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Xdating Review

Xdating Review
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 75%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 2 650 000
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The signup process is quick and easy
  • The fast and flexible procedure of profile creation
  • The Dating Center hub groups potential match profiles for the user
  • Adult content
  • High membership prices
  • Primitive search tools
  • Males outnumber females significantly
  • Xdating offers limited social activities

Xdating.com is a dating site which caters to singles and couples looking to get in touch with those who want to engage in no strings attached sex dating. The site is geared towards satisfying its members’ any and every sexual fantasy. It guarantees sex and backs up the promise with a money-back guarantee.

Xdating provides a platform for swingers and singles to connect with like-minded individuals for multi-partner sex encounters and the fulfillment of fetishes. All this is offered under the safety and anonymity as Xdating’s fraud prevention team ensures that members are protected from scammers 24/7.

Xdating Review in 2020

How Many Languages Are There on Xdating?

The site supports English as its main user language.

The Owner of Xdating

DG International Limited runs the Xdating website.

The Location of Xdating’s Headquarters

Its headquarters are in the Caribbean islands of St Kitts and Nevis. It has three other offices in Wilmington, Delaware, and Guernsey.

When Was Xdating Launched?

It was founded in 2006, so it’s been operating for more than 14 years in the online dating industry.

Does Xdating Enjoy a Global Popularity?

The site has over 2 million profiles, and you can use your location to hook up with people in your area. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Can Minors Join Xdating?

Members have to be 18 years old or older as per legislative requirements.

Does My Computer Support the App?

Xdating has a mobile version that allows its users to continue chatting with other members, even on the go. It is compatible with Android and iOS. The mobile version works very well, and it is not cluttered with information. The site itself doesn’t have a lot of filters and, therefore, makes the mobile version easy to use.

Worldwide Membership of Xdating

Xdating members are over 2 million, with people coming from all over the world. You have a variety of profiles to choose from. It is always best to try to hook up with users near you as it would make it all easier.

Website Design and Usability

The website is easy to use and designed in such a way that even people who are not technically inclined can get what they want. For instance, during registration, you are presented with a window requesting information about your preferences and interests. All you have to do is tick boxes that better reflect what you like (women or men, young or old, race, hair color, body type, and one’s distance in relation to where you live). In this way, anyone with the ability to read can use Xdating without much hassle. The site is loaded with lots of profile pictures of members ready to meet instantly. Hovering over each image gives a brief description of the person, making it easy to rule out the ones you are not interested in and only going deeper into the profiles of those who match your interests.

Xdating Browser Support

Xdating requires the latest version of your internet browser. The site is designed with Firefox and Internet Explorer users in mind. Turn on your cookies and JavaScript to have the best experience.

Xdating Camera Support

You can use your camera to upload pictures of yourself. Xdating is obviously about what a person looks like, so the more pictures you have, the better. You can use the camera to chat with others or entertain them and vice versa.

Special Features

You can get featured on the homepage of a member and increase your chances of having more matches. You can also be displayed in the top search results. As a paid subscriber, you can also avail of over 20 views on your page.

Special Features

Site Usage

Xdating is pretty easy to use. Once you have signed up, you can view any profile and send messages to other users. Even if you don’t have an avatar, there seem to be many people who will match with you anyway. This should be taken with caution as you don’t know who you are interacting with. You will also receive a lot of notifications from other participants requesting to see your pictures. It is not obligatory to add a photo just yet, but it will improve your interaction on Xdating.

How to Text Someone?

To message someone, go to “Messages” in your navigation bar. You can simply write your text on their profile and click “Send Message.” Once they receive it, they can choose to reply. Their message will appear under the notification bell, and you will be able to see all your correspondence. Sent and received text expire after a period of time. It may take about 15 days for them to remain in the inbox/outbox. You need to upgrade your status to exchange messages.

Should I Pay for Messaging?

Sending messages is free, but you will not receive any feedback from premium members. You can use some features to browse profiles, but the best interaction will be if you go for a subscription. Some messages will appear in your inbox, but you will not be able to access them. Xdating will constantly prompt you to upgrade.

Start Messaging With Someone on Xdating

You can start messaging someone once you have switched to premium. You can take a 7-day free trial to see whether you like the service. You will then be able to text users by opening their page and writing the message in the corresponding box. The reply rate on Xdating is quite high.

I Can’t Open Xdating. Why?

You may struggle to access Xdating because your account may have been blocked. If that is not the case, restart your computer or mobile device that you are using. It may be because of your Internet connection. There could also be reasons beyond your control, such as legislation in your own country. The law may forbid Xdating to operate in your area. You may want to choose a browser that can bypass the restriction, given that you are safe and sound.

For How Long Does Xdating Ban?

You will be banned if you are reported and found to be harassing other users. It is frowned upon to solicit money from the members. Prostitution is also not allowed on Xdating. If you spam people, you will also get banned.

Reactivate a Banned Account

If you wish to reactivate your banned account, you will have to prove that the allegations against you are false. The team will investigate it, and if they find that you have reasonable cause to have your xdating account activated, they will do that. However, you are encouraged to change your username as your current banned one might be associated with spamming other users.

Delete Your Xdating Profile

When you permanently delete your page, your information will no longer be available and is irretrievable. It will remain accessible 30 days, but after that, it will be permanently deleted. It may also take up to 90 days for all the content you posted to be removed. The rest of the community cannot view the info in the meantime.

Disabling the “Show Me on Xdating” Option

To be able to surf Xdating without being noticed, you can select “Safe Mode.” You will be spared from seeing explicit content, and it will not appear in your searches. You can also choose “Discreet Mode.” Thus, only you and your selected friends can view your page. You can also make it inactive, and that will not cancel your membership.

Finding My Matches

With Xdating, you can find your partners in your inbox. They are the people you liked back. There is no algorithm to match users. It is up to you to look for a special someone, applying filters you deem important.

Who Messaged Me on Xdating?

On the top-right side of your profile on your homepage, you will see a speech bubble that will tell you how many messages you have. There, you can check who messaged you. You can reply or block them.

Where Do I Find People I Liked on Xdating?

Whenever someone likes you, there is a notification. You can also see members who are using SMS to communicate. Once you have reached a certain stage, you can use that tool to interact.

Xdating’s Spy Mode

On Xdating, you can browse discreetly by going into your profile and select “Make My Profile Discreet.” Only you will see your page unless you select a few friends who can also visit it. Even if you decide to be discreet, you can still browse other users’ profiles. You also have an option to “Make My Profile Inactive.” This will hide your page and disable messaging. Moreover, other people won’t be able to find you, and you, in turn, won’t be able to communicate.

Can I Edit My Nickname on Xdating?

You can edit your username simply by going to your settings. It is advisable to choose a catchy name that will attract more visitors.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Open the Website?

You may have difficulty entering Xdating because of your internet connection. Check your settings and reload the website. Your country laws may block certain types of sites, and Xdating may be the case. If so, find a browser that supports it.

You can apply different filters by selecting the type of users you wish to interact with. They are quite basic, asking for your preference in gender, age, sexual orientation, and country. With advanced search, you can search by appearance, compatibility, profession, and interests. These parameters are available to both free and premium members.

Xdating Search

Sign-Up Process

To sign up, you simply have to provide your username, email, date of birth, and password. Once that is submitted, you will be asked to set up your profile. From then on, you can start checking out other pages and adding more about yourself, for example, the explicit content that is so popular on Xdating.

How to Verify an Email?

Account Verified is a badge on a user’s profile page, which indicates that a person is real. Xdating’s support checks people by simply viewing them on a webcam. This adds to the general feeling of safety while browsing the platform.

Can I Use My Facebook Account to Sign Up?

Xdating does not allow other social media accounts to register.

What’s the Easiest Way to Join Xdating?

It’s absolutely easy to join Xdating. You just need to sign up, and no verification is required. You can choose to browse for free, but you will get more benefits with the premium membership.

Can I Use the Site as a Guest?

You need to sign up first; otherwise, you will not be able to log in.

Users Profile Quality

Most profiles have good-quality photos, but you may come across some pages that do not contain enough information. Usually, these will appear mostly in your inbox. You need to be careful when communicating with someone who has no photo, as they might be scammers.

Mobile Applications

The Xdating website supports Android and iOS users. You can take your phone anywhere while being logged in so that you don’t miss your potential matches. With your GPS location, you can find users close to you, allowing you to match up and hook up quickly. You are free to have sex on the go. Enjoy your privacy without risking opening the site at your workplace. Doing so may surprise you with a pop up of an explicit photo.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Membership is based on different aspects, depending on how long you wish to use it. Xdating guarantees that if you don’t find a person to hookup in three months, you will get three more months for free.

Membership options are as follows:

  • Gold 2-day trial – $0.95
  • Gold 7-day trial – $9.95
  • 1-month Gold – $34.95
  • Gold 6 months – $11.65 a month
  • Gold 12 months- $6.67 a month

You can use the following payment methods:

  • GXBill EU Debit
  • Incasso
  • Lastschrift
  • Bankpay
  • Telephone billing

Free Membership Features

As a free visitor, you can view profiles, like them, and send messages to people you deem attractive. However, you will not be able to chat, see videos and status updates.

Is Xdating Free?

Xdating has free features, but it is not completely free to use. You can subscribe to different plans. You will then be offered more features to explore on the site. There is also value in being a free member as you can view profiles of other users and send them messages. To get the most of Xdating, you would be better off to go premium.

Can I See Those Who Liked Me on Xdating Without Paying Money?

You can see who likes you by going into your settings, then messages, and there, you will see who has swiped on your photo. Like them back to create a match. Free members have this option too.

Premium Membership Features

As a Premium Membership Holder, you can send as many messages and receive as many replies as you wish. You also get to improve your profile visibility with a subscription. You can post updates in the Dating Center. A star will also be added to your profile, which will boost you to the top of the search results. Enjoy unlimited access to the X-rated part of Xdating, where you can have a great time with live video cams.

Is There Xdating Premium Membership?

Premium membership is offered, and you can get more perks. You also can message an unlimited number of users and receive unlimited replies. Unwind with X-rated videos and photos without restrictions.

How to Terminate My Xdating Membership?

Canceling your membership is easy. It won’t affect your experience as a free user. You will be asked why you decide to cancel it; tick the appropriate option. It is used to improve the service.

Does Xdating Membership Renew Automatically?

Membership is auto-renewed monthly, and if you do not change your subscription, it will run for a year until new prices come into effect.

Will I Get a Refund for Remaining Subscription Period?

When canceling your membership or not using it, you will not get your money back if the reason has nothing to do with the site.

Does My “Support” to Xdating Auto-Renew Monthly?

Your subscription is renewed every month.

Are There Any Refunds for Dissatisfied Xdating Customers?

They guarantee that you will get your money back if you do not hook up within three months. Or, they would give you three months for free. That sounds like a good deal.

Are There Any Refunds for Dissatisfied Xdating Customers?

What Will Be Written on My Credit Card Bill If I Buy Xdating Services?

When using your credit card, Xdating will appear on your statement as ‘MUC-MC.COM 844-340-7605 or MUC-PV.COM 844-340-7605’.

Can I Support Other Xdating Users?

It usually happens in the privacy of one’s chatroom. As always, be on guard as to whom you give support to and if they can be trusted.

Can I Send Support for Just One Month?

Members can buy subscriptions for other users, but there are no gifts or coins to be earned on Xdating. People can ask to buy them subscriptions for a month if they wish to keep communicating with each other.

Is Xdating Really Safe?

The site collects your profile information and correspondence. The same goes for your browsing history, as it will help to root out fraudulent accounts and identify users. A data encryption program is running to protect your data. Your email will also be used to offer you additional services. It will not be shared with third parties.

Do They Moderate Xdating Forums?

Xdating is moderated, and any illegal materials will be removed. Obviously, since it is loaded with explicit sexual content, the moderators’ job is to make sure that child pornography or prostitution is not featured on the site.

Can I Decide Who Can Text Me on Xdating?

If you do not wish to receive messages from certain members, you can easily filter them by using different filters, such as their location, age, hair color, race, or any attributes that you like or dislike.

Security Features of Xdating

Xdating doesn’t verify accounts or emails that you have submitted. However, they will use the email to send you promotional material. The website ensures that people are secure in their interaction with end-to-end encryption.

What to Do to Report/Block a Scammer?

To report and block scammers, you can go to the “Report user” function. If you suspect that someone is trying to scam you, you need to report them as soon as possible to avoid other users falling victim to the same phisher. Use common sense to discern who is fake in your chats. You will then have an option to block them by clicking on the “Block user” button.

What If I Notice That Someone Exploits Xdating to Blackmail?

On any site, you will encounter people who want to take advantage of others. Xdating takes strict measures to ensure that you do not fall prey to the predators. If someone asks for your personal information or money, you should report them immediately. Some people will offer you sex for money. This is common among those who use X dating sites, but you should be cautious with your desires to avoid scam. Get to know someone first before you engage with them on a personal level. Xdating will investigate any member that has been reported and ban them permanently. Prostitution is not allowed on the site. Never leave Xdating and go to another platform that has been suggested by a stranger.

Can I Post Everything I Want in My Xdating Account?

Your information is protected, but it is up to you to make sure that you do not share sensitive information with others. The end-to-end encryption on your chats ensures that your conversations are private and your information will not leak. You must keep your personal details safe.

Do They Encrypt Xdating Chats?

Chats on Xdating are safe; however, you must always exercise caution when dealing with strangers. You are in charge of your interaction; it’s always better to follow online dating rules to keep yourself safe. The site has encryption software to protect your data.

Can Xdating Track You Down?

Xdating uses your GPS to track your location, but that information is not disclosed to anyone else. It helps provide you with local matches.

Can Xdating Be Traced by the Police?

Depending on the country of your origin, it may be mandatory for the police to track and trace your account. Xdating takes all precautions to make sure that they don’t deal with untoward users, but they cannot guarantee protection from the police.

Who Is in Charge of My Privacy On Xdating?

For any privacy issues, you can contact any of the options below.

Website: gxbill.com/support

Email: [email protected]

How to Delete Already Submitted Information on Xdating?

You can delete the info that you have already supplied, but that may take up to 30 days.

Will I Meet Fake or Scam Members on Xdating?

As with many online platforms, you will find scammers and fake members. When you encounter them, it is best to report and block these people. Xdating doesn’t seem to have many scammers, but you will find a lot of accounts without avatars. In that case, you should use common sense to make sure that you don’t fall prey to predators.

Contact Information

There are many options to use to contact Xdating should you have a query, need assistance, or have questions about your billing/credit card.

Phone: US and Canada toll Free: (877) 411-2278

Phone: International: (410) 252-6310

Phone: EU Debit / Incasso / Lastschrift / Bankpay Help +49 (0) 8231 97 86 044


If you are looking for alternatives, below are the websites that would offer you matchmaking possibilities.

  • Plenty of Fish.com
  • Zoosk.com
  • Coffee Meets Bagel.com
  • Elite Singles.Open Minded.com
  • FriendFinder-X.com

Real-Life Review

“Hooked up in less than 2 months.”


“I am a loner and wanted to explore my sexuality in a safe space. I signed up for a 7-day trial and was surprised by all the attention I was receiving. At first, I was skeptical as most profiles didn’t have pictures. I then found a couple who wanted to explore their sexual fantasies. I have never been happier, and I believe that I am coming out of my shell. I would recommend that you try it before you knock it.”

Is Xdating the Best Dating App?

In its category, it would be considered the best X dating website for people to hook up with others without any expectations. The advantage of Xdating is that all members go there knowing exactly what they are looking for; therefore, there are no pretenses.

Can I Unmatch Xdating Users?

Xdating is similar to other dating services so that you can simply unmatch a member by going to your profile and viewing who you matched with. If you find them annoying and worry that they may spam you, just block them.

Is Xdating Used for Hookups?

Xdating is defined by its creators and users as a hookup site for casual sex and chatting. It is not the best place if you wish to marry or build long-term relationships. However, you will never know what might evolve from a one-night sexual encounter.


According to many Xdating reviews, this platform is for those who want a quick hookup and have no pretenses in terms of what you will get. If you want to spice up your life with your partner, you can seek out other users that want the same or are interested in exploring their sexual fantasies. Xdating is easy to use and has functions that won’t overwhelm you. The subscription is not that expensive, and they guarantee that you will get three months free if you do not hook up in three months. That sounds like a great deal and an assurance that you will not be wasting your money.

In its category, Xdating and its features are of great standards. It is flexible, and you can get a lot of people giving you attention at the same time. You can hook up with members in your geographical location with no strings attached. Start with a free trial and see where it takes you, but you may want to upgrade for a more comprehensive interaction.

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