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TenderMeets Review

TenderMeets Review
About Site
Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-26
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • TenderMeets focuses on long-term relationships.
  • It allows for social networking and dating also.
  • Easy to register.
  • A username is not needed.
  • It enables location matching.
  • The site struggles with legitimacy issues.
  • Numerous cases of scamming in the site.
  • Accounts can be breached due to poor security.
  • Only premium members can converse with each other.

How Many Languages are Hosted by TenderMeets?

The members can use English, Spanish, Latino, Portuguese, German, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Asian, and French on the TenderMeets. Moreover, they have introduced deaf dating allowing deaf people to use their sign language when they meet. It also allows people with other problems, such as autism, to meet up on a uniform platform.

TenderMeets Ownership and Management

Currently, the TenderMeets website is thought to be in possession of Match.com Inc, who own pretty much all the other dating sites. It has seen them upscale their portfolio and reduce competition by being their own competition.

Where Can I Find Headquarters?

This TenderMeets review has found the site to be most common in the United States. Even though they have spread into other continents, the main base of operations is still in the United States at the heart of Cheney Reservoir.

When Was The Inception of TenderMeets?

TenderMeets started back in early 2018 and are still trying to pierce the online dating community. Nonetheless, it still has not been able to match up with the other popular dating sites that have been in the industry for years now.

What is The Global Outreach of TenderMeets?

Plenty of TenderMeets reviews showed people from across all other continents. They also have a wide variety of languages, and customer support responds according to your language.

What’s the Minimum Age to Register?

It is one of the requirements for joining TenderMeets. You have to be 18 years old to create an account with TenderMeets. If not, they will return you to the homepage. It complies with governmental guidelines on such platforms.

How do I Access the TenderMeets App and iOS?

The TenderMeets website is fully compatible both on Android and Windows. They have not had an app yet but have fully integrated all their services on the website.

How Many Global Subscribers Use TenderMeets?

Currently, there are over 1.7 million members from the United States alone in TenderMeets. Moreover, the site receives an extra 25,000, unique visitors daily. As their portfolio increases, it also sets them for expansion to allow for more membership. Since their guidelines on new members and registration are not strict, these numbers are set to skyrocket with growing dependence on online dating.

Website Design & Usability

Upon accessing the platform, you will encounter a list of different questions starting with the minimum age limit plus your age. It takes a maximum of 15 minutes and doesn’t require you to use your real name or Facebook account. Your location is auto-populated, then they send you a verification code in your email.

Once the registration process is finished, at the bottom of the TenderMeets page, you’ll be presented with a list of over 40 different chatrooms. These are based on the location and your preferences. You can then browse for free as you try to find your ideal partner. To start a conversation with them, however, you will need to upgrade your account.

TenderMeets Website Design & Usability

Which Browsers Support TenderMeets?

Accessing TenderMeets in most browsers is possible. For better ease of operation, we would recommend Firefox, Google Chrome, Tor (if you fancy privacy), and Opera.

Accessing the Camera Feature

As a dating and social networking site, it is possible to regularly update your activity. It will force you to upload your photo directly from your phone gallery. Moreover, since you might be limited to see other people’s photos and profiles, you may need a fully-upgraded account to have access to such features.

Special Features

The safe mode option enables you to send and receive multiple messages from everyone, even if it turned off. Nonetheless, the model has become handy in filtering out scammers and canceling out messages sent to you by those who have been reported to engage in scamming. That is why it’s crucial to make constant reports of any scamming cases.

The site also prides itself in offering a 100% money-back guarantee. It happens to members who have scanned the TenderMeets website and not found the mate of their choice. Alternatively, those who have only found scammers and given up on the site are also refunded their money. Nevertheless, this TenderMeets review found cases of refunds to be at an all-time minimum on the site.

The people you have already liked will appear in a section of your profile. You will also get to see those who have liked you. Moreover, there is also a different section for those you have liked and have liked you back – potential matches.

A premium account gives you an opportunity to be promoted even when you are offline. This TenderMeets review found this feature peculiar as it isn’t in most other dating sites. You create the promotional message of your choice on what you want, and they do the heavy-duty for you.

Since TenderMeets is still young and fresh in the dating industry, it still has the potential to grow and rival most other dating sites.

TenderMeets Special Features

Normal Operations on TenderMeets

There are no complications with TenderMeets. Upon signing in, the site uses your location data to present members in your locality. You can either press the heart button on the ones you like or cancel them out as you build your ‘crushes’ list. However, to receive and send messages to your potential matches, you have to upgrade your account.

How Do I Send Messages on TenderMeets?

TenderMeets has to verify you at first. It will enable your message to reach them in case they have the Safe Mode feature turned on. However, you have to upgrade your account, so you can send out messages.

Charges to Send Messages

No! Only members with paid accounts have access to this feature.

Initiating a Chat Message on TenderMeets

Several TenderMeets reviews have found a majority of people on this site being prone to receiving scam messages. As such, strict measures had to be put to verify every account. Unverified users are recognized as scammers. Moreover, if you are reported as a scammer, those with safe mode turned on won’t get messages from you.

Initiating a Chat Message on TenderMeets

Barriers to Accessing TenderMeets

The primary issue that arises is your location. Check with the site to see if your location is accepted. If so, your browser could be the problem. The list of browsers listed above is the best option to access TenderMeets.

How Long Can I Be Banned from Accessing TenderMeets?

This TenderMeets review is yet to find cases of being banned in TenderMeets. It has primarily contributed to an increase in the number of scammers. Nonetheless, the TenderMeets website operates under the gait of openness to all.

How Can I Reactivate My Banned Account?

You should contact their customer support.

What If I Want to Delete My TenderMeets Profile?

If you are not satisfied with their services or simply want to move on, the website gives you a chance to fully clear your profile.

What’s the Effect of Disabling the “Show Me on TenderMeets” Option?

Upon disabling this option on TenderMeets, your account will not be removed unless you deactivate it, but you will be inactive. It means you won’t receive any messages or suggestions, but your account will still be active.

Where Are My Matches Located?

The like gallery section in the TenderMeets website allows you to see everyone you have liked and those who have liked you back. It also includes your matches. You can scroll until you find your desired mate.

How Can I View My Messages on TenderMeets?

It is only possible with a premium account. Once you’ve upgraded, the messages will be displayed in the inbox section of your profile. You can either ignore or message back.

How Do I View Liked Members on My Profile?

Yes! TenderMeets gives you this option in the gallery section.

What is TenderMeets’ Spy Mode?

Our TenderMeets review found the website to use your auto-generated location zip code and IP address to spy members near you. Moreover, it also focuses on the preferences you made during sign up as it filters members to your desired taste.

How To Change the Username in TenderMeets for Privacy?

Since you don’t need your real name to use the TenderMeets, one can head over to the settings menu where you can change your username. Here, you can also change your preferences for future filters.

Difficulties Accessing the Site

You need to check if your network connection is secure. Moreover, if your browser is slow, try using TenderMeets on an alternative browser.

What Are The Search Criteria in TenderMeets?

TenderMeets thickens the search criteria by not only allowing you to select the preferred language of chatroom but also considers other preferences. You can search according to the desired religion, interracial dating, search by profession, including policemen dating and firemen dating. Moreover, there is also a reference chatroom for the divorced, conservative, and even travel dating. Check out the TenderMeets website for more options.

Sign Up Process

Your email address is needed to access TenderMeets.com. The site does not need to use your Facebook account or any other social media account to let you in. Once you’ve updated the email, they will send you the code by email.

TenderMeets Sign Up Process

Email Verification on TenderMeets

Simply check your email (including your spam folder) for any new messages from TenderMeets. Click on the link, and your email will be verified.

Registration Through a Facebook Account

This option is not available in TenderMeets.

How To Become a Member?

Simply search for TenderMeets.com and follow the registration process given. Confirm the email verification process, and you’re welcomed as the newest member of the TenderMeets dating online platform.

Can I Access the Site’s Features Without Signing Up?

No! You have to sign up to use the features of the site.

The Quality of the Users Profile

Like most other dating sites, there will be a list of questions presented to you once you confirm your email and log in. These questions include your age, hair color, and expressly state what you are looking for. However, you can still skip these questions and proceed to check out the potentials located near you.

As is usually the case, the site is loaded with about 66% of male users and 34% female users. Most members joining here are not necessarily looking for a casual hookup but are young singles ready for marriage.

You get the chance to fully update your profile photo with a paid account. To access the full profile of potential matches, you will need a premium account too.

Mobile Applications

The site has not yet come up with a mobile app. However, the TenderMeets website is fully integrated on the phone with all the computer features.

TenderMeets Mobile Applications

Cost of Becoming a Member and Payment Methods

The free version allows you to check out members, and like them, the site encourages members to proceed on with a paid account for further functions like chatting.

What Features Can I Access on a Free Account

The free option in the TenderMeets website gives you access to:

  • Using the safe mode
  • Photo and video upload
  • Browsing and searching in the site
  • Liking and viewing other members.

Is It A Free Dating Site?

Members indeed have access to certain free features. Nonetheless, the site cannot be assumed to be a free dating site. That said, members can still enjoy a free account without access to the full features.

Can You See Likes for your profile on a Free TenderMeets Account?

Yes. You will get full access to your like gallery on a free account.

What are the Premium Membership Features

Other than unlimited messaging to potential matches, you can still enjoy more features on a premium TenderMeets account. These include:

  • Ability to access the full images
  • Quality premium support
  • Sharing messages including videos and photos
  • A wider search access
  • Access to detailed profile information of other members.

You can either enroll in the 1-month membership plan, three or 6-month plan. Their respective costs are $34.99/month, $19.99/month, and $15.99/month.

TenderMeets Cost of Becoming a Member and Payment Methods

Is Premium Membership an Option on TenderMeets?

Yes! Because they do not allow outside advertisers, their costs are quite high. Moreover, they avail payment options from debit and credit cards using the following methods;

  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Amex
  • Dinner’s Club International Card
  • MasterCard.

How Do I Revoke My TenderMeets Membership?

Consider and reconsider your options before using a premium account. It is because unsubscribing to the membership is not as simplistic as enrolling for one. You have to reach their customer support and provide the user ID for them to unsubscribe you.

Will My Account Membership Be Auto-renewed on TenderMeets?

Yes. As long as you’re still a member, your membership will be auto-renewed.

Will They Refund Me for My Unused Time?

This TenderMeets review has not found anyone claiming to receive refunds from unused time. Even with their 100% money-back guarantee, some questions still arise.

Will I Be Charged Every Month for Automatic Membership Renewal?

Yes! You will be charged for automatic membership renewal every month.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee If I’m Not Satisfied with Their Services?

Yes! The site claims this to be the case, but lady luck has to be on your side if you decide to ask for your cash. The requirements to receive your money back include:

  • You should have been an active member for the past three months.
  • You should be connected with at least five other members.
  • You regularly logged at least three times a week.

What Will My TenderMeets Support Look Like on My Credit Card?

Your support is automatically billed as your account is debited the stated amount.

Can I “Support” Other TenderMeets Members If I Want To?

Yes! It is only possible, however, upon confirmation with the site’s administrators.

Can I Limit My Support To One Month?

No! Your monthly membership will be auto-renewed. Should you want to try out the site’s viability, you can try out the cheaper 3-day trial.

Safety of TenderMeets

The legitimacy of the TenderMeets website is still in question. Several TenderMeets reviews have claimed that the site’s owners use bots to entice members to remain on the paid membership.

The simplistic algorithms also bring in question the safety of user data. Probably as time progresses, TenderMeets.com will work on their safety protocols.

Safety of TenderMeets

Are There Moderation of the Forum Threads?

No! Vulgar and abusive language is common on the site.

Filtering Who Can Send Me Messages?

Simply by using the Safety Mode option! Furthermore, with a premium account, you can block certain individuals from reaching out to you or change your filters.

Security Features On TenderMeets?

TenderMeets uses the safe mode feature and makes this available even on a free account. The servers of the TenderMeets.com website use HTTPS and HTTP/2 for security. Furthermore, you can contact their customer support for any safety concerns.

Blocking and Reporting a Suspected Scammer

On the top right corner of their profile, you will see three dots. Click on it and block.

What Action Is Taken on Scammers Who Solicit Money from Others?

They will be blacklisted as a scammer, and other members notified of this.

What Information Should I Keep to Myself on a TenderMeets Account?

One needs to be sensitive about the information given out on any dating platform. Stick to the basics and what brought you there. Don’t be oversensitive and share everything, and also don’t share too little. Just share enough to keep other members in suspense and wanting to know more.

Encryption of TenderMeets Chats

Yes! The encryption prevents one from sharing or accessing information from other profiles.

Can TenderMeets Track You Down?

Yes! In case of any legal issues, they have full disclosure of your locality.

Can a TenderMeets Account Be Traced By The Police?

Since the site uses your IP address to match members, the police can easily access this data with the courts’ permission.

Who Should I Talk To Regarding My Privacy?

You can easily get the ‘Get Support’ option on your profile icon, where you can address your concerns. Alternatively, reach them directly on the phone.

How Do I Pull Down Information Posted on TenderMeets Website?

Yes! You can pull down your whole account once you click on the ‘Remove Account’ button down at your screen’s bottom.

Are there Scammers on TenderMeets?

Yes! Always observe caution when talking to anyone, no matter how pretty they look.

Contact Information

Other than the ‘Get Support’ option, you can reach them directly through their free helpline line at +44 3444824945.

What are the Alternatives to TenderMeets?

If, upon reading this TenderMeets review, you aren’t satisfied with their services, there are plenty of other options and fresh fish in the market for you. It will, nevertheless, depend on what you desire to attain. If you are looking for casual hookups, you can check out Tinder.

If, on the other hand, you want something serious and long-lasting, you can try out Coffee Meets Baggles, Match.com, and eHarmony. These have a longer presence in the industry and may give you better credibility for your money.

What are the Alternatives to TenderMeets

Real Life Review of TenderMeets

“Being on a tight schedule and rarely having time to interact with people, my friend suggested that I joined a dating platform one year ago. Since I had considered the idea for quite a while, I decided to register on TenderMeets, which was pretty new to the dating community. I had not heard of it, but isn’t life about taking risks? I was surprised at the many likes I received upon registering my account! After three months, I decided to take it a step further and apply for a paid membership account. I didn’t regret it because I met a good guy and called in love. The site is completely safe because I have never met scammers. I recommend this site.” – Rose

Is TenderMeets the Best Dating Site/App?

We wouldn’t call it the best since there are others way better than TenderMeets. It’s generally on an average level.

How Do I Unmatch a TenderMeets Member?

Yes! You can take this a step further by preventing them from reaching out to you through the block feature.

Is TenderMeets a Dating or a HookUp App?

Hookups are quite casual and informal. The mission of TenderMeets is to allow members to enjoy meaningful relationships with like-minded members. It tries to even out the platform by recommending you members who are best suited for you.

That notwithstanding, TenderMeets also has a casual dating option for members who are looking for short-term relationships or aren’t ready to commit.

Is TenderMeets a Dating or a HookUp App?


The TenderMeets website is particularly useful to members who are looking for something long-lasting and have the patience to wait. Some have had to wait for more than seven months to finally get the soul-connection they were looking for. This is not to say that this is not possible within the first months of joining TenderMeets.

TenderMeets online dating platform can be described as a space for singles who are looking to get some tender loving and affection. It won’t be suitable for you if you are the sort to jump from partner to partner. Its presence in multiple nations provides you a wide selection also to suit your tastes. However, take your time with the free account before trying out a paid account on TenderMeets.

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