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Together2night Review

Together2night Review
About Site
Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 18 560 000
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The quality of Together2night is outstanding;
  • The users are united by similar interests, so it is easy to find matches quickly;
  • Constant updates and unusual features make up a good value for the money paid.
  • The membership is pricey;
  • Several fake accounts were detected.

The platform Together2night is designed to let people create a quick profile without spending hours filling in thousands of questions. Take a short personality test, upload your photo, and jump into the ocean of singles. If you prefer the mobile phone to your laptop, it is available and compatible with any OS you use.

Is there an option to switch the language of the website & app?

The site is aimed at English-speaking users. However, the profile settings allow you to change the language. Log in to your account and find the ‘Profile’ section in the top menu. Click on it, and you will find the menu with options, among which you will see English set by default. Click to find your preferred language.

Whom does Together2night belong to?

Together2night is a project of Together Networks limited. It is a company that has more than two dozen successful projects. It is an IT company that develops and supports websites.

What is the location of Together2night main office?

Since the company is registered in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, we can only assume that the office is there. The company does not provide a physical address for customers. Instead, all the communication is conducted via email.

What is the date of Together2night launch?

The exact date of the launch is not provided on the site. Since the site conducts regular updates, all the documents are signed with the current date. There is no history of creation in the section ‘About.’

Is the website available in every country?

The site is available in countries of North America. It is not recommended to use a VPN since some countries block the website, and its services should not be utilized there.

Additional Features

Additional Features

Together2night reviews claim that some site features are better than on other platforms and improve the user experience on the website and app.

Test on Personality

The presence of the test means that matching is well-developed and thoughtful. The user is given a list of questions that define appearance, personality, views, likes. Based on the test results, the users get the most suitable matches. These matches are not compulsory to accept since the user can freely conduct personal searches manually.

Profiles enhanced with videos and voice recordings.

Besides the neat and well-structured profile layout, the users can add videos and recordings if they have more to share. Visual and audio materials make a difference in how others perceive the profile.

Member Quality

Member Quality

Together2ight review of members shows a variety of age categories and genders. The site gives an option to select whether you are a straight woman/man or homosexual. There is no feature for couples to join in. The countries that users reside in are the USA, Canada, and Australia mostly. The most common desire that users come to satisfy is to find a nice, like-minded person to chat and have a drink with. It rarely happens that users indicate that they want a serious relationship. The site is more of a sexual adventure since it has the needed features to immediately satisfy sexual wishes and desires.

Age Groups

Flings and quickies are not the activities beloved by young people exclusively. The site has a variety of age groups with the most common 25 – 35 y.o. The other categories that share the second place are 18 -20y.o., and 45 +.

What are the policies of preventing scamming on the website?

Together2night website team sorts out the issues related to violation of code of conduct on the site and reports provided by the users. As soon as the users suspect a scammer, they are advised to block the profile and inform the website’s support team about the threat. The protocol for dealing with scammers is described in terms of use. The site reserves the right to terminate the account irreversibly regardless of the presence or absence of a subscription.

Characteristics of the app & desktop version

Characteristics of the app & desktop version

The platform is represented in the application, mobile version, and desktop version. Whatever version you opt for, they have no difference in functionality. As practice shows, the users opt for the app a lot due to the modern lifestyle and convenience of carrying the device.

Features of Together2night app

Regardless of the device you are using, the app is available in the online stores for Android and Apple. So, whether you are a fan of Samsung, Apple, or Xiaomi, get the app free of charge.

Together2night website

Together2night website is a well-developed platform, which is not a surprise since Together Networks is the company specializing in creating websites. It runs smoothly on any device and does not require the strongest Internet connection.

Is an app compatible with the desktop devices?

The app is designed to be used on mobile devices. You can download the app on your phone only.

What is the requirement to the browser if I want to open Together2night?

Whether you use Chrome or Safari, the site is compatible with both. All the content of the site should load regardless of the browser. If you have difficulties and some parts of the site do not load, the issue is most probably in the weak Internet connection or the need for updates of your browser.

What is the reason for the site not to let me log in to my account?

You can contact the support with that issue, but before that, try a couple of options. Check whether you do not have the Caps Lock button pressed on your keyboard. Check the correctness of the login details. Try the option to reset the password. The last one may solve the problem.



Besides having pleasant visuals and colors of the interface, the site has all the information laid out logically. All the new user needs to know comes up as soon as you open the homepage. The page is filled with useful information about the services and the form to sign up. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there are categories of dating like ‘Swinger dating, ‘Gay hookup.’ These categories are designed for people to point them in the right direction from the start and help enter the right circle of members with similar interests.

Registration process

It takes a minute to sign up with Together2night. All you need is to provide the basic data about your age, location, and gender preference. Select the password and indicate the email address, and you are taken to the profile page. The profile will be open for you to edit. However, it will not be visible to users without verification. So, open your email and click on the link that the site sent you. Depending on the email address you have, it might take up to ten minutes to get the message.

Can I dismiss a match sent to me?

Although you get the list of matches, they are not obligatory and not the only profiles available. You can skip the profile without any fuss and explanation.

Is there an age limit for the users who want to become a member of Together2night?

Together2night’s website deals with adult content, and the users are mostly looking for intimacy. Hence, the users who wish to become a part of the community should be 18 y.o.

How does my account verification work?

The website does not have a special verification procedure. All you need to do to enable your account visibility is to verify the email address you provided during sign up.

Do I need to verify my email?

It is compulsory to verify email since the other users will not be able to see your profile without it.

Is there an option to register using my Facebook account?

There is no option to sign up using any social network. The site requires your email for that.

Is it possible to use the website without registering?

The terms of use claim that users that are not registered are called ‘Guests.’ They have limited capabilities. These are looking through the information on the services, terms of use, privacy policies, and safety tips. Browsing through member profiles or communication is not available.

Setting Up your Profile

The profile layout is quite simple and easy to navigate. The top panel contains general sections: ‘Profile,’ ‘Matches,’ ‘Notifications,’ ‘Messages,’ and ‘Search.’ Click on the section ‘Profile’ to start editing and adding information. The first thing that comes up is a photo. You can upload as many pictures as you wish.

The ‘Info’ section is the one you need to invest in. It contains categories of information that the site asks you to provide:

  • Location;
  • Appearance,
  • Age;
  • Lifestyle;
  • Status;
  • About me (education and background);
  • In my own words (everything you want to add);
  • Looking for (desired candidates).

The profile contains all the functions you need to feel comfortable. It has a little bell on the right side of the screen that reminds you to verify the email. There is an option to contact the support from the profile as well.

Is it possible to delete the picture from Together2night?

The photos are uploaded via the section ‘Galley’ in your profile. Click to upload the photos and select the needed one. If you want to reverse the process, click on the picture, and you will see the option ‘Delete photo’ on the top left side panel.

Can I change my display name on Together2night?

Together2night profile is editable, but the username is assigned to you automatically and cannot be changed.

Can I remove my profile from Together2night?

The Terms of use acknowledge the right of the user to remove the profile. To do that, contact the site’s support, indicate your email, username, and reason for leaving.

What happens if I hide my Together2night profile from users?

In case you want to pause your activity on the site, you can go to your profile settings and disable your visibility. Hence, you will not be able to browse, and your profile would not come up anywhere on the site.

Can I remove the data I provided to Together2night?

Together2night review of the privacy policy shows that the platform protects personal user data and allows you to remove it from the site as soon as you request it. The information that the website collects is your login record and the type of device. In other words, the data used for analytical purposes is stored.

The top panel of the site contains the section ‘Search’. When you click on it, you get the list of new members. Note that there is also a bar with filters. Click on the bar and select the age of the candidate, location, and some profile characteristics. If you want to use the simple way, go to the section with a heart icon on it. It is the list of recommended matches that you can like or miss.

Can I get a list of Together2night users I liked?

One of the sections that show this data is ‘Matches.’ You can see the ‘Full Matches’ section where you find people that you got the replies from after you liked them. Also, check out the list of your favorites.

How does Together2night searching works?

The basic filters available to all users are age, location, photo, and online/offline status. If you get the upgrade for your account, more filters will be added.

Is it possible for a free member of Together2night to see the admirers?

If you want to see the people who liked you without paying a dime, check out the section ‘Matches’ -> ‘Full Matches.’


Together2night website offers an abundance of interactive tools for all users. Whether you have a free or paid account, there is always something to do. Contacting members is simple and fun.

How can I initiate communication with the other Together2night user?

To start messaging with other users, you can opt for Flirtcasts. Open the search section, and the window with the prewritten message will appear. Check out the text, and click on the button to refresh if you do not like it. As soon as you are satisfied with the content, click ‘Send now.’ Your message will reach not one but lots of users at once.

How do I message a user?

The inbox with the messages you received is located on the top panel of your account. Start by looking through the messages that you want to reply to. If you found the user that you like via search, open the profile and click the ‘Chat’ button.

How much does it cost to send a message?

You can send a free message (flirtcast) to any user for free.

Where are my incoming messages on Together2night?

As soon as you log in to the profile, you can see the top menu and the icon with two bubbles. It is your ‘Inbox.’

How to connect my web camera to Together2night profile?

You can use a web camera or the camera of your phone to record a video. To do that, move to the gallery, and the offers to upload a photo and video will come up. Click on ‘Upload video,’ and the site or app will request access to your camera. Click approve and start recording.

Can I sort the incoming of my Together2night messages?

The inbox in your Together2night profile contains all the messages. They cannot be sorted, but you can differentiate them by the markings. Click on the window with the question mark to find out what types of messages you can get (flirt casts, auto-replies, etc.).

Subscription Costs and Payment Info

Subscription Costs and Payment Info

As soon as you log in to the profile, the bar with the message ‘Activate Feature’ comes up. Click on it to see the prices and offers. Together2night reviews show that users were satisfied with the price and quality of the upgrade.

The site offers three types of subscriptions. One is an all-inclusive upgrade, named ‘Premium Dates.’ It costs $0.83 daily. The next type is a cheaper one named Chataholic. It comes for $0.49 a day. The last and the cheapest one is an ‘Extra security’ upgrade that costs $0.38 per day. The payment from any type of card is accepted.

Free Membership Features

The features available to users free of charge are:

  • Singing up
  • Login
  • Profile management;
  • Using features’ Matches’, ‘Search,’ and contacting customer support;
  • Flirtcasts.

Premium Membership Features

By purchasing a membership, the user gets an extra layer of security, gets to see the profile on top of searches, auto removal of history, and the incognito mode.

Is there a premium membership on Together2night?

Yes, Together2night offers three packages that vary in price and features available.

What is the procedure of membership cancellation?

Manage your membership via ‘My Settings.’ The first field you see is ‘Membership details.’ The section gives you exhaustive information on your membership. Contact the support agent and provide the user ID for quicker assistance. They will cancel the subscription on your behalf.

Is the subscription on Together2night set to renew automatically every month?

The subscription is paid for daily. You are not charged for a month. The auto-renew feature is indeed set by default.

Is it possible to get the money back if I did not use the site?

The site issues refunds in case it failed to deliver the services. For example, there was a technical issue, and you could not log in. There are no other reasons for a refund. If you wish to discuss your case, contact the support.

Is the ‘support’ sent to Together2night renewing every month?

It is not compulsory to pay every month. Together2night charges daily, and the payment is charged every day unless the auto-renew feature is off.

Is it possible to receive my money back if the service fails my expectations?

You can find the list of services the website provides and the prices it charges. As long as the site delivered the services timely, it fulfilled its commitment. The refund is impossible.

What company name is stated on the receipt after I pay for Together2night services?

After your payment is processed, the receipt comes with the name fairpt.com.

How can I send support to another Together2night member?

The site does not have an option to send gifts or financial aid to the users. It is designed for interaction and personal communication. Hence, sort it out with the user directly.

Is it possible to pay ‘support’ for a month only?

It is possible to pay for one day only. As soon as you decide to use the service permanently, you can turn on the auto-renew feature.

How Safe is Together2night?

How Safe is Together2night?

With the user in mind, the website team created tips on safety they collected over the years of work. They encourage reporting the users as soon as the smallest concern appears.

What are the privacy policies on Together2night

Together2night review of the privacy policies shows that the platform puts user confidentiality and security as a priority. The website is protected by an SSL certificate. Your billing details are protected, and the payment is covered by reputable financial institutions.

Is there an encryption on messages sent on Together2night?

If you want to have your messages encrypted, get the membership package ‘Premium Dater’ or ‘Extra Security.’

Is Together2night tracking your location?

The site is tracking the location since it uses it for matching.

Can police chase Together2night?

The site is operating following the law. The Terms of use state the code of conduct and the punishment for not following. Hence, there are no reasons the site would be tracked by the police. In case the incident on the site happens, it will cooperate with the investigation.

To whom do I direct my privacy inquiry on Together2night?

You are free to contact the support with any inquiries you have. The support agents will direct your request to the corresponding department.


It is secure to create a profile and communicate with the users via the site. As long as the user does not share sensitive details with others, the risks are minimal.

Is there a moderator on Together2night?

The team of moderators is working on the site to prevent violations of the code of conduct.

How is the user who asks for money from other users punished?

The website is not created for users to advertise irrelevant services and gain profit. Hence, the account that violates this condition ois terminated immediately.

Banned account

It happens that the account cannot be accessed even when you type in the login details correctly. The best solution is to contact the website team.

What do I do if I cannot access my account?

If you tried resetting the password and using a different browser to log in, contact the support team via email at [email protected].

For what time can my account be banned?

Every case is individual. No precise number of days is provided by the website, so contact them directly to find out.

Is it possible to refresh the account that was banned?

The website does not store your information for a long time. Depending on how much time has passed since your last visit, the account will be possible or impossible to reinstate.


Although Together2night strives to protect users from online threats, every member should take personal safety seriously and use common sense while interacting with others.

Is there a button to report the misconduct of other users or scammer suspicion?

Open the user profile and find the dropdown menu in the left top corner of the photo. It has only two functions to block or report the user’s activity. You can find the list of users you blocked/reported in your profile settings.

Is there a restriction on the type of information my Together2night profile contains?

Although the site is for adults only, there are certain rules to follow. The users cannot post photos that do not belong to them, impersonate, share pornography, or advertise activities that violate human rights.

Customer Support Service

Every user can direct the inquiry, complaint, or suggestion to the team of highly qualified support agents that work around the clock via email [email protected].

Real life review

Real life review

The website provides affordable services to users who want to let their hair down and relax. Finding a partner for a night or for life is easy and safe. A detailed description of the user data protection strategy applied is placed in the ‘Privacy Policy’ section.

Is Together2night the finest dating service?

Together2night is one of the leading platforms in the world. It stands a competition with the giants like Tinder and Badoo. Its policies of user protection and flexible prices attract lots of users monthly.

Is it safe to interact on Together2night?

It is safe to share your contact details and photos since they are protected by the privacy policies of the site. Plus, the messages are encrypted. Hence, they cannot be traced.

Is Together2night one of the apps for hook-up?

Connecting people for hooking-up is the main intention of the site. However, it is up to the user to look for the desired type of relationship.

Can I use Together2night free of charge?

You are welcome to register and check out the basic set of features that allow you to interact with uses, manage your profile, and get matches.

What are the principles of Together2night operation?

Together2night focuses on providing services for adult, open-minded, mature people who want to enhance their social and intimate life.

Is it possible to encounter a scammer on Together2night

The site works on eliminating the profiles reported by users. It also requires email verification to make sure that the person trying to register is real. However, there is a chance that the scammer gets into the system. With that in mind, the site created guidelines for users to follow in case they suspect something.

Are there alternatives to Together2night?

Are there alternatives to Together2night?

The industry of hookup sites is flourishing. Every service tries to come up with more creative solutions to attract daters. However, creativity does not always mean quality. If you want to check out the options worth your attention, look at the following:

  • OkCupid. It is an average service in terms of prices. Most users are satisfied with the quality of what they get for paying a little. You can easily find a friend with benefits or a person to go to a party with you.
  • eHarmony. The service has a mixture of users. Some want to settle down, and some want fewer commitments. In any case, you will not be frustrated with the hot singles there.
  • Badoo. The platform is allowed in most countries around the globe, so you can use it locally and elsewhere. It is an excellent hookup service.

Contact Us

Together Networks

P.O. Box 146, Trident Chambers

British Virgin Islands, Tortola


[email protected]

To sum up

The website created a wonderful community of people who enjoy their lives and like to socialize. Whether you are shy or not, the site will always match you with someone who will surprise you. A convenient payment system and feature set are worth the attention and registration at Together2night service.

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