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BGClive Review

BGClive Review
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 18-26
Profiles 3 600 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 7.8
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • BGCLive isn't just about one-time hookups but also for those seeking something more serious or long-term
  • The community is lively and will keep you entertained
  • Content created by users is quite fascinating
  • It's available for Android devices and PCs
  • Their forums are interesting.
  • The website design is old-fashioned
  • There is no app for iOS devices
  • BGCLive considers itself open to LGBT people, but its members are predominantly gay men
  • If you're from the Northeastern US, you'll most likely find yourself dating prospects since the majority of users are from the region. Individuals from the rest of the world have a hard time searching for partners.

Dating in the 21st century has its advantages, although some folks still believe in following the old-fashioned route of falling in love. Dating apps and websites have gained so much popularity in recent years. BGCLive is one of them. An advantage of such services and apps is that they cater to individual user needs, such as looking for one-night stands, serious relationships, or even marriage. BGCLive prides itself on having both. This BGCLive review will take an in-depth look at the BGCLive website and other aspects of the dating platform.

BGClive Review in 2020

Which Languages Does the BGCLive Platform Support?

The website supports American/British English. However, this is mainly when accessing the platform. During interactions with other members in forums or private chats, one can switch to whichever language they are comfortable with.

Who Owns BGCLive?

BGCLive is owned by a private company, Synergy Tek. The latter was established, is owned and operated by African Americans with primary dealings in real estate and websites. Individual owners are unknown.

Where Is BGCLive Currently Based?

The current location is the United States. Its servers are located in Piscataway, New Jersey, US. BGCLive website’s information indicates that the admins are in Cheyenne, Wyoming, US.

For How Long Has BGCLive Been Operational?

It’s over a decade old. As of 2020, when this BGCLive review was authored, the dating site has been around for almost 11 years.

How Does the BGCLive Worldwide Presence Look Like?

From various BGCLive reviews you’ve probably come across, you already know that they have a worldwide presence, although with a slight twist. The membership is open to the LGBT community internationally, but the majority of its users are predominantly from the Northeastern US.

How Old Must One Be to Register on BGCLive?

Are you 18 years old and above? Then you’re good to join the dating site. On the registration page, they have clearly stated that NO MINORS are allowed. Any underage people found will have their ISP contacted, which also means getting parents involved.

Can I Access BGCLive on a Desktop?

Yes. BGCLive can be accessed via two main platforms: computer and app. However, it’s only available for Android and not iOS application devices.

How Many Members Does BGCLive Currently Have Worldwide?

The current worldwide membership of the platform stands at 750,000 registered LGBT visitors. Looking at past BGCLive reviews, there is a significant increase in their numbers. Although promoted as a bi/trans/gay platform, 90% of the community is gay men.

Design and Usability

This section of the BGCLive review takes a look at the site design. How convenient is it? Is it user-friendly? What is the availability of information? And so on. Here is everything that you need to know.

Which Browsers Support BGCLive?

The BGCLive ethnic dating site is supported by different browsers. As long as you have a desktop and laptop connectivity, you can access this platform. Whether you’re using Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or any other browser, you can access this service.

How Does the Camera Functionality Work on BGCLive?

We’re living in the 21st century, and most dating websites are upgrading and introducing advanced connection options like video chats. Both the BGCLive website and mobile app do not have a camera option. Maybe that might change soon.

How Does the Camera Functionality Work on BGCLive?

Special Features

The BGCLive website is one of the few dating platforms that gives its users a chance to meet with one another, especially for those residing in the Northeastern region. It’s a useful dating platform. Although they have a relatively small membership, you’ll actually enjoy being a part of it because of the interesting forums and active members. Their site is easy to use and can easily be navigated despite being slightly old fashioned. They have given priority to functionality, as opposed to aesthetics in the website design.

How Does It Work?

This dating platform features a pretty straightforward and user-friendly website. It arguably has an old-fashioned feel to it. Anyone can easily navigate it without any problems as it’s also easy to use. In this section, you will learn how to search for users, chat with them, delete your account, and what to do with banned accounts, among other aspects.

How Do You Send Messages?

If there’s something that most BGCLive reviews all agree on, it’s the simplicity with which one can send a message. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you can find other members using the live search feature. On the dashboard, the message option is available. You can send private or group texts.

Is It Free to Message Someone?

Yes. On BGCLive, it’s free to receive and send unlimited messages. They have clearly stated this fact in the welcome letter.

What Is the Procedure for Messaging on BGCLive?

Messaging on the BGCLive platform is quite easy. The left side of your profile is your command center; you’ll find a “my messages” button there. Select it, and you’ll be directed to the messaging section. There you can search for specific friends to start conversing, or you can send group chats. The messaging dashboard has the following sections: Old Messages, Read, Unread, Saved, Sent, Deleted, and Group Messages.

What Are the Reasons I Can’t Access the BGCLive Platform?

There are only a handful of reasons why you may be having trouble accessing BGCLive. They include:

  • You are not registered as a member on the platform
  • You’ve not attained the minimum age required to join BGCLive
  • Don’t have an internet connection or
  • Your account was banned.

How Long Do BGCLive Bans Last?

Account bans are at the discretion of the admins, and it all depends on the offense committed. Some will warrant temporary bans/account suspension that will last for 30 to 90 days. While, in some cases, you might have your account permanently banned. This information is available in their legal notices and terms of service.

What Is the Procedure for Reactivating My Banned BGCLive Account?

Reactivating your BGCLive account is a fairly simple procedure. Once the period of the ban ends, your page will automatically reactivate. However, it also comes with a warning as the next violation of their legal notices and service terms could result in a permanent ban. They also have the liberty to delete your account.

Can I Delete My BGCLive Profile?

Yes. When you access “My Settings,” there is a dashboard with the ‘delete’ or ‘freeze your account’ options. Removing your page from the database is a pretty straightforward procedure. Click on ‘delete,’ and you’ll be redirected to another page where you’ll be asked why you want to do this. You’ll also be given an option to freeze your account. It’s a good thing, especially if you’re not 100% sure of your decision. Deleting implies losing all your account privileges, including logging in to BGCLive.

Can I Delete My BGCLive Profile?

I Want to Disable “Show Me On” Option, What Will Happen?

Disabling the “Show Me on BGCLive “option will hinder you from meeting any new prospects. It limits you to interact with only the people you chat with. Viewing your profile by other interested parties will also be impossible.

Where Do I Go When I Want to See My Matches?

The perk that comes with using the BGCLive website or mobile app is user-friendly design (despite its old-fashion look.) When you click on the search button, you’ll be redirected to a page, which gives you the freedom to input your preferences. Their algorithm will then select the best possible matches for you.

When I Receive a Text Message on BGCLive, How Can I See the Sender?

Before opening your message, the sender’s name will be visible. It will also include an avatar.

When I Like a Person(s) on BGCLive, Is It Possible to See Them?

Yes. However, this is determined by the status of your account. Premium members will get unlimited access to see other people’s profiles, including those who visited their page within 24 hours.

How Would One Describe BGCLive’s Spy Mode?

BGCLive website and mobile app have taken specific steps to protect users from online threats. They have even created a safety page for everyone to refer to.

How Do I Go About Editing My Username on BGCLive?

Editing your username is a simple procedure. What makes it even better is that it won’t require you to delete your account, lose your friends or ratings, and so on. The cherry on the cake is that you can revert to the original name. Just click on the “My Settings” button, go to account options, and you’ll be good to make whatever edits you want to the username.

Having Trouble Accessing the Site? This Is Why

There are a couple of reasons why you may have trouble accessing the site. While carrying out this BGCLive review, no internet connectivity remained the main obvious reason, as well as being underage or having your account deleted. Also, if you are not verified, you cannot use the service.

What Are Your BGCLive Search Options?

Like other dating sites, BGCLive provides a long list of search options to help find the perfect match. Some of them include country/region, ethnicity, level of education, sexual orientation, with or without tattoos, gender, hairstyle, shoe size, spirituality, drinks, smokes, zodiac sign, couples/individuals, interests, body built, and cut/uncut, among others.

What Are Your BGCLive Search Options?

Ready to Join? Here’s the Signup Process

The one thing all BGCLive reviews state is the simplicity of how one can easily join the platform. It’s a process that will only take a couple of minutes. There’s no option to register using social media but with your email for verification purposes. Information required is a username, email, full name, gender, race, sexual orientation, and zodiac sign. You’ll also need to agree to the terms of service. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll be required to input location, including your zip code, to complete your profile.

When Your Email Needs Verification, How Do I Go About Doing So?

Email verification is easy. Once registration is complete, BGCLive sends an email to your account. The email will contain a link, which, once clicked, automatically directs you to their page, confirming your email is verified.

Can I Register Using My Facebook Account?

No. That’s because BGCLive doesn’t support registration using any of the social media accounts.

I’m Ready to Join BGCLive, What Should I Do?

Ready to join BGCLive? Just go to their website, specifically their sign-in page, and you’ll be directed on what to do. The signup procedure was also discussed in the previous sections. One of the things that makes BGCLive appealing is its straightforward registration.

Is It Possible to Use the Site as a Guest?

No. If you are not a member, you can’t enjoy the perks offered. You’ll be limited to the features that you can enjoy.

The Profile Quality

What are your reasons for joining any dating platform? Is it for marriage, fun, or to hookup? Whatever the reason is, it will factor into the profile you create. The majority of people on the BGCLive website are known to be looking for something serious, which leads to marriage. Therefore, if that’s what you want, your page should reflect something close to that. You’ll have to put yourself in your profile visitor’s shoes, who is going to read it, and fill in as much info as necessary.

To get matches, providing personal info as requested by the site, will be a crucial part of the process. The questions are meant to help the algorithm suggest you the perfect candidate. Note that during the BGCLive review process, no bots were noticed.

Mobile Applications

If you’ve read other BGCLive reviews, there’s one thing they all agree on: this dating platform is a bit outdated with regard to its presentation. Yes, it is user-friendly, but the design could use some upgrade. If you’ve visited their website and felt that way, then their mobile app might not be as exciting. It’s not as fascinating or fun, although fairly easy to use and has all the features of their desktop version. Also, note that it’s only available for Android phones, not iOS devices.

Mobile Applications

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Like any other dating platform, premium members get to enjoy more features offered by BGCLive. Even though it’s free to join and is advertised as so, you’ll be limited to the tools you can avail of.

Free Features

It’s free to join BGCLive. Other free membership features include:

  • Sending and receiving unlimited texts
  • See who visited your profile in the past hour
  • Custom design
  • Block all from viewing your images
  • See who has access to your private photos, including the pics of other people who have allowed you to view them.

Can I Enjoy BGCLive Services for Free?

Yes. Although you’ll be significantly limited to the perks that you can enjoy, it won’t stop you from having a great experience on BGCLive.

When I’m a Non-VIP, Can I See Who’s Liked Me on BGCLive?

Yes. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that you can see all your visitors in the past 1 hour.

Premium Features

Like on any other platform, paying members enjoy more perks, which include but are not limited to:

  • No ads
  • Faster browsing
  • Cancel sent messages; that’s before the recipient get to read
  • Recover deleted texts
  • Smart blocking
  • Browsing in stealth mode
  • Save unlimited texts
  • Send group messages
  • See who’s visited your profile within the past 24 hours.

Is there a Premium Membership Option on BGCLive?

Yes. At the time of this BGCLive review, their charges were as follows:

  • $4.99/month (30 days)
  • $19.99/year (365 days)

Note that the $4.99 is a recurring payment, while the yearly charges are one-time!

Is there a Premium Membership Option on BGCLive?

What Is the Procedure for Cancelling My BGCLive Membership?

Yes. You can send them an email, fax, or call directly to inform them about the cancellation. However, they can terminate recurring transactions without cause at any time.

Does BGCLive Membership Need to Be Auto-Renewed?

As previously mentioned, they offer two payment options; one of them is a recurring monthly charge. When you pay monthly fees, you’ll be required to auto-renew your subscription. It’s an automated procedure, so be sure it’s what you want before signing up for premium membership.

Does BGCLive Refund Its Members for Unused Time?

They don’t offer refunds. When signing up for premium membership, ensure that you read their terms and conditions. They have stated that the payments made are non-refundable.

Is My “Support” to BGCLive Renewed Automatically on a Monthly Basis?

Yes. If you select the $4.99 per month option during the premium membership signup process, you’ll see this statement: “$4.99 for 30 days, then $4.99 recurring every 30 days.”

When I’ve Made the Payment, and I’m Not Satisfied With BGCLive Services, Can I Get a Refund?

No. You can only cancel recurring charges. Payments already made are non-refundable.

What Will My Support to BGCLive Look Like on My Credit Card Bill?

The BGCLive website cares for its members and values their privacy. Payments are made discrete. Therefore, on your credit card, you will see “CCBill.”

Does BGCLive Allow Supporting Other Members?

Yes, they allow supporting other members. However, it has to be consensual.

Is It Possible to Send Support for Just a Month?

No. As previously mentioned, the $4.99 for 30 days payment is a recurring charge. Well, unless you explicitly notify them that you want to cancel it before the 30-day lapse.

Does BGCLive Allow Supporting Other Members?

Is It Safe to Use BGCLive?

The BGCLive website has taken some steps towards protecting their members from information leakage and scammers. Their legal notices and terms of service highlight key statements that address such issues. One must agree to them before joining the platform; any breach will result in suspension or account deletion. As for bots, there is much to be done, as the only verification mode is an email that can easily be manipulated by hackers.

Is There Moderation on BGCLive Forum Threads?

Yes, because some of the forum threads are created by premium members, and they can decide on who is to be blocked. It’s also a no because there are no specific site moderators. The Moderators in the forums aren’t BGCLive employees.

Can I Decide Who Can Message Me on BGCLive?

They aren’t as advanced in its service delivery as a majority of the modern-day platforms. Users can restrict other people from viewing their profiles but have limited control over who can message them. Well, unless you report them, and they are blocked.

Does BGCLive Have Any Security Features, What Are They?

The BGCLive platform is a bit outdated in its design, and its security features could be described as wanting. Although they have a safety page, it’s up to the user to decide whether the site’s safety measures meet their standards. That’s before signing to any dating platform.

What Is the Procedure for Reporting and Blocking Suspected Scammers?

Reporting and blocking scammers are straightforward procedures. You can prohibit them from accessing your page or contact the admins to inform them about the case, who will proceed to take action.

What Actions Will Be Taken Against Members Who Use BGCLive to Solicit Funds?

Once you’re reported for soliciting funds from other members, you will be banned from the platform. It can be either an account suspension or a permanent ban.

What Information You Shouldn’t Post on Your BGCLive Account?

You cannot post nudes, information that relates to other users, such as their images, health status, or your private conversation with them, hateful/non-tolerant views, your full name, telephone number, or any other contacts.

Does BGCLive Encrypt Chats?

Yes. They value the safety of their members and have taken steps to ensure that they are protected. One cannot post private chats on their accounts regardless of whether the sender’s name is hidden or not.

Can BGCLive Track Its Members?

Yes, they can contact your ISP and get access to you.

Is BGCLive Traceable by the Police?

Yes. That’s because they are a legitimate operating business. On the site, they allow merchants to advertise and even sell their products, which requires legitimacy.

When I Have Queries Regarding My Privacy on BGCLive, Who Can I Contact?

You can contact @admin. They have an FAQ/Contact Us button. Clicking on it directs you to a page where you’re free to contact them with regards to any queries.

Once I Submit My Info to BGCLive, Can I Erase It?

No, you can only edit it unless it’s permanent account deletion.

Will I Meet Scammers or Fakes on BGCLive?

Yes. It’s up to the user to make an informed judgment when handling such people, including reporting them.

Will I Meet Scammers or Fakes on BGCLive?

Contact Information

BGCLive.com Website

300 Boulevard E Ste 100 Weehawken, NJ 07086-6702

Twitter — @bgclive_com


Similar sites and apps include:

  • Woo
  • Tinder
  • Skout
  • POF — free dating app
  • OkCupid
  • Clover
  • Chatous
  • Bumble
  • Azar
  • airG

Real-Life Review

“…..BGClive is an interesting gay social dating site. While its design aesthetic leaves plenty to be desired, the community that has formed around is refreshing, energetic, fun, and wild. That being said, the site also manages to create an atmosphere where even the timidest of personalities can find a place….”

Can BGCLive Be Considered the Best Dating Site?

Yes, especially for those looking for something more long-term. The majority of other BGCLive reviews have also concluded that it’s among the best gay/bi/trans dating services for those looking long-term commitments.

What Happens When I Want to Unmatch a BGCLive Member?

Premium members can do that. It’s possible by limiting your matches using filters such as age, gender, built, race, and location, among others.

Is This a Hookup App?

Like any other dating platform, if you’re not looking for something serious, you can always find hookups. Just specify on the profile your interests, and you’ll find a partner.


If you’re a member of the LGBT community in search of an exciting platform to meet and interact with others, and especially looking to interact with Blacks and Latinos, BGCLive is the place for you. It’s also the best platform for something serious/long-term, as well as hookups. Although it has a small membership of slightly over 750,000, they are growing, and it’s definitely a place you’d want to try out. That’s because they have an active membership, wild, but in a good way, entertaining and with interesting forums. BGCLive is a service you’ll want to join to satisfy your dating cravings.

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