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BBWCupid Review

BBWCupid Review
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 19-30
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A lot of remarkable highlights.
  • Interesting individuals.
  • Tasteful interface with simple accessibility.
  • There's no video call functionality.
  • The blog details are not current.
  • Very few member's posts are refreshed.

BBWCupid is a dating site where plus-sized ladies and plus-sized men can discover love, marriage, or a blossoming relationship. It furnishes an inviting and safe platform for a few individuals who want to be themselves while finding love. With the expertise of its team, the BBWCupid website has become a success story for many.

BBWCupid Review in 2020

Languages Supported

The BBWCupid website has introduced an innovation to make an interpretation of messages to various dialects, so more individuals communicating in many dialects will have the option to talk.

BBWCupid Owner

Cupid Media Networks own it, and the site is very famous in Australia. It was recently known as bigcupid.com. It has since grown and come one with the culture for BBW singles.

Office Locations of BBWCupid

BBWCupid reviews all calls from Monday through Friday, between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM (because of Queensland, Australia time). The offices are located in:

Level 5

2502/5 Lawson Street

Southport QLD 4215


Year of Website Release

It began in 2005, BBWCupid is part of a brand that works with more than 30 trustworthy dating destinations. With a guarantee to help singles all over the planet, they present a platform limited for more massive sized singles.

Worldwide Presence

The BBWCupid,BBW and BHM dating website prides itself on its responsibility to aid BBW people in finding the ideal match wherever their territory is. The larger percentage of subscribers are ladies and men from, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and different nations.

All individuals enrolling or using the BBWCupid website are required to be more than 18.

You should not participate in any wrong chatting, or correspondence of a sexual sort with any underage person. It includes juvenile companions, family members, or partners of individuals on the site.

Computer Usability

Similar functions on the portable applications exist on the computer version too. It is very convenient for office folk who don’t go out much.

Number of Members Worldwide

It has around 26,000 dynamic clients at a given time, and the vast majority of them are premium members. The BBWCupid website has helped an excess of 30 million singles discover dates and connections 100,000 members are currently from the USA. BBWCupid reviews have unfolded active member login stats of about 50,000 users every week.

Number of Members Worldwide

Website Design & Usability

Everything, from the content to the designs and the catches, is marked unmistakably, and each page is spotless and practical — not crammed together and causing mixups.

Regardless of whether you’re not the most well-informed individual or not, you can understand the BBWCupid website.

The main view of personal data contains a great deal of data, yet the site’s managers figure out how to keep it sorted out. Discover the data that you’re searching for easily and smoothly.

Browsers Supported

An in-depth BBWCupid review led us to the conclusion that most web browsers can support the website without a hitch. These applications aren’t too new and include Internet explorer, Phoenix browser, Opera, although earlier versions may prove difficult. Another was UC browser, Google Chrome, DuckDuckGo, Brave Privacy browser, and the custom internet browser on any device.

Camera Functionality

You’ll have to set your profile picture on joining; therefore, you can choose from the camera roll. Here’s the cool part, the inbuilt camera has excellent features that can filter your flaws or highlight your best qualities. In the setting button, go to profile and select profile picture, select ‘take a photo’ and continue to snap a real-life picture of your face. You can also use it for quality video calling and sending private pictures. BBWCupid reviews have been positive about the picture quality.

Special Features

BBWCupid website has a lot of highlights that you’d hope to discover anywhere else —, for example, algorithmic coordinating, the option to like and view most loved clients and see those having a closer look at your dating profile and the last time somebody signed in.

  1. Cupid Tags are a fascinating element that causes clients to search for matches dependent on a solitary catchphrase. For instance, you can use bravery or outgoingness to draw in friendly people.
  2. Percentages to show the remaining portion of your profile you have to fill out to help pull in more individuals.
  3. Criteria Matching System. Individuals can check whether the profile of visitors meets their measures depending on what was replied in their profile.
  4. Language translator. Makes communication breeze.
Special Features

How It Works

BBWCupid.com offers a total bundle of dating functions that are amusing to use. There are both free and premium participation plans which can be picked depending on your inclinations. Standard profiles are treated with equal regard as premium. The interface looks proficient and efficient. The design is fantastic and gives insightful views concerning an individual’s characteristics at the touch of a button. It is a protected and secure site for sharing your data. Besides, a large portion of the individuals are eager to spend to find the correct partner who shows that they are not kidding about dating.

Messaging on BBWCupid

Chatting people up is entirely standard. One can message, text, or “Send Interest,” – which is basically a method for starting a discussion.

Can I Send Messages Free?

Free participation clients can talk to gold and platinum subscribers for nothing. It is very convenient when meeting genuine people to start up a fling or relationship.

How to Chat on BBWCupid

An element you could employ in discovering partners is the deeper search function. BBWCupid reviews a potential match to their browsing times, their sexual orientation, age, area, and if that they have an avatar picture. View who’s currently on the web, which remains at a normal of 400+ individuals at any random moment.

Reasons You Can’t Access BBWCupid

BBWCupid investigates and removes inactive accounts from time to time. Check that you sign in usually to guarantee your profile remains operating and isn’t deleted.

How Long Can Bans Last?

The BBWCupid website maintains that whatever authority is needed to terminate any profiles that abuse their terms and conditions or some other pertinent laws and guidelines. This may be temporary or for all time.

Reactivating Banned Accounts on BBWCupid

Just in case a mistake has been made by the website by banning your account, you can email them at [email protected] with your solicitation. The request will be investigated inside 24 to 48 hours.

Deleting Your Profile

If you wish to have your data deleted, convey your demand to them by the contact data given. Some conditions may be necessary for a BBWCupid review of personal data before deletion with a legitimate explanation. All the same, erasing your personal data may bring about the cancellation of Your Cupid Media account.

Disabling The “Show Me on BBWCupid” Option

Unavailable since matches are chosen according to preferences. Later updates have been promised all the same.

Your Matches on BBWCupid

The BBWCupid website has an Activity tab to see who’s keen on you, who’s added you as their top choice, and who’s viewed your profile.

Your Messages

Every profile has an inbox where you can see messages from different individuals. All notifications can be seen from both premium and free members.

Ability to See Who You Like

All subscribers can see whoever they want to see and especially on their activity bar. It makes the site quite exceptional in its inclusive nature.

The Matchbox Spy Mode

Well, it has not been included as a package for free or premium members. Maybe a later update might improve on this feature.

Editing Username

Head up into the upper side of the screen on the home page. Select ‘Profile’ where you can press on the ‘pen’ button under the username to change your username into something creative. There is no limit to the number of times you can change it.

Difficulty Accessing the Site

To expand the reach of your BBWCupid encounters, then swipe that MasterCard and join the well-favored members. With this redesign, chat with any profile, see private pictures, and be guaranteed of 100% partnership chances.

Search Options of BBWCupid

BBWCupid has numerous accommodating inquiry options. At the point when you see a profile, you’ll see whether clients coordinate with the models you have given on your profile through the “I Match Their Criteria” highlight. The “I Match Their Criteria” list lets you see whether your client profile agrees with their beliefs. You can utilize the propelled search channels for blending and matching, depending on your inclination. For whatever length of time, you’ll get limitless profiles willing to meet up.

Search Options of BBWCupid

Sign up Process

Signing up begins with fundamental data like age, sexual orientation, name, etc. Similarly, be specific about the sort and age of a partner that’s right up your alley. The process is very detailed; however, it’s certainly worth the work you put in.

When finished, individuals are brought to an unfilled profile where they’re approached to round out extra data about themselves – under different classes.

Something distinct about the BBWCupid sign-up process is that individuals can determine what they’re searching for, your choices aren’t all cheesy and lovey-dovey. For example, people can find good friends through back and forth correspondence.

Verifying Email

If you’re new to the BBWCupid website, you’ll need to approve your email after signing up. It is to guarantee that every one of its individuals has a valid email. This safety effort plans to reduce the number of phony people. You may do the account upgrade much later.

Facebook Account Login Procedure

When you’re making your dating profile, you can choose to join through Facebook, which will cause things to go faster for you all the time.

Joining BBWCupid

Join BBWCupid with three straightforward advances. First, make a customized profile, transfer your photographs, and compose a short portrayal of your dream partner. After this, you can locate your best matches dependent on your interests, way of life inclinations, and address. The site is anything but difficult to explore, and the highlights are amazing.

Using the Site Without Signing Up

BBWCupid reviews agree that this site is overflowing with a lot of highlights at a truly moderate value. While standard participation limits clients to making a long profile, sending a note important to another profile you admire and other privileges are still available. But not without signing up first.

Users Profile Quality

You’ll discover great profiles by ladies on the BBWCupid website, and the app helps in being the wing-man to different clients. You can change your profile data and include profile picture collections later. You can utilize the “Match Criteria” to get appropriate partners.

The degree of detail in your account is your decision to make regards to how complete you need your profile to be. But all the same, make certain to completely fill the blanks to establish a decent connection with hot and flawless partners on BBWCupid.

Mobile Applications

You might want to use BBWCupid by means of PC, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But be assured that the application for Android and iOS clients have a fitting and clean structure. Get notifications wherever you travel. Every new message, profile guests or more will be sent to your cell phone instantly.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

To upgrade your BBWCupid membership, you have the following options:

  • MasterCard
  • Direct Debit.

And your choices are gonna be among these:

  • To give you a feel of the BBWCupid website’s capacities at the cost of $1
  • One month will have you cashing out $24.98
  • Quarterly access at $16.66
  • Yearly costs of $8.33 every month.

Find out for yourself!

Free Membership Features

  1. Chatting between free members.
  2. Permits free clients to see your messages.
  3. Edit your information.
  4. Matching services.
  5. Chat with paying individuals.

Free BBWCupid

Clients can begin searching for their optimal match immediately as it’s free to join. Speaking with different individuals in BBWCupid is a privilege left distinctly to premium individuals.

Seeing Likes as a Free Member

You can see who likes you no matter your membership package; replying is the catchy part, and you might have to upgrade.

Premium Membership Features

When you have selected the participation plan, you are awarded a wide range of advantages. The most significant ones are;

  1. You can have a look at new clients,
  2. see who looked your profile,
  3. Make a record of profiles you’re interested in,
  4. Send unlimited messages,
  5. Video chat ability,
  6. Special notes
  7. You can post or ask for private pictures from different profiles
Premium Membership Features

Premium Membership BBWCupid

Standard enrollment costs nothing, and teasers can be sent to different individuals and speak with premium profiles. Gold individuals can speak with all individuals from the site. Platinum individuals can use all site highlights, examples being deeper search algorithms, language interpretation tools, and Profile Notes.

Cancelling Membership

You can drop account auto-restoration by picking “Billing” from the settings menu on the first page. Pick “No” after tapping on “Auto Renew my enrollment?”, then save your changes.

Membership Auto-Renewal

Your enrollment will be recharged on its cycle end. You can quit auto-renewal whenever. If you don’t want to, the membership will be auto-recharged for the periods expressed.

Refund for Unused Time BBWCupid

Anytime problems come up, you will open an inquiry to the help desk to get the job done. You may unsubscribe anytime to return when you feel ready to date seriously.

Membership Auto-Renewal

Subscription is auto-renewed, which means that once bought, it will be auto-recharged monthly until you unsubscribe 24 hours before the end of the present time frame.

Refunds Due to Unsatisfactory Service

Membership charges cannot be discounted or returned, all installments made by you on a cyclical basis are conclusive. It’s no use fighting their system on this matter because these matters are in the fine print.

Credit Card Bill

Other organization names will be utilized to conceal your profile and provide privacy. You may check their contact page for any further details.

Support from Members on BBWCupid

Partnering to support someone’s payment can only be approved when both of you confirm it. Your support will show up on one another’s profile.

Sending Support for Just a Month

It is possible only towards the app publisher and can be canceled anytime within the month. Renewal is manual.

BBWCupid Website Safety

82% of BBWCupid reviews confirm that it’s safe for clients to gain entry. Any correspondence sent to their team, including critique, questions, remarks, or recommendations, is non-classified and can be utilized by them for their own data.

Forum Thread Moderation

The truth is that everywhere are a few loose screws messing things up. The BBWCupid website doesn’t promise that different clients will conform to community rules. While you may expect all danger of mischief or injury because of such bad profiles, you are always free to report any client that you feel is being a menace.

Filtering Messages on BBWCupid

To keep any undesirable messages from undesirable profiles, BBWCupid additionally has a message channel highlight to help with that. Here, you can choose criteria for the individuals from whom you’re just keen on accepting messages.

Security Features

Many future couples meet on the BBWCupid website, which gives dating safety tips and security arrangements to guarantee that your internet dating experience is protected and fulfilling. Before registering to the site, BBWCupid will check if you’ve ever been sentenced for a brutal lawful offense and enlisted as a sex offender anywhere. The site permits you to stay unknown to different individuals until you’re prepared to give your contact details to anyone.

Blocking and Reporting Suspected Scammers

For included correspondence security, an option to excommunicate people from your profiles is possible at the click of a button. Most issues experienced in these platforms include disgracing and impoliteness towards BBW.

Soliciting Money

Another thing to keep an eye out is if an individual who messages you talks in broken English or requests cash. They are to be reported quickly to the support page.

Information Not to Post on BBWCupid

You should not utilize the Service to disseminate, advance, or in any case, distribute any material containing any sales for assets, promoting, or requesting products. Doing so will bring about your record being ended.

Chat Encryption

The site’s chat rooms permit secret rendezvous among interested partners. Yet, like numerous dating platforms out there, you’ll require enrollment and pay at any rate one month to do the genuine stuff.

BBWCupid and Tracking

To improve your website’s experience, they may utilize cookies and other tracking advancements, such as pixel labels, web reference points, gadget IDs, or promoting IDs.

Police Tracing

For legitimate consistency and to appropriately empower you to use BBWCupid services, they may likewise gather certain Special Category Personal Data, including your political view, racial or ethnic birthplace, criminal record, and physical and mental health.

Police Tracing

Privacy Inquiries on BBWCupid

The BBWCupid website has decent client assistance. You can contact the client care of BBWCupid through telephone.

They suggest that you utilize an alternate email for internet dating. If any unapproved utilization of your username, hacking assaults, or a break of security promptly alerts the BBWCupid website team. However, the Company isn’t answerable for outsiders mining information, and contacts got from deliberate hacking on your account. Try concealing individual data from strangers on the internet.

Deleting Submitted Information

Once you feel any unease using the site, you may request some of your data be deleted. BBWCupid will ask you some questions, followed by a backup copy of your data. They will give you reasons behind such refusal whenever they deny you this backup or decline to address or delete submitted information.

Fakers and Scammers

A ton of the profiles appear to be old or phony. You can because there’s either no image, just a couple of words composed, or the individual hasn’t signed on in months.

Contact Information

Australian Customers: (07) 5571 1181

US and Canadian Customers (cost-free number): 1-800-787-0838

UK Customers (freephone number): 0800 056 9427

Other Customers:

Telephone: +61 7 5571 1181

Here are the other contacts of BBWCupid:

Cupid Media Pty Ltd

PO Box 9304

Gold Coast MC QLD 9726


Email: [email protected]


  • Large Friends
  • BB People Meet
  • BBW Date Finder.

Real Life Review

I am happy to such an extent that the BBWCupid website made it simple for ladies like me to have a social space where we can connect. This site causes me to feel safe. I once had an experience with an exceptionally impolite person. He just came here to ridicule individuals. I was shocked at how quickly they reacted to my response. I feel that we are welcome here. I will prescribe this site to huge, lovely, women out there like me, and to single men of honor, hoping to discover a relationship with individuals like us. – Laura, 29

I found that a large portion of the folks that reached me on this site was extremely pushy to get a genuine telephone number instead of trying to become more acquainted with me. I was VERY clear I was keen on LTR – not hookups. However, I speculate most men on there are just considering easygoing connections. Enormous mood killer for me. It was a gross encounter for me. Another experience where a BBW is being exploited or not being regarded for what her identity is. Exceptionally pitiful – Pamela, 26.

Real Life Review

BBWCupid Dating App Ranking

With improvement over a long time since 2005, BBWCupid reviews suggest it as among the renowned and older plus size dating platforms, positioning at #3. With a guarantee of making this kind of relationship thrive without shame whenever it is used.

Verdict: Good enough


While BBWCupid doesn’t have as huge a crowd as most standard platforms, it’s very focused on the crowd, which implies there may be less inconsistent profiles to filter out.

Your best partners and matches are naturally produced by an algorithm depending on your preferences, so unmatching somebody from the outcomes is a bit tricky.

BBWCupid: Hookups or Dating

For many who have used it to deal with BBW dating, the general feeling is that they have many alternatives without hardly lifting a finger.


In case you’re planning to land a plus-sized date, or you’re a BBW desperate for an ideal match, this is your comfort zone for love. The BBWCupid website has a place among great dating destinations made solely for BBWs and their admirers. Be the first among your friends to check it out and experience the magic for yourself.

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