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EuroDate Review

EuroDate Review
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Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 20-36
Profiles 970 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site has been viral among members from different parts of the world
  • EuroDate offers some of the best security features
  • The site is highly-developed and very smooth
  • The mobile app is available only for Android devices
  • Buying EuroDate credits may be expensive
  • The dating site could use more features

If you are all about European dating, then EuroDate is the perfect online dating site for you. The platform is fitted with all the latest features that make it stand as one of the greatest online dating sites. Formed in 1993, EuroDate has managed to reach the maximum height of success in this industry. The website is beautiful and attracts singles from all around the world.

EuroDate is suited for people looking to get acquainted with European singles for casual or serious relationships. The platform has an experience of roughly 30 years and a presence across 23 different countries around the world.

The main goal of EuroDate is to connect its members with suitable partners in different parts of the world. The platform also provides a chance for interested individuals to make approaches to finding the right matches. Thanks to the great matching process, there is always something available for people trying to look for a good time or even love.

If you are a busy person and not free most of the time, EuroDate is the right dating channel for you. This is why we have provided you with everything you want to know about this great online dating site.

EuroDate has managed to anchor its position in the world of online dating and has helped countless singles all over the world find the person they have been looking for. Whether you choose to use this platform is entirely your choice. In this article, we have provided you with everything that you need to know about EuroDate.

How many languages does Match Ocean support?

EuroDate is available in English only. This is because the site believes in making things easier for its members. English is a language that is spoken by billions of users all around the world.

Who is the owner of EuroDate?

There is no information available as to who is the owner of EuroDate.

Where Is EuroDate based out of?

EuroDate is based out of Singapore.

When was EuroDate website Founded?

While there is no definitive proof of when EuroDate was founded, the site has been around for approximately three decades.

Is EuroDate available for users from all parts of the world?

Yes, EuroDate is available for users from all around the world. However, most of the members are from Europe.

What is the minimum age to register on EuroDate?

The minimum age of registering on EuroDate is 18 years.

Is it possible to use the app using my computer?

Yes, you can download an APK file of the app and use it on your computer.

What is the amount of members in EuroDate from different parts of the world?

While there is no fixed number of members, it is safe to assume that most members are around from Europe.

What is the amount of members in EuroDate from different parts of the world?

Design and usability of EuroDate

Since most of the members at EuroDate are European, the site has been designed to cater to their interests and needs. The platform also understands that Europeans tend to be very busy during the day time, which ruins many opportunities to go out for dates and build relationships. Hence, the site will try to save you time by offering the best matches. Overall, these profiles look very straightforward and very easy to understand.

The navigation at EuroDate is easy, intuitive, and simple. There are no irritating ads, random music, or glitches to disrupt your search for a European beauty. The platform looks very elegant and clean and even integrates a navigation system that helps new members through the initial signup process. This step-by-step process aids in simplicity and usability, especially for senior members who are unfamiliar with modern technology.

The platform uses simple language that is understandable by all members. There are no cumbersome processes involved here at EuroDate. The designers of the site have made great efforts to provide you with an attractive online dating site. There are different options available to virtually take you to specific locations to fool for useful services and insights.

EuroDate’s credit system has been laid out in the most simplified manner on the website. This allows older members to purchase credits for chatting.

On the website’s main page, you will see a lovely picture of a European couple, which gives you an overall idea of the site’s intentions. Overall, the site has been designed to provide the best online dating experience to all its users.

Which browsers can you use to visit EuroDate?

You can use almost all browsers to visit EuroDate. Ensure that the browsers are updated.

Can I use the camera on EuroDate?

EuroDate does offer the video chatting option to its members.

What are some special features of EuroDate?

One of the best features about EuroDate is that the site is extremely secure. While it is fitted with almost every feature you see on dating sites, the security features of EuroDate is considered a stand-out.

How does EuroDate work?

Once you have opened the site, you will see some profiles that will match your criteria, usually based on age preference or gender. Most of the profiles are updated, and you will be able to set a general impression. If you find someone attractive, all you need to do is tap on the picture, and the profile will open up. You can read about the person’s life experiences, work, education qualifications, interests, etc. You will only be able to view some pictures – the others will become visible once you establish a connection with the person.

How does EuroDate work?

How can I message someone on EuroDate?

Once you become a paid member, you will be able to send messages to others on EuroDate. You can do so by heading to the Match section and simply start messaging, similar to Facebook.

Can I send free messages on EuroDate?

No, you cannot send free messages on EuroDate. You need to be a paid member to do so.

How do you start messaging other members on EuroDate?

As free members, you can only view the profile of the members. To talk to them, however, you will have to become a subscribed member. Only then you can start sending messages on EuroDate.

Why cannot I access EuroDate website?

There are a lot of reasons why you cannot access the EuroDate website. Your browser may be outdated, there is no internet connection, the site is banned in your country, and many more.

How long can I be banned on EuroDate?

The length of the EuroDate ban will depend on what got you into trouble in the first place.

How can I reactivate my banned EuroDate account?

Yes, you can reactivate your banned EuroDate profile once the ban period is completed.

Can I delete my EuroDate profile?

Deleting your profile can be done via the Settings option. You can also include the reason why you are deleting your EuroDate profile in the first place.

What will happen if I disable the “Show me on EuroDate” option?

There is no information available as of now related to this option. However, it may be possible to make yourself invisible.

Where can I see my EuroDate matches?

The platform has a dedicated section where you will see all your EuroDate matches. Alternatively, you can also view them in your inbox.

How do I see which EuroDate member has messaged me on the site?

The names and profile IDs of members can be seen in your inbox. Once the member has sent you a message, you can view the person’s name and profile picture. Clicking on the profile picture will redirect you to the person’s profile.

Can I see EuroDate members that I have liked?

Yes, you can view which members have liked you on EuroDate. You need to match with the other member. Once done, both profiles will be shown to one another.

Is there a spy mode on EuroDate?

There is no information on whether there is a spy mode. However, since it is a popular online dating site, there may be no such modes.

Can I edit my username in EuroDate?

Yes, you can edit your username on EuroDate. To do this, you need to head to the Edit Profile section and make the particular changes. However, you need to remember that once you change the username, it becomes permanent.

Why am I having difficulty visiting the site?

There are many reasons why you may be facing problems while visiting the platform. It is possible that your browser is outdated and needs to be updated soon. Alternatively, it may also be possible that the online dating platform is blocked in your country. Lastly, ensure that you are entering the right login credentials.

EuroDate Search: What are the different options available?

The search option is based on a particular criterion since users prefer to view mostly in their future matches. Once you view the photo of the person and dig deeper, you will learn about the personality of the potential match. Mostly, the profiles are well-completed. You will be able to read a short EuroDate review about the person. You will also find the details you are looking for like interests, occupation, education level, marital status, hair color, eye color, height, etc.

EuroDate Search: What are the different options available?

What is the EuroDate sign up process

The EuroDate registration process is straightforward. You can begin by choosing your gender and the gender of your potential date. You also need to select the age of the person you are looking for and then tap on ‘Take A Chance.’ You will be redirected to the site’s main page, where you will be offered two ways to create an account – via Google+ or email address.

Next, you need to provide your personal information. You can start by creating your username and/or a nickname. Specify your gender and the gender of the person you want to date once again. You also need to add your location and your date of birth. Once you tap on ‘Next,’ you will be redirected to a page where you need to fill in some interesting details about yourself. Take this chance to use your imagination and creativity and write the best bio for others to read. Once done, go ahead and click on ‘Next.’

In the next window, you need to describe what you are looking for in your potential partner. Then, you need to choose your hobbies and interests. Finally, you need to upload an attractive profile picture to attract the attention of the potential partner. Ensure the picture is not too explicit and your face is visible.

How can I verify my email address on EuroDate?

To verify your email address, you need to enter your email credentials. Once done, you should receive an email with a link. After you tap on the link, your email address will be verified.

Can I register on EuroDate using my Facebook Account?

Sadly, you cannot use your Facebook account to create a EuroDate profile. You can only use your email address or your Google+ account.

How can I create a profile on EuroDate?

Creating a profile on EuroDate is very easy. There are two methods of doing so – either you can use your email address or your Google+ profile for the job. Creating a EuroDate profile via your email address is longer; however, you will input more information. Using Google+ for the job is much faster.

Is it possible to use the EuroDate site without having to sign up?

Sadly, you cannot use the site without signing up and creating a profile. If you want to get done with this process quickly, you can simply use your Google profile for the same.

What is the quality of profile at EuroDate

EuroDate is free for users who are looking for a successful online dating experience. Young and energetic people mostly visit the site. However, you will also find users above the age of 60-years.

It is also home to people from different multi-ethnic origins. Right from whites to blacks, there are a lot of cute singles that use the platform. The most important aspect is that there are no limitations in terms of people who cannot sign up on the platform.

EuroDate is a platform that is perfect for people seeking casual and/or serious relationships. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, or any other religion, the site is free to register. Overall, EuroDate is an established online dating platform suited for people who want to explore different dating options and services.

What is the quality of profile at EuroDate

EuroDate mobile applications

EuroDate has a great mobile app for Android devices that will allow you to meet potential soul mates from all around the world. The app is very safe and free of any annoying ads and bugs. The site guarantees that once you have downloaded the app on your Android device, it will be the only dating app you will ever use again!

The EuroDate Android mobile app will remove all boundaries between singles hailing from different nations. You can start looking for singles within your immediate vicinity, have a chatting session with them, and even meet up for a real-life date. The app is a great place to look for long-term relationships, flirt with conversations, or even have fun with new friends.

Some great features about the mobile app include:

  • You can find matches within a few taps on your mobile screen.
  • The app will generate matched based on your preferences.
  • The search tool is very efficient and will locate perfect matches for you.
  • You can get your profile verified quickly via the mobile app.
  • The customer support team is available around the clock.
  • You can talk to other members in real-time.

As mentioned above, the mobile app is entirely safe and can be used by anyone above 18-years. According to many positive online EuroDate reviews, the app will expand the online dating experience and offer you an international user database. Here, you will find many single men and women who are eager to chat with you. Whether you are looking for a friendly chat or a long-term relationship, you can chat with the person in real-time. Your data will remain confidential and protected.

EuroDate mobile applications

What about the EuroDate membership prices and the payment method?

When you first look at the pricing of EuroDate, it may look very confusing. However, everything will be cleared out in this EuroDate review. When you purchase a membership, you need to pay $9.99 per month. The subscription is renewed each month automatically and will be withdrawn from your credit card and/or bank account.

The platform also provides multiple packages to purchase credits. Credits are special types of currency that allows you to pay for additional services that are not otherwise available in the membership package. For instance, you need to pay one credit per minute for the basic chat. For the video chat, it is six credits per minute and ten credits for email. If you want to view videos in a profile, you will have to pay ten credits and so on.

What are some features of the free membership

As a free member, you get to use a lot of features like:

  • Create a profile
  • Reply to video chats
  • Reply to emails and online chats
  • Upload videos and photos
  • Receive notifications
  • Provide video streaming
  • Receive virtual gifts

Can I use EuroDate for free?

Yes, you can use EuroDate for free. In fact, free members have some great features available to them.

Can you see which members have liked me on EuroDate if I am a free member?

You can express your interests for free in EuroDate. Once you tap on the corresponding section on the right top corner, you will see all the interested people. To communicate with them, you will have to buy a subscription plan.

What are some features of the premium membership

Once you choose and buy the subscription, you are given access to a lot more features like:

  • Full tech support
  • Unlimited introduction messages
  • Ten free chats to test all the benefits of being a subscriber
  • 20 free credits
  • Option to highlight your profile
What are some features of the premium membership

Is there a premium membership on EuroDate?

Yes, there is a premium membership on EuroDate. This subscription plan costs $9.99 per month.

Is it possible to cancel my EuroDate membership?

Yes, you have the option to cancel your EuroDate membership if you feel that the dating platform is not up to your expectations.

Does the EuroDate membership get renewed automatically?

Yes, the EuroDate membership gets renewed automatically each month or if you have exhausted your credits.

Do I get a refund for any unused time left?

There is no information available on whether you will get back any refund if you cancel your subscription with credits remaining.

Is my “support” to EuroDate renewed automatically after each month?

Yes, your “support” will get renewed automatically at the end of each month.

Do I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the EuroDate?

There is no information available on whether you will get a refund if you are not happy with the experiences and services provided by EuroDate.

How will my EuroDate purchases appear on my credit card bills?

There is no info available on how your EuroDate purchases will be seen on your credit card bills.

Can I give financial support to other members on EuroDate?

Yes, you can definitely provide support to other EuroDate members. All you need to do is purchase the subscription on their behalf, and they will be able to use their account as premium EuroDate users.

Can I support a member for just a month?

Yes, you can even support a member for just a month. In fact, how long you plan on supporting another member/s is completely your decision. It may be for a month or even for a year.

Is EuroDate a safe platform?

For online dating on any dating platform, security is a critical criterion. Thankfully, EuroDate guarantees the best online dating experience. The platform employs the services of the most reliable data encryption systems. Of course, while the site does its best to process data in compliance with the law and without sharing it with third-party apps, there are no promises that you will get uninterrupted and error-free service.

In terms of safety, it is recommended that you create a strong password, use a secure internet connection, and follow all the safety procedures so that your personal and financial information remains safe. Additionally, the platform works hard to verify every account manually to lower down the number of spam and fake profiles.

Of course, EuroDate is not entirely invulnerable against scam profiles. As a result, EuroDate uses an anti-scam policy that advises against sharing personal information like credit card details, family names, passwords, and addresses via messaging. Even if the site fights against scam profiles with its paid messaging system and manual account verification process, there will always be a risk of the victim falling into the trap of fake online schemes.

Is EuroDate a safe platform?

Are the threads on the EuroDate forums moderated?

The EuroDate threads and forums may be moderated by the owner and the technicians of the site.

Is it possible to filter which member can message me on EuroDate?

Yes, you can filter and/or block members on EuroDate.

What are the different security features on EuroDate?

EuroDate is a safe online dating site that follows all the legal regulations. This means that all your personal and financial information is safe from prying eyes and third-parties. The platform also has developed some security policies that describe how members should behave at the site.

Can I block and report a suspected EuroDate scammer?

If you want to block a suspected member, you need to head to that person’s profile and tap on the three dots you see on top of the username. You will see two different options:

  • Blocking the user
  • Report scam and abuse

Once done, the support team will review this request within 24 hours and take the necessary steps if deemed necessary.

What are the consequences of soliciting money on EuroDate?

Yes, if you solicit money on EuroDate, your profile may get banned or even deleted.

What types of information you should not post in your EuroDate profile?

According to the EuroDate terms and conditions, the provider (you) cannot be stopped from sharing your contact details during the chatting process. However, you should follow the security policy designed by the site itself. No one can say for sure whether the person you are talking to is a real person or not, or even a decent human being. Hence, you need to be cautious and not reveal information like your mobile number, permanent address, billing details, and password. EuroDate is not responsible for your cooperation at the end of the day and cannot help you if you are under attack by scammers.

Are the chats on EuroDate encrypted?

Yes, the chats and video chats are encrypted so that no other third-party can view what you are chatting about.

Can the EuroDate site track you down your profile?

Yes, EuroDate can possibly track down your profile.

Can my EuroDate profile be traced back by the police?

Since the chats can be tracked, the police can track down your location.

Who should I get in touch with if I have questions regarding my privacy?

You can get in touch with the customer care service if you have any questions related to your privacy.

Is it possible to delete information that I have already submitted to EuroDate?

Yes, you can delete certain information that you have submitted on EuroDate.

Are there cases of fake or scam members on EuroDate?

You will find scams and fake accounts on every online dating platform. Although EuroDate is a well-respected online dating site, it cannot protect you from scammers. However, the site does work hard to detect scam profiles and tries to offer some kind of compensation. You will not find generous policies on most other dating sites. If you are a victim of a scam (explained below), you will receive free credits.

Some scams include:

  • The participant identifies him/herself incorrectly or uses another member’s profile without permission to communicate with you. All your investments that you have spent on communicating with this user will be compensated.
  • The participant is presenting expensive gifts or sending money. In this case, the scammer will be banned from the platform, and the community will be refunded all the credit spent on talking to this user.
  • The user intentionally misrepresents marital status, gender, and age in the personal information section with the idea of cheating you. All the credits spent on communicating with the user will be returned, and the scammer will be blocked instantly.

How do I contact EuroDate

  • The phone number: +1 800-283-0545
  • The support email: [email protected]
  • The company address: 10 Anson Road No. 05-17, International Plaza, Singapore (079903)

Alternatives of EuroDate

Some great alternatives of EuroDate include:

  • FlirtChat
  • TheInnerCircle
  • DownDating
  • FirstMet Dating
  • DateMyAge
Alternatives of EuroDate

Real life EuroDate review


Sep 12, 2018

Great experience

Great experience, I would recommend this site to singles looking for that special person. I hope your experience will be as good as mine was. Good luck!

Can I consider EuroDate one of the best dating site/app?

Definitely! EuroDate has been hailed as a great online dating site. You will love every feature available here.

How do I unmatch an EuroDate member?

To unmatch with a EuroDate member, you need to tap on the three dots and select the Unmatch option. Once done, the person will be removed from the Match list.

Can I consider EuroDate to be a hook-up app?

The answer to this question will depend on your purpose of using the site. If you are only looking for hook-ups, then yes, EuroDate can be considered a hook-up site. However, members here are looking for all types of relationships like casual flings, long-term and serious relationships, and even hook-ups.

Final thoughts

Overall, EuroDate is quite a sophisticated online dating platform that will provide you with an endless and fun experience. The site has been around for many decades, and many positive EuroDate reviews testify to this fact. It is one of the biggest dating platforms today and has members from all corners of the world. The site can also be accessed via your mobile device, and you will always remain in touch with your matches wherever you are.

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