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InstantHookups Review

InstantHookups Review
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 20-38
Profiles 1 152 500
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a responsive website design;
  • It allows users to view their latest matches;
  • It has a mobile version, so you can browse the site no matter where you are;
  • InstantHookups has a vast membership that guarantees instant hookup with a sexy mate;
  • It offers a variety of matching options that go in line with your preferences;
  • Its security system is reliable;
  • The support team is highly responsive;
  • The support team is highly responsive;
  • The site sends alerts on new sign-ups to your email.
  • You must give your credit card details to use the site;
  • You must agree to receive occasional promotional emails to register with the service;
  • It does not have a mobile app.

InstantHookups app has made it easy to find a partner of your choice even if you have a busy lifestyle. They have simplified the way you can get a partner for a weekend sex party. Presently, you do not have to visit the clubs, find sexy girls and lure them to have sex. You can achieve that using hookup sites where everyone is looking for the same thing as you. On these sites, you can find an affair you have been looking for.

If you are out to find a one-night stand partner, it is now possible with the help of hookup platforms. Besides, if you urge to engage in a live sex chat, you can still get it on this site. However, it would be best if you familiarized yourself with this site’s pros and cons. It will help you make an informed decision on whether to join or not.

Site Overview

InstantHookup website was established in 2016 to help people seeking instant hookups for a one-night stand or weekend sex parties. It was founded by Quad Strategy Ltd. It operates across the British and US regions, but it is based in the United Kingdom.

It serves people that are interested in getting hooked up with like-minded individuals. Majorly, most people on this site have sexual interests that they would like to satisfy in the shortest time possible.

How Does InstantHookups Serve Its Purpose?

InstantHookups is a dating service that helps members to find a quick partner for a date. It claims that can you find a sex partner the same day you created your profile. On this site, it is true you can get hooked up with a sex partner in the shortest time possible. But you will have to become a member first.

So, you begin the search for a sex mate by registering with the Instanthookups app. Make sure you provide all the details required by the site. You need to reveal your age, height, interests, sex, a partner you need to find, and your location. Also, upload a sexy photo that other users will love. Once you have created the profile, you can find a partner on the site, chat and organize a date for sex. In most cases, you will be hooked up with users near or in your location. That is why you should make it clear that you are in a particular city.

The Sign-up Process at InstantHookups App

The Sign-up Process at InstantHookups App

The registration process at InstantHookups is well-structured. The platform utilizes the info provided by the users to filter out the perfect fits for them. Thus, you should be keen on the sign-up process since it will be used to find your preferred mates.

Here is a quick look at the sign-up process:

  1. You must reveal your sexual orientation;
  2. Say what you expect from your possible partner;
  3. You must reveal why you intend to sign up with the service;
  4. You should select a username and provide an email address;
  5. Credit card details have to be provided to use the service.

The sign-up process requires you to give details such as sexual orientation, mate preferences, interest, age, location, email address, and much more. You should select your preferred username that will be used on the site. Remember, most sites do not use your real name.

As per this InstantHookups review 2024, you should be willing to choose a username that you deem suitable for you. Ensure the email provided is active and can be accessed anytime you want to read promotional emails and any press releases from the platform. It is advisable to use a different email address apart from the one you use for business or work-related matters. Do not forget to upload cute photos to your profile to make them highly visible and attractive to fellow users.

How Do You Start a Conversation?

There are different ways users can interact on the InstantHookups website. The site focuses on live interaction forms of communication. The site has a chat feature that makes it easy for members to send messages to people they like. Thus, if you like a profile and want to get hooked up with them, use the chat features on your dashboard to reach them out.

Additionally, you can use the video chat if you want to enjoy the live interaction mode. This option is widely used on the site. Thus, you should not stay out if you wish to get a glimpse of how your partner looks. However, learn that the video chat features have certain limits. You cannot comment, flirt, or gift your partner. It is entirely focused on chats. You can use it anytime you need to chat with your partner but do not want to keep typing.

Quality of Profiles in InstantHookups

The profile should be unique to attract more users to you. When you are signing up for the service, you must provide all the required details so that they can use it to complete your profile. Incomplete profiles are not as attractive as the filled ones. Thus, you should get ahead of your competition by filling in all the sections of the profile. Also, upload the best picture for a better quality of your account.

The profile shows your location, interests, sexual preferences, and much more about you. Most of the profiles on this site are real. There are zero, or say, minimal chances of spam profiles. There are multiple languages in which you can read the profiles. Besides, there are no limits as to who you may meet. Other users can only see the details provided in your profile before they could answer your messages. It means that you have to make it as interesting as you can.

However, details such as habits, background, and lifestyle are privately discussed. Typically, people will only tell more about their physical looks rather than traits. So, you should not expect to get pleasant habits from these guys. You should be prepared to get a glimpse of well-built and sexy bodies.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles?

There can be some spam profiles on the InstantHookup app. You can find out quickly if the user sends messages that look like they are bot-generated. A spam profile will have a funny profile picture such as a cat, dog, or other pet or cartoon. If you doubt any profile trying to lure you to meeting in deserted places, report them to customer care. Customer care contact information is provided in a section below this.

Design and Ease of Using the InstantHookups Website

The app has the best design that many people love. Besides, it is responsive to navigate through as you look for a hookup partner. Thus, you should join knowing that you will use a good site that is designed to give users the best experience.

InstantHookups Mobile App

InstantHookups Mobile App

The site does not have a mobile app for Android or even iPhones. However, it has a mobile version that can be used with all browsers on your phone. It has a pretty design, just like the desktop version. It is easy to navigate using the mobile version. It has all the features that you would find in the desktop version.

You can see members’ feeds on your mobile. You can chat with your mate on the mobile version and still make a live call to your sexy hookup guy. Thus, the InstantHookup website offers every user an opportunity to enjoy its services while at the cafe, library, office, or coffee bar with their mobile phones.

Does It Have Any Special Features?

This app may not have as many special features. It only has the feature that helps locate nearby hookup partners.

The site uses the GPS Auto-Match feature to detect users that are near or in your current location to provide them in your feeds. It shows all active users when you log in to your dashboard and gives you the best picks per the preferences you revealed during the registration process. So, this feature can help you find a girl who is right in your location and is willing to go for a night date. So, do not be bored when you can still find a girl from your locality to have a sex party together.

What Are the Costs of Using InstantHookups?

Most sites do not even allow you to test their services. They will ask for all payment info and even make a dedication before you could feel how exciting or boring the site is. But InstantHookups is entirely different. It offers a whole day to new users to get to experience their services before deciding on whether to buy a premium plan or keep looking for a better dating platform.

Here is the cost breakdown of using this site:

Membership Status Price/ Month Total Cost
Total Cost $ 1.94 Per Day $ 5.83
Gold member 1 Month $ 34.95 Per Month $ 34.95
Gold member 6 Months $ 11.65 Per Month $ 69.92

Basic Membership Perks

  1. As a free user, you can view profiles;
  2. Limits you from its top services;
  3. You can upload a photo;
  4. You can complete your profile.

Premium Membership Benefits

Premium members get the best services on InstantHookups. Here are some of the perks enjoyed by members who have paid the subscription fee:

  1. You can see all profiles on the site;
  2. You may select your preferred match from the ones presented in the feeds;
  3. Enjoy 24/7 support from the operators;
  4. Save pictures and even download them;
  5. Use the advanced search filters with ease;
  6. Get to enjoy various sex shows live-streamed by the sexiest models on the site;
  7. You can send or receive emails;
  8. Lastly, you may watch videos from other users.

Does InstantHookups Have Coupons

At the moment, the site does not have any promotions or coupon codes that you can use during your payment or sign-up process. However, if they start using such codes, you will be among the first users to know as long as you are a subscriber to their promotional emails.

What about Verification and Safety in InstantHookups

All premium users are highly protected. Any spam profiles are not permitted on this site. The scammers try to create free accounts that they use to threaten or even steal from legit users. All users need to provide their emails so that they can receive verifications details. However safe the site might be, it is advisable to be wary of any spam-looking profiles. If you find any profile that does not look real, report it immediately.

Before going on any sex date with anyone from the site, perform some background checks from their profiles and still get to know them better during your discussion. Never share login details and your credit card info with anyone on the site.

To improve safety while using this InstantHookups app, you are advised to read more guidelines from the site’s blog. Besides, you can still get the info about hookup dates from the web. Read as much as you can and implement the tips you learn in your dating endeavors. They improve the entire activity, right from chats to physical meetings.

Also, do not reveal your exact living addresses. This is because you do not know who you will meet. It is wise to find a meeting point away from your home. Eventually, you will enjoy the entire thing and come back to give a positive review about Instanthookups.

Is InstantHookups a Scam Site?

No, it is not a scam. Many users have found partners on this site, and it seems more and more people will continue to get hot hookups here. The fact that it has thousands of real users means that the site offers legit dating services.

Is InstantHookups a Real Site?

Yes. It is a legit dating service. It has thousands of genuine members. The site offers high security that protects all members and makes sure their details remain anonymous. The site is operated in line with the legal guidelines and dating rights. Besides, it has a dedicated customer service team that takes care of all issues raised by the users.

Does InstantHookups Offer Anonymity to Users?

One of the reasons many people like this site is because it offers secret affairs. You can even try it to get a better experience from what your wife offers at home. Do not even mention your wife getting a one-night-stand during a business trip to a far city.

The site’s level of secrecy makes it a favorite to many people who cherish online hookups. Thus, it is true this platform offers the utmost levels of confidentiality. You can never be traced by anyone. No one will know that you have been using the service to find sexy naughty girls for one-night stands.

Are There Any Problems With InstantHookups?

Are There Any Problems With InstantHookups?

Users of the site do not report any problems. The site has genuine users and top security measures. If you come across any problems, do not hesitate to reach out to the customer care guys. Let them know about the problem you are facing, and they will be happy to help.

Help and Support From the Site’s Customer Care Team

The site has a phone number that you can call to report any problem or seek help. Also, you can use the live chat feature to talk to the customer care guys. You are allowed to ask for clarification on anything you do not understand, report any form of abuse, or even seek guidelines on canceling your subscription. Thus, joining the site gives you the chance to enjoy swift support services provided by the customer care team at InstantHookups.

What Are the InstantHookups Alternatives?

Here are the other similar sites:

  1. Ashley

MadisonYou can find a mate for sex and much more on this site. It has been in operation for many years, and it offers dating services to people of various sexual orientations. Thus, you can count on it to find your preferred sex partner.

  1. Well Hello

Welcome to this site which can help you find a sexy butt for fun and unlimited sex over the weekend. You should always use this platform to find a new sex partner when you are bored with your current spouse.

  1. Jerk Mate

You really need to find a jerk partner. Do not jerk alone in your crib, yet you can find a sex partner right on this site. It is not expensive, its membership is vast, and it has good features.


This section gives valuable answers to all questions that might have lingered on your mind when reading this honest InstantHookups review. Read them, please and call customer support in case you do not understand any of the answers or need further info.

What Is Instanthookups Utilized For?

This platform is widely used to connect people seeking quick partners for sexual encounters. Thus, if you are looking for a serious relationship that could lead to marriage, please find another site.

Is InstantHookups Real?

Yes, this is a genuine dating platform that helps you find a mate for sex. So, it is time to register and leverage the package to experience the site’s awesomeness. Remember, not all InstantHookupS reviews will present it as real.

How Can You Delete an InstantHookups Account?

You cannot delete the account on this site. However, you can still hide it. On your profile settings, you will see options asking you to SHOW/HIDE your profile. Click on it, and you will be notified once the profile has been successfully hidden.

When you deactivate your account, other users will not see it even upon searching. Also, you will not receive any messages. This trend will continue until you click on the SHOW profile button. Then, you will be able to get feeds, be searched by other users, receive message requests, and do more.


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48 Constant Spring Rd

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Customer Service: 1-866-717-4863.

Final Word

It is okay to conclude that this site deserves praise and money. It has a massive membership and a good algorithm that finds possible partners for users. Its design is incredible. It may lack a mobile app, but the mobile version of the site is highly responsive on browsers installed on your mobile devices. When it comes to safety, the site offers scam protection. Many members are ever excited since the InstantHookups app gives them instant hookups, just as the name suggests.

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