewhat okay.

Can I Un-Match a Member on the IMeetZu Website?

There are no matches on the site.

What Relationships are Built-in IMeetZu?

Casual dates and friendship


If you’re looking for a member to explore the possibilities of interaction and participating in video chats, this is the site. You will enjoy all the features for free and also have easy navigation to all features. Have you tried IMeetZu before? How was your experience?

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