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ABDLMatch Review

ABDLMatch Review
About Site
Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 3 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • ABDLMatch has a very engaging user interface.
  • Their service welcomes people with different sexual orientations.
  • Being kinky, ABDLMatch narrows down to a particular community, which makes them quite successful.
  • Its kinky characteristic makes ABDLMatch miss out on a big part of an audience with other dating preferences.
  • A user needs to provide plenty of personal information to join ABDLMatch.

ABDLMatch has been designed to help people liberate their fantasies and preferences about dating. The main focus of their website concludes in deviation from standard themes in adult dating. There is no rather candid, too sexual, or very explicit content on ABDLMatch. The name of their website itself already includes encryption of its main theme — adult babies and diaper lovers. Facets of baby-like adults who wear diapers are quite a spread-out kink that many enjoy. At this point, ABDLMatch focuses on the liberation of adult sexuality in terms of a particular quirk of adults like babies who wear diapers.

ABDLMatch Review in 2020

Can ABDLMatch Be Translated Into Different Languages?

Initially, a homepage of ABDLMatch opens in the English language. Even though there is an option for choosing another country, one cannot select anything else but English.

ABDLMatch is a privately owned dating business that functions by the US laws. There is no evident mention on their website about any physical or legal representative in particular.

What Is an Official Location of ABDLMatch?

ABDLMatch is an online dating service for adults. Its main realm of functioning is a virtual domain. ABDLMatch does not offer its users any location addresses, except an email contact info.

Since When Does ABDLMatch Exist?

ABDLMatch was officially created in 2013.

Can ABDLMatch Be Accessed From Anywhere in the World?

There is no need to use VPN services to access ABDLMatch. All users can use it from any location and choose a country of their residence.

Can a Minor Join ABDLMatch?

ABDLMatch has a strict policy concerning age. No minors are allowed. Every member has to be over 18 to enter ABDLMatch. If a person is under 18 and has somehow managed to trick their system, their account will most likely be reported and blocked.

Is ABDLMatch App Supported by Computers?

ABDLMatch does not have a mobile application that can be used on Android or Apple devices. Still, their service does offer a fully functional desktop version of a website that can be accessed from any browser on a computer.

What Is an Overall Amount of ABDLMatch Users?

ABDLMatch reviews mention that thousands of users had joined their service worldwide. At the same time, there is no official number. Yet on their Facebook page, there are 6 307 followers who might represent their worldwide audience.

What Is an Overall Amount of ABDLMatch Users?

Website Design & Usability

ABDLMatch website design is very modern and user-friendly at the same time. It is very colourful and has many childish pictures that symbolize their main focus on adult babies’ subject. All users need to go through a registration procedure. Putting in some of the essential data about their personalities and kinks is important. The navigation itself is intuitive. Every needed page of their website is properly named and needs no effort to be figured out.

Does ABDLMatch Function on All Available Browsers?

The main version of ABDLMatch is a desktop one. Their service is known to be accessible and functional in all available browsers. Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and even Tor support ABDLMatch.

Is There Live Video Chat on ABDLMatch?

All users of ABDLMatch can use their web camera to create content, take pictures, and upload them on their profiles. Yet, the ABDLMatch review makes it apparent that there is no possibility of online video chatting.

Special Features

There is, in fact, a set of special tools that makes ABDLMatch a distinguishable service. Initially, the fact that its functionality is foreseen for people with baby-subject kinks ensures that only a particular audience benefits from it. People who love adult babies and diapers will greatly enjoy this platform. The ABDLMatch review also suggests that in terms of features, there is a pretty standard set of aspects. Users can chat with other people; they can upload media, like each other, and many more. They can also see who has visited their profile and upgrade their account to a premium one. One of the most special perks of ABDLMatch is that they have a list of recent activity of other participants on their homepage.

Special Features

How Does It Work?

If an Internet user wants to use ABDLMatch, one would need to go through a registration procedure. Unregistered visitors do not have access to the service. Having indicated their essential characteristics and preferences, members need to point out their location as well. There are several main pages on ABDLMatch: a homepage and a personal profile page. Everyone can see the list of activity that indicates the participation of other users. People can also view all profiles and get acquainted with the information participants indicate about themselves. Main navigation features include profile editing, live chatting, browsing media, friends, and visitors checks. In the “Settings,” a person can edit their profiles and adjust matching preferences.

How to Send a Message?

All registered users can participate in live chats on ABDLMatch. To send a message, open the “Messages” window and select someone to chat with. To choose an interlocutor, people can open profiles from “Latest visitors.” They can also check out the most popular pages and the latest activity.

How Much Does It Cost to Send a Message?

ABDLMatch does not charge its users if they want to send a message, but there is an extended premium membership.

How to Start a Chat on ABDLMatch?

To send someone a message on ABDLMatch, go to “Messages,” where all dialogues will be displayed either under “sent” or “inbox” messages. People can also choose other members to chat with by clicking on different suggested profiles.

Can ABDLMatch Be Unavailable?

Sometimes, due to maintenance works, ABDLMatch can be unavailable. The ABDLMatch review shows that there could be an overload of user requests, which is why their website could be down. If one violated the main rules of ABDLMatch, they would be banned and restricted from using the platform.

What Is the Duration of ABDLMatch Bans?

All users on ABDLMatch can be banned either by the administration or by other members. It is usually permanent, but people can set up themselves for how long they prefer someone to be banned.

Is It Possible to Restore a Blocked Profile?

All registered members are eligible to address the support team to discuss an issue with their banned profile. In case it cannot be reactivated, they can always create a new one.

Is It Possible to Restore a Blocked Profile?

Can Users Delete Their Page on ABDLMatch?

If a registered participant wants to remove their profile from ABDLMatch permanently, they need to go to settings and choose “Delete Account.”

Can ABDLMatch Users Enter a Spy Mode?

There is no possibility of hiding a user’s status on ABDLMatch either with free or paid memberships.

How Does a User Access One’s Matches?

On ABDLMatch, there is no notion of a “match” as such. Users themselves choose with whom they want to talk. There is a search option for people to look for other users in accordance with certain preferences. “Match” is rather a subjective matter; members decide whether a person is a match.

Where Does a Member See Inbox Messages on ABDLMatch?

All incoming messages are displayed as notifications in the “Messages” tab at the top of the ABDLMatch homepage.

How Does a User View All Liked Profiles on ABDLMatch?

ABDLMatch offers all its users to see their liked profiles as saved ones by accessing the “Network” tab.

How Can One Activate a Secret Mode on ABDLMatch?

There is no possibility of hiding a user’s status on ABDLMatch. No one can browse or chat anonymously.

How Can a Member Change the Username on ABDLMatch?

This ABDLMatch review shows plenty of customization features available on the website. Everyone can manage their profile by opening their account in the first place or simply going to the “Settings” page.

What Are the Main Reasons Why People Could Have Problems Entering the Site?

There is a chance of maintenance works or an overload of user requests, which could make the ABDLMatch website to be down. Yet, there are also registration intricacies so that users’ data could have been incorrect. All this can result in a person having problems entering the site.

What Does a Search on ABDLMatch Feature?

On ABDLMatch, an option of search is quite customizable. All members can apply different filters so that their chances of meeting someone special would increase significantly. There is a separate search button to apply filters, including age, location, and other preferences.

What Does a Search on ABDLMatch Feature?

Signup Process

This ABDLMatch review suggests that it is impossible to use the services without having gone through a registration procedure. All users can register, filling out some required fields right on the homepage of ABDLMatch. It is important to put in one’s email address and password. All email addresses must also be approved.

How Is an Email Verified?

To verify an email, a person needs to indicate it first, and then click on a link sent to it to be redirected to the ABDLMatch website.

Can a User Utilize One’s Facebook Account for Registration?

ABDLMatch does not allow its users to log in with their Facebook accounts. It is only possible to register using an email address.

How Does a User Register on ABDLMatch?

Registration on ABDLMatch is only possible for those who verify their emails. You can sign up on the homepage.

Can Unregistered Visitors Have Access to This Service?

It is impossible to use ABDLMatch for unregistered users. All email addresses have to be verified so that user security would also be granted.

User Profile’s Quality

All profiles include a description of people’s most essential characteristics. Besides that, there is a breakdown of their preferences. The basic info to specify is age, gender, location, and a potential partner’s qualities.

Mobile Applications

There is no mobile application available.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

There is a possibility to choose which plan to use on ABDLMatch. All members can enjoy the basic set of tools without paying anything. At the same time, everyone can switch to a paid membership, which, in turn, endows people with an extended set of perks.

Free Membership Features

Having access to ABDLMatch without a need to pay for their membership, all users would still be able to use all essential features. The ABDLMatch review allows one to see that a free membership implies you can manage all settings of the personal profile, use messaging, media, and network. At the same time, your privacy rights and identity are taken care of.

Is a Free Membership an Option on ABDLMatch?

ABDLMatch does work for free for everyone. Yet, there is a separate possibility to upgrade one’s account to a premium one.

Availability of Likes With ABDLMatch Free Membership

ABDLMatch does allow all its members to see saved profiles on the “Network” page. There is no need to pay to access it.

What Does Premium Include?

By upgrading one’s account, a user gets access to the set of extended ABDLMatch features. In fact, the ABDLMatch review suggests that unlimited private correspondence, instant messaging, advanced search, profile visitors, photo hosting of 100 photos, and unlimited hookups are available to premium subscribers. There is Silver membership: 3 months — $19, 3-day trial — $3, 6 months — $16. There is also Gold membership: 3 months — $29, a 3-day trial — $5, 6 months — $20.

What Does Premium Include?

Is There a Paid Membership on ABDLMatch?

Besides free accounts, one can consider switching to Silver or Gold.

How Does a User Cancel a Paid Membership on ABDLMatch?

Premium membership can be cancelled in account settings, or users can address the ABDLMatch support department.

Does a Person Need to Update a Paid Membership Regularly?

There is a monthly payment on ABDLMatch so that all users can renew their membership in case a period of their subscription runs out. As for Silver, a monthly payment is $19, which is billed $57 every three months. Six months cost $16 per month or $96 as a one-time payment. Gold membership is also billed either monthly, once per three or six months.

Can a User Get a Refund in Case of Inactivity?

Unused time is officially not refunded on ABDLMatch.

Can a User Donate to ABDLMatch monthly?

There are no donations besides a paid membership.

Can a User Get a Refund If Not Satisfied With ABDLMatch?

Disputes can be raised, but dissatisfaction is officially not refunded.

How Are ABDLMatch Users Officially Billed?

Every user is billed with their credit card. Every bill from ABDLMatch does appear as an official name of the service on a bank account of each customer.

Can Users Donate Other Members on ABDLMatch?

Inside transactions between users are not allowed on ABDLMatch.

Is It Possible to Send a One-Month Donation Only?

This ABDLMatch review suggests that there are no official donations within the system.

Is It Safe to Use ABDLMatch?

ABDLMatch is safe to use, even though some aspects, such as concealing information about the owners, are suspicious. You can also be sure that your personal details will not be obtained by any third parties because the privacy policy is strict. If you want to learn more, you can read the Terms of Use.

Is There a Moderator for ABDLMatch Threads?

There are no forums or threads on ABDLMatch, and all users chat privately. You can view the list of recent activity of all users. However, it is not particularly moderated.

Is Messaging on ABDLMatch Adjustable?

Every member can receive messages from other people on ABDLMatch. Inbox messages are filtered in accordance with all the preferences of the users. Additionally, there is an option for an extended search that allows people to define chat partners and increase one’s chances for a perfect match.

Is Messaging on ABDLMatch Adjustable?

Main Security Aspects of ABDLMatch

This ABDLMatch review has concluded that all security aspects are well managed. Paid visitors are endowed with additional security features because they need to ensure their billing data is safe. Yet, despite their membership type, every user on ABDLMatch is protected and guaranteed confidentiality. ABDLMatch receives access to its users’ locations because it’s one of the search parameters that help narrow down the results. Location of all users, as well as messages, are well protected and encrypted, so there is no need to worry about that.

Is It Possible to Ban a Fake Account?

Every ABDLMatch member can either delete a conversation, unmatch, or report a fake user. Banning and reporting can be done independently, or people can get in touch with the support department.

How Are Fake Accounts Punished for Manipulating Other People on ABDLMatch?

All fake accounts are reported and banned. There is no chance for the owners to reactivate them after the ban. Money solicitors can also be punished additionally by the laws that they have broken. Prosecutions might follow as well.

What Is Prohibited or Undesirable From Posting on ABDLMatch?

Personal account information must be filled out by a person indicating only essential data that is related to matching. Any other details (private, billing, illegal, violent, sexual info) should not be posted on ABDLMatch.

How Is Messaging Protected on ABDLMatch?

All messages are private on ABDLMatch. For this reason, personal chats are certainly protected. Be that as it may, there is also an additional level of protection that comes with encryption of all messages. With this, even an administration of ABDLMatch does not have access to private correspondence.

Does ABDLMatch Have a Right to Locate Its Users?

Every registered user must grant location permission to ABDLMatch. With this, yes, ABDLMatch does have access to this information. However, the administration cannot use it to track people. Location sharing is done following mutual agreement between a user and ABDLMatch as interested parties.

Does Law Enforcement Has a Right to Prosecute ABDLMatch?

In case of any illegal activity, ABDLMatch can certainly be traced by law enforcement.

Who Can Resolve All Privacy Issues on ABDLMatch?

All privacy questions must be addressed to the support department.

Can Private Information Be Deleted on ABDLMatch?

People on ABDLMatch can certainly manage, edit, and remove their personal information in the profile settings.

Is It Possible to Encounter Fake Accounts on ABDLMatch?

ABDLMatch does not guarantee that people cannot create fake accounts using the service. Yet, all fake pages should be reported and banned.

Is It Possible to Encounter Fake Accounts on ABDLMatch?

Contact Information

There is no email address or location data on the ABDLMatch website. The company can be contacted via their Facebook account.

Similar Services

Similar services include Woosa, LDS Singles, VGL, XMeeting, and many others. Yet, in terms of a focus on adult babies and diaper lovers, ABDLMatch is almost one of a kind.

An Honest Feedback

ABDLMatch is a great service for people who look for partners with the same fetish. Adult babies and diaper lovers can also communicate in different groups on Facebook or Telegram, but this website offers a unique experience of exclusive online dating features. In fact, ABDLMatch is almost like a separate social media network. People can choose their fetishes, as well as the preferences for their potential partners. With this, the ABDLMatch search appears to be quite refined so that chances for a perfect match are quite high.

Is ABDLMatch Unique?

There are almost no services alike that offer similar fetish experience. For this reason, ABDLMatch is a unique service for the ABDL community.

Can People on ABDLMatch Be Unmatched?

If communication did not go well, all members could certainly delete a conversation, or even ban and report an undesirable intruder. Thus, managing conversations and matches in “Network” is quite a useful feature of ABDLMatch.

Is ABDLMatch a Dating Service?

Yes, ABDLMatch does offer dating services for people with ABDL kinks. Even though it is an online platform, members can always switch to real-life dates.



ABDLMatch focuses on adult babies and diaper lovers. People with kinks can always find with whom to talk to, and even take their conversations to different levels. There is a free and paid membership. The former offers a set of basic tools that can be extended with a paid subscription. At the same time, all data and privacy are well secured and respected. ABDLMatch is a unique service for people who look for someone special with similar kinks.

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