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Joingy Review

Joingy Review
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 70%
Popular Age 26-30
Profiles 15 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Random dating principle
  • Anonymous, fast and secure
  • No registration, profile or elevated memberships
  • The simple and straightforward operating method
  • Availability of mobile app and website
  • Anti-spam detecting system
  • Global distribution
  • May seem strange and unusual
  • Not quite safe

What is Joingy? That is chat roulette for connecting singles. If you are a youngster, a single, married, or gay, you may join to chat. Roulette chat randomly connects people for video or chatting. It is fast, anonymous, secure, and amusing. What makes this platform so special? It picks you up partners quickly around the world. You may turn it on in your mobile phone; the broadcast quality will be great. Besides, the amazing service is free to run and does not require any pre-registration. Keep reading our detailed Joingy review to stay up-to-date.

How Many Languages Does Joingy Boost?

The random chat with strangers for entertainment supports 109 languages. That is an unexpected pro but remains a truth. Fix your language from a drop-down list on the home page and start your chat.

Who Is The Joingy Owner?

The owner of this charismatic dating service is Joingy.com. Visit the site to find out more details.

So Where Is Joingy Located Now?

We didn’t get any related information about the location of the service now. We will add these details once discovered.

When was the Joingy Site Started?

The service renewed and launched the website in 2018. It is a mini platform for interaction out of responsibility. Just move to the room and chat on various subjects.

Is Joingy Free To Run Globally?

That is true. The service is globally open, and anybody over 13 years may take a trial. Moreover, it is free and supports 109 language versions.

How Old Should You Be To Join The Joingy App?

The Joingy website connects newbies from the age of 13 by the parent or guardian permission. Permits are not claimed when you turn 18. That is all regarding age restrictions. There is no upper limit.

How Can I Run The App Using My PC?

The random chat roulette is usable both as a desktop variant and as a mobile app. Be sure to check out the status of your camera and a microphone on your PC or phone before you start chatting.

How Many Partakers Does Joingy Keep Worldwide?

The original anonymous service displays the number of active strangers online. You may notice the current estimate on the top right side. The total world coverage makes up to the mills of daily users.

Website Design & Usability

Website Design & Usability

The home page will greet you with a cute icon at the top and nice setting colors. The site layout is in blue and white colors that are not off-putting. There are no ad blocks and other annoying stuff. Scrolling down, you will find out details about this chatting platform. Knowledge sectors are enhanced by light icons. There is a sector with FAQ in the footer, in case you still have questions. You need to pick the proper field to join. It can be the Text Only or Video Chat buttons. Click it and move to the chat room with the stranger. Navigation is simple and logical even to a mature user.

Which Browsers Prop Up Joingy?

Do not break your habits as there are no exceptional hints toward the browser use. The most prevalent will be admissible. Joingy reviews ensure Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari are quite good choices.

How Can I Benefit From The Camera On Joingy?

Only two chat modes are open hither. The text chat is quite simple. If you click Video chat, then you require an active camera. Initiate this tool and meet your stranger.

Special Features

The unique and a bit strange chat roulette site keeps something to amaze you. Its principal feature is conciseness and emphasis. Only two synergy options are open – text and video chat. It is free, secret, and harmless. You may attempt without registration and extra security things. It is a platform for interaction among teens, adults, singles, and LGBT people. As you may notice, that is a spot to meet and mix strangers. The operating principle is simple and clear. The site and app will pick you a stranger to chat anonymously.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

The operation principle is pretty straightforward, join the chat and talk with a stranger. About the pleasant odds, you are not to register and create your account. There are also no elevated memberships and extra payments to boost or refresh your dating outcome. Choose texting or video chat and match people at a stunning speed. Mils of active chat partakers will not make you bored and are eager to chat on a mixture of subjects. That is anonymous and will cause you no single trouble or harm. That is a chat without responsibilities and outcomes, just associating with strangers.

How Can I Text Someone?

Pick the Text only button set in the Joingy page core, and you will be taken to the messaging tab. Enter the text and press the Send button to start your text chat with a stranger.

Is Messaging Free?

Sending text messages or using video chats alternatives to set a random contact with a stranger is open and free.

How Can You Set Up Messaging With Others On Joingy?

There is nothing more obvious than a chat here. Scroll up to the Text only and Video Chat buttons. Choose texting to initiate a chat with a stranger. Another way, go to the upper right corner and click the icon with three horizontal lines, then click the Start Chatting link.

Why Do I Have Joingy Access Troubles?

The chat roulette is an unrestricted dating service and does not claim specific entry steps to do. If the site home page is not loading, it is obvious that you should clean out your browser.

How Long-Term Are Joingy Bans?

The chat service possesses no accounts since it does not produce the capacity to regulate and ban close in the tracks. Hence, you are unlikely to get a ban here. Each chat partaker is wholly chargeable for behavior.

How Can I Recover My Stopped Account?

You are not bound to a particular account, so you won’t get a ban. Consider your behavior while associating. If you face difficulties in the chat room, just re-enter the Joingy website.

How Can You Delete Your Joingy Profile?

You can’t delete the account on this amazing roulette chat with strangers. The absence of accounts and memberships is an essential hallmark of this straightforward dating service. Just close the page to complete the session.

What Will Happen If I Turn Off The Visibility Mode On Joingy?

Text chat and video chat are anonymous here. There are no extra modes to adjust the visibility of your profile. There is no profile here either.

Where Can I View My Matches?

There is no such option here. Any interaction inside the service is random and anonymous. That means you will chat each time with a fresh stranger.

How Do I Check Out Who Messaged Me On Joingy?

As you enter the chat, the system will throw you a stranger to chat. You will get a notification in the bookmark. The blue bunny will turn orange. Enter the messaging tab to respond to the stranger.

How Can I View The Joingy Members Who I Liked?

You can’t see the favorite list of members you fancied earlier. All of them are anonymous within service and are presented as strangers.

What Is Joingie’s Anonymous Mode?

Joingy dating service is an anonymous platform connecting strangers to chat. There is no special spy mode. The whole operation principle is like spyware.

How Do I Change My Nickname In Joingy?

You can’t refresh or edit your username. Chat associates act without accounts, memberships, or usernames. Each is marked as a stranger.

Why Am I Facing Errors Accessing The Site?

Since there is no specific plan for entering, only challenges with a browser or a poor Internet connection may hold you.

What Are The Various Search Choices Of Joingy?

The random chatting service is not providing search alternatives. The system generates random match-chats and submits them for delivery.

Sign Up Process

joingy Sign Up Process

Attaching a service is smooth and easy. Just open the site home page and voila you are almost a user. Next step, pick an interaction choice you want to experience now and click this button. You have a voice amid Text only and Video Chat. When you click it, you join the original anonymous dating service. We recall the signup for Joingy website is not essential.

How Do I Confirm My Email Address?

The email verification is not required if you activate your incognito Video Chat. The support care states they own an automated scam disclosure system and hence do not demand extra security measures.

What Will Go If I Log In Using My Facebook Account?

There is no alternative to register using the Facebook profile. The service does not claim the log in to admit new members.

How Can I Get In Joingy?

To turn a member of this random chat service is extremely simple. Start the main page and activate the chat of your preferences.

How Can I Try The Site Without Registration?

Run your Joingy app without the tiresome and time-robbing registration. This safety measure is not essential to meet strangers across the world.

Users Profile Quality

joingy Users Profile Quality

The chatting platform for secret and surprising dating is arranged as a random choice. By entering this awesome community, you may immediately spring interacting. The system generates a random chat with a stranger as you pick a fitting room. Besides, you can initiate a chat with webcam girls. That is a hot dating option. No registration steps, no profile to fill out. Compared to standard matchmaking platforms, this way of dating may look odd. However, it is a prompt and straightforward style for people of mixed age groups to chat.

Mobile Applications

Enjoy this amazing service even if you fancy on-the-go dating. Download it on Google Play or App Store. It is free to run, anonymous, and fast. The app for Android and iOS devices mirrors the abilities of the desktop version. This mobile app is widespread amid seekers of new faces, communication, and hot affairs. More than 5,000 active users daily promise a steadily renewed stream of matches for a better chat. This lightweight mobile app will not take up much memory space of your phone. Enable the camera and microphone on your phone and take your chatting experience.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

joingy Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

The Joingy website and mobile app for random chats do not expect any payment for services. These are achievable, fair, and affordable for anyone to join. The site submits two choices for random dating chats. That is a creation of text chat rooms and video chats with multiple strangers. The roulette principle will convert your adventure into something unexpected and memorable. The service is friendly to every partaker. You will not pay a cent and keep your budget sound. Your mystery and safe dating have never been so real.

Free Membership Features

The matchmaking service is not splitting the products’ range into fee-based and free. Every service on the site and the mobile version stay open and free. Get into the chat room and talk with a stranger who will join the conversation. Texting and video chats are free services for everyone. Also, you may share your story using your preferred social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Is Joingy Without Charge?

It is positively free and open to every guest. Hit the homepage or upload the mobile app not to drop your dating adventure.

How Can I View Who Likes Me On Joingy?

The site for randomly attaching members is not displaying favorites and is not forming matches. Every user performs like a stranger and is not bound to a particular account. You cannot view who liked you in this exceptional service.

Premium Membership Features

That unique dating platform for immediate talks and video chats is not giving elevated hallmarks. All dating shots are open and without charge. Pick the fitting sort of chat and join it.

Does Joingy allow priority membership?

Joingy reviews are leaning to the obscure clue of the call for elevated memberships. That might be confusing and take a little time to study the rules of sharing. They don’t submit the premium membership. Roulette chat is active for every user, without exclusion.

How Do I Terminate My Joingy Association?

You are not attached to the specific user account, do not own a username and membership obligations on the site. Therefore, you are eager to go out of this place for dating with strangers quickly in one click. Simply close the site page to terminate it.

Will Joingy Subscription Renew Automatically?

It is hard to assume, but this random service does not allow multi-level subscriptions and does not charge a payment for joining. Your free or priority membership won’t renew automatically. This service is free and open to worldly access.

How Can I Ask For A Refund For The Remaining Period?

Mix with the Joingy community and connect your random chat with strangers incognito and free. You cannot request reimbursement for any unused days. The service is not asking a fee for these amazing chat services.

Will My Joingy Support Refresh In An Auto-Mode Monthly?

The adorable chatting roulette site does not renew your support in auto-mode. You autonomously decide the joining period and the span of chat association as well. Get your dating experience without authorization and other security matters.

I Am Not Pleased With The Joingy. How Can I Get A Refund?

Sometimes some members are not fully pleased with the service and want to cut off participation. Fee and refund issues may hold but not on this site. Resign the page to quit, it is easy and causes no penalties.

How Will My Joingy Payment Appear On The Card Bill?

Lucky You! Your online dating activity will remain anonymous and will nevermore arrive on your bank statement. Start your video or text chatting with strangers, without any payment charge.

How Can I Pay For Other Joingy Members?

These random experiences with strangers are free of charge to every partaker. You may favor your chatting with no limited membership and auto-renewal of your subscription.

Can I Pay A Monthly Subscription Only?

When we started this Joingy review, the service did not ask for any fees for mixing. We believe they still hold payment policy and are open to everyone without charge.

Is Joingy Truly Secure?

joingy Is Joingy Truly Secure?

That is not entirely right. They declare to own a spam disclosure system that tracks fake members. We do not advise you to trust a matter. Keep in mind this dating site is not submitting the registration option and any other member verification. The admin insists that everybody defines the behavior tone. It may not be harmless. Do not trust other users, and do not share private info that could harm you. The service does not possess any specific features to be safe enough in our view.

Does Joingy Moderate Forum Threads?

Random video chat and text service for dating do not employ the forum as a means of communication and do not actively intrude on it. Every user is responsible for behavior.

How Can I Impact Who Can Write To Me On Joingy?

There is no such powerful tool. The service operates as a random ranking of video and text chats with strangers. You cannot filter preferred members in this anonymous chat.

What Security Points Does Joingy Possess?

The Joingy website does not feel like a completely reliable service, but still, it operates some security points. The chatting service insists to operate a unique anti-spam system monitoring and blocking trash.

How Can I Freeze And Report A Scammer?

If you turn a victim of offensive behavior or scam activity, report it. Use their Contact page to reach Support. Fill out the form and complete the action by clicking the Submit Message button.

What Will Go Next To A User Who Solicits Money On Joingy?

The soliciting money on the site is banned and is considered fraudulent. Users are responsible for their actions to other members. If you catch a scammer, please contact Support using the Contact page.

Which Information Is Out Of Place On Your Joingy Account?

Any info carrying private and confidential data is out of place in your account. Keep in mind that scammers may hurt you if they acquire access to your real name, address, and spicy photos.

Are Joingy Chats Encoded?

We absolutely can neither confirm nor deny the fact of encryption. However, these random chats are anonymous to the info the service shares in the public section.

How Can Joingy Track Your Location?

The awesome random chat roulette site does not track and control your location. That is anonymous as every member is marked as a stranger. Enter a chat room to connect a casual stranger.

How Can The Police Hunt Down The Joingy?

The police act in the legal field and do not exceed power. The organization may track the Joingy dating service if it turns a part of the investigation.

Who Can I Contact Regarding My Privacy In Joingy?

Some questions that appear you may uncover promptly. Try to check out the solution in the FAQ section. It is set at the page bottom. If you still have a lack of solution, go to the Contact pa

How Can I Remove The Information From Joingy?

This service for anonymous and secure random dating does not save your chat feed. Every room gets unique strangers for dating and chatting. It deletes the messages automatically as you leave the chat room.

Does Joingy Hold The Fake And Scam Users?

You may come across a scammer on this site. However, being anonymous, nothing will appear if you do not share personal data. The service applies anti-spam measures for your more protected internet surf.

Contact Information

Company: Joingy.com


Try various choices for attachments to make dating even more real and encouraging. Check out extra alternatives to similar chat roulette sites like ChatRoulette, RandoChat, or Blindlee.

Real Life Review

 Real Life Review

It was my fate to get into Joingy one lone evening. I saw an ad and chose to surf out of curiosity. Joining was quick and easy, I didn’t even expect it. There are no dull things like registration, profile, membership, and payment. It’s free! I started my first video chat and can’t drop visiting it daily. That is really addictive. Tony, 25

Is Joingy The Leading Dating Site/App?

Joingy website and mobile app stay for random chat services for connecting singles globally. That is one of the best services in the niche.

How Can I Unmatch A Joingy User?

The chat roulette platform does not implement a tool to unmatch a user. You never know who you are chatting to. Every member appears as a stranger. Just leave the room to stop.

Is Joingy A Hook-Up Dating App?

This working app for real random dating is distributed globally and is preferred among members of different ages.


If privacy turns you on and you are crazy about casual dating, then this unique chat roulette site will be a godsend for you. The service submits the use of text and video chats to connect various people. Search for new friends, hot chats, and tender passions within this hookup site. In this Joingy review, we sought to expose the most beneficial odds of the service and assure you to examine it.

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