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321Chat Review

321Chat Review
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 7.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • 79% reply rate.
  • All the essential features are free.
  • Compulsory verification reduces fake profiles from popping up.
  • 321Chat reviews the most engaging clients so you can keep them near you consistently.
  • Phony profiles and messages are irritating.
  • For amateurs, the hookup culture can be destructive.
  • Personal limits might be crossed.

The 321Chat is a free website for single people. Everything is represented in the site, e.g., races, religions, and sexual preferences. Until this point in time, 14 well-crafted chat rooms are free. The site and talk rooms are portable, consistently refreshed with new highlights, articles, and model look. What was once only a spot to visit has become an authority on everything chat related. The website currently offers helpful articles and 321Chat reviews of other chat- websites and their programming.

321Chat Review in 2020

Languages Supported

The 321Chat website has its terms, privacy policies, and an interactive interface written in English. However, the hookup culture is what’s most important to them, and the option of language translation is something they’ve improved.

Who is Owner of the 321Chat?

321Chat.Com was made and is maintained by Greg Barrow, a web designer with over 20 years of involvement with making, structuring, and looking after sites. Greg took Computer Science at SUNY NewPaltz and Hunter College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science qualification. With the developing achievement of his sites (that he began as a high schooler), Greg turned his concentration to SEO and web programming languages, which permitted him to make and improve a system of websites and online applications.

Brand Offices

The company started with its offices in New York and has since created many more branches across the United States. The great effort is meant to help serve its many clients across the country.

Founding Year of 321Chat

321Chat was first enrolled in 2002 and filled in as an entryway to a system of 321Chat areas that took into account diverse specialty points and age groups.

Worldwide Access on 321Chat

While some may take the 321Chat website too broad with its many chat rooms, it has inspired clients’ emotional responses and attracted significant sponsor companies. Its reach is unfathomable because of its many chat room categories that feel inclusive to many participants.

This niche dating website isn’t designed for individuals under 18 years old. If you are under 18, you won’t be approved to access this website. The 321Chat Website allows you to give data to them or other different clients on the site only if you’re mature. With its strict policies, it isn’t easy to slip through the cracks without being banned.

Computer Availability

Even if you’re new to it, you won’t have issues finding a charming person to hook up with. Because all significant features to help you meet that special someone is available at the 321Chat website. No one is left out just because of their limited accessibility to a smart-phone or tablet device.

Number of Members of 321Chat

The site gets a good number of guests, not a high number, though, and the top participating nation is the USA. Participation by members is up, seeing as it has almost multiplied in size in its 15plus lifespan. It also boasts 43,000 new profiles every month from major cities and developed countries.

Number of Members of 321Chat

Website Design & Usability

It is a website with an old school interface but works excellent, and there’s a feeling that the designers put a lot of thought into it when you’re using it.

Everything is crystal clear, and simple to explore. Along the top are a couple of tabs that indicate:

  • Home
  • Chat Rooms – It displays the various categories of conversations you can indulge in. These chat rooms Include; 20s, Black, Asian, Teen, Adult, Singles, Gay, Gay-Teen, Lesbian, Transgender, Latin, and Religion. However, you can change your preferences every time you feel you need something else.
  • Info – Gives more about the website, including the contacts page.

Also, there’s a tab on the left half of the home page where you can learn more about their resources, including:

  • Avatars
  • Emojis
  • F.A.Q
  • Facebook
  • Twitter.

Below the resources are helpful articles to help guide you along with the dating and friendship website. They also have a section dedicated to 321Chat reviews of other dating sites similar to theirs. They do an excellent job of being honest and thorough in their assessment.

Browsers Supported

A candid 321Chat review led us to conclude that most web browsers can support the website without a hitch. These applications range from the most recent to well-known ones. They include Internet explorer, Phoenix browser, Opera Mini, although earlier versions may prove difficult. Others included: Google Chrome, DuckDuckGo, Brave Privacy browser, and the custom internet browser on any device.

Camera Functionality

321Chat has included the use of webcams and added a button that activates audio and video abilities, which are also available on mobile devices. The camera option can access your pictures and videos and helps you create a beautiful profile.

The most exceptional advice you can take is to attract your potential mates with a sexy profile picture. That’s the most significant boss move you can make here.

Camera Functionality

Special Features

Video Chat

It displays who you like, and you’ll be given a catalog of individuals who are currently online and prepared to video talk. These photos and profiles are essentially more naughty than those seen at first on registration.


It’s not that necessary to use a personal profile picture if you want to stay anonymous. Use their vast catalog of avatars and feel comfortable while chatting.


Emojis are available to assist people in spicing up their conversations, unlike most other dating websites. Sending an emoji that helps convey your emotion could be the next step to making that other person like you.

Private exhibitions of pictures allows users to feel comfortable with each other before potentially meeting up. Just a hello by the sender can give another profile access to see these explicit photos.


These are chat room codes that automatically create a longer message. Here are some familiar examples.bbl – Be back later! And brb – Be right back!


Clicking on the webcam icon found at the bottom right of the chat window will allow you to stream your webcam to the entire room.

How It Works

The initial step you should finish is enrollment. It is free, and the details you’ll be required to include your email, age, and sexual orientation. When enlisted, you are free to check out the site and choose any chat room you feel like exploring.

How It Works

Messaging Someone on 321Chat

When you tap on a chat room, profiles will pop up, and they will give you a considerable amount of data about them. Of all our 321Chat reviews, this is the most beautiful feature it has for a chat site.

Answers to questions like what arouses that person, how their closest pals would depict the person in question, what the person is searching for in a partner, among other information is shown. However, you can always learn more by initiating a conversation with that person.

Is Sending Messages a Free Option?

Most clients on the 321Chat website have free accounts. Unlike most other chatting platforms out there, 321Chat makes it workable for individuals worldwide to appreciate free chatting.

Messaging with Chat Room Profiles

Private messages are allowed on the site inside the chat rooms. To begin, click on that person’s avatar either in the chat room or user list and choose “Private Chat.” Everything else flows smoothly from there as long as you both are of legal age and consent to it.

Reasons You Can’t Access The Site

You are not qualified for an explanation or cautioning for being restricted. 321Chat reviews user accounts, and if you share a computer/I.P. with someone else, all accounts are at risk to be banned. Your email must be real, or your account will remain closed to your access.

Length of Bans

Banned accounts are obligated to be erased from the site’s database. Blocked words and sites are programmed bans by the system. If you feel this was a mistake, you should disclose to them the specific message posted when you were kicked out.

Reactivating Your Banned Account

321Chat.Com is a Network of Chat Sites. Therefore, your appeals must be accurate in case they’re to understand it.

Because of the high number of appeals, if there are errors, they won’t inform you because of the time it takes. Make sure to check your junk/spam folder for your reply!

Deleting Your Profile

If you might want to review or change the data in your account or end your membership, you can sign in to your settings and update your client account.

Upon your demand to end your membership, they will deactivate or erase your record and data from their dynamic databases.

Some data might be held in their records to investigate issues, help with any 321Chat reviews, strengthen their Terms of Use, or potentially consent to legal demands.

Disable the “Show me on 321Chat” Option

Since the 321Chat website doesn’t work by swiping, the option wasn’t a big part of the chat room designs. However, private messaging is available for any user on the site.

Seeing Your Matches on 321Chat

As should be obvious, they have a vast catalog, and that makes them exceptional. We don’t know whether it’s a hit or miss thing if certain rooms consistently have many individuals. So we suppose you’re intrigued, you’ll need to look at them all after some time to make sense of that for yourself.

Seeing Your Messages on 321Chat

Read new private messages from interested partners by clicking on the Mail icon at the top right. Your notifications are available to you for free anytime you need them. It’s simple just to view their details and pictures to choose if you ‘like’ them.

Seeing People You Like

The 321Chat website gets away with a lot because it works well to connect and have more in-depth conversations. It lets you see whoever is genuinely interested in you.

Spy Mode

If you’re interested in just having fun and not worrying about your profile, you may change some things about it. To select who can have private messages with you or limit private messages, click the top right corner avatar, pick “My Profile.” Then tap on the “Options” Tab. Now you are free to choose who to see and text you under “Private Chat.

Editing Your Username on 321Chat

At the top of your account page, click on your avatar and select a profile. At this point, it’s easy to change your username by typing it in. The color of the username can also be changed to make it pop.

Difficulty Accessing the Site

Signing up is usually very simple, but you can seek help via 321Chat contacts. Also, their support team is always ready when the site glitches up. But the often unnecessary bans are generally the primary reason this issue might come up.

Search Options

You may join any chat room available and choose profiles you find exciting. Some filters may help too while you’re at it. The options include Asian, Teen, Adult, Singles Chat, Gay, Gay-Teen, Lesbian,20s, Black, Transgender, Latin, and Religion.

Sign up Process

Your choices might include making friends with benefits, easygoing experiences, random flirtations, dating, online fun, or finding friends to party with. Most of these choices are vague, but you’ll get the hang of it. At the 321Chat website, the enrollment isn’t a complicated process: all you have to give is your email address, secret word, age, and postal code.

Verifying Email

The site is free for all and non-judgemental. The primary condition to continue making your profile is to use a legitimate and a confirmed email address. The link itself will be sent upon registration.

This is to guarantee that every one of its individuals has a valid email. This safety effort plans to reduce the number of phony people.

Registering Using Your Facebook Account

321Chat website offers you the capacity to enroll and log in through your social media account information (like your Facebook or Twitter login). Whenever you decide to do this, they will get certain profile data about you from your accounts. The profile data they get may change based upon the account concerned. This process will incorporate your name, email address, followers, profile picture, plus other data you decide to make known.

Joining to 321Chat

To get started, visit their webpage on 321Chat.com and create a profile for yourself. You will also be able to use the site with its many features.

Using The Site Without Signing Up

You can log in like a visitor who requires no registration or can be guaranteed a username of your own. This is quite an added advantage compared to other dating and chatting websites.

Users Profile Quality

Filling out your profile will tell others more about you and likely spare you from writing a similar Age/Location answer to the same question again and again.

Users Profile Quality

Mobile Applications

The 321Chat website has developed because it is versatile and well designed. Using the site in your work area is perfect. However, it also works well on Apple and Android gadgets.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Payment is $15 and is by either Paypal, Credit Card, or Debit Card. The fees are non-refundable.

Free Membership Features

Members who choose to use this package are entitled to the following;

  • Creating an account
  • Chatting connections
  • Help articles
  • Basic search filter
  • Uploading pictures
  • Chat Room Access

Free 321Chat

The 321Chat website is free to download and register. So too is its desktop rendition. Free clients can get to most of its highlights. Also, although free clients can use most of the features, how they can use them is constrained.

Seeing Likes as a Free Member

With its simplified portfolio, 321Chat reviews profiles and matches them up, and yes, members have the privilege of knowing who liked them.

Premium Membership Features

VIP Membership is priced at $15. The features include:

  1. Name & Text Colors – Having the option to change your name and content shading is a cool advantage and look genuinely astonishing!
  2. Special Emojis – The assortment of extraordinary emojis incorporates Apple emoticons, Things, and Specialty-Sets. They Will update them occasionally. Watch out around the special seasons!
  3. Chat History – Look back in time and see what was posted before you went into the room. View earlier discussions and pictures posted!
  4. PasteIt – Effectively share pictures by duplicating and sticking them into the visiting room or private messages. Premium users no longer need to attach images; they can just paste them.
  5. Head of The Class – Premium individuals’ names shows up at the client list’s highest point. So everybody gets the opportunity to see your fresh, cool name.

Premium Membership on 321Chat

Premium membership is accessible to anyone intending to have a fun time.VIP Accounts are upgraded user accounts that have special privileges.

Canceling Membership

You are allowed to stop your membership whenever you want. When cancellation is demanded, your payment will not be automatically renewed, and access will be discontinued on the expiration date.

Membership Auto-Renewal

321Chat has a goal of offering consistent assistance, so it works with a programmed renewal system. The website has the option to recharge your monthly enrollment naturally. So, the site may do this renewal upon its expiration.

Refund for Unused Time on 321Chat

Refunds will be given only under certain conditions, and only after their clientele services have done an in-depth investigation using all data at its disposal.

Refund for Unused Time on 321Chat

App Support Auto-Renewal

Your membership for the Service will proceed infinitely until canceled by you. After your current membership period, or after any future membership period, your membership will continue for the same amount of time you paid for.

Refund for Dissatisfaction

All Sales Are Final. Due to the temporary idea of chatting,321Chat can not offer discounts. They accept $15 for any item/service you can use as very reasonable.

Credit Card Bill

Payment must be made by a major credit card, checking account, or phone charge accepted by 321Chat’s payment processor(s). The billing period ends each term on the anniversary of your activation date.

Support from Members on 321Chat

Partnering to support someone’s payment can only be approved when both of you confirm it. Your support will show up on one of the supported profile’s information.

Sending Support for Just a Month

If you intend to support the app publisher and choose to withdraw for reasons known to you, it is possible to cancel anytime within the month.

321Chat Safety

The company means to insure your data through an arrangement of specialized safety efforts. These efforts guarantee the security of any personal data they process.

Forum Thread Moderation

321Chat also decided to close down their Forum after years of operation. It had become filled with spam and was usually poorly used.

Filtering Messages Received

321Chat is a free supplier of web-based visiting choices. They have large numbers of various rooms to browse, 15 to be careful. These visit rooms are Teen, 20’s, Gay, Singles, Latin, and many more.

Security Features on 321Chat

You can report suspicious profiles or write an email to their support line. They do a deep dive into each profile to protect their community.

Blocking and Reporting Scammers

You can help dispose of spammers and trolls by reporting their posts. Once reported, admins can see the post and settle on a choice to erase the post, forbidding the client, or excusing the objection.

Members Soliciting Money

The 321Chat website is allowed to disclose an individual’s information to law enforcers. This is especially so when they believe disclosure is fitting in efforts to investigate and prevent criminal behavior such as suspected extortion.

Information Not to Post to Your Account

Be cautious of publishing ads or soliciting others to buy or sell merchandise on the platform. You are endangering your account by sending an unsolicited email with promotions and advertising your products or services in any manner unless when expressly allowed to do so.

Chat Encryption on 321Chat

Using a VPN can help hide your I.P. address, making it unthinkable for somebody on the opposite end to know who’s truly on the webpage.

321Chat and Client Tracking

321Chat may utilize cookies and other innovations to gather and store your data.

Explicit data about how they utilize such technologies and how you can reject certain cookies is set out in their Cookie Policy.

Police Tracing

321Chat reviews and shares your data in the following circumstances:

  • Important Interests
  • Legal Rights.

They may uncover your data whenever they see it is essential to examine, protect, or make a move regarding potential infringement of their strategies.

Privacy Inquiries on 321Chat

Be mindful even as you interact since all information submitted on the 321Chat Website might be publicly open to hacking trials. They do not offer protection, nor are they liable to any security leaks. See their privacy policy for more privacy information.

Deleting Submitted Information

You have certain rights under information security laws. You have the right to demand and get a duplicate of your data, and to demand amendment or eradication. They will consider and follow up on any request as per pertinent information insurance laws.

Fake Profiles and Scammers

Scammers and fake profiles are many since this involves private chats. The most secure approach to abstain from being a casualty of a catfish is to register an account and cripple private messages from visitor clients. Catfish will, in general, use visitor accounts.

Fake Profiles and Scammers

Contact Information

Company: 321Chat

Email: [email protected]


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2) Shagle

3) ChatLiv.com

4) Azar

5) Emeraldchat.com

6) Fruzo.com

Real Life Review

“From the start I truly delighted in the talks, I have been there for around two years. All the same, the ChatMaster is excessively cruel as of late, and he has brutal punishments. A large portion of my friends have been prohibited over idiotic things, like being given a permanent ban.” – Maxwell, 28

“I have been a client of the 321Chat website for longer than a year, and I can say this is an excellent platform to make companions and to have fun. I have made some great pals over the previous years.” – Fisher, 21

Website Ranking

The Chat room does offer many categories for people to explore the number of friendships and romantic partners they can interact with. These advantages do put them at an average with other websites. Once they improve their customer service, then they’d be better for it.

Unmatching on 321Chat

It is possible to block someone else if you find them not to be of your preference. This helps keep your conversations pure and fun.


Chat rooms are consistently refreshed with new highlights, articles, and structures. What was once only a platform to visit has become an authority on everything that is chat-related. It currently offers articles and 321Chat reviews of talk related items, programming, and sites.


With one of the simplest U.I.s, 321Chat is exceptionally mainstream among young people and grown-ups somehow. This site is ideal for dating, making new companions, outsiders around the globe. Sign up and enjoy its vast audience of eager members.

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