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DateHookUp Review 2024

DateHookUp Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 51%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 18-35
Profiles 4 000 000
Reply Rate 81%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration for an account is free
  • Basic communication and searching features are free
  • The search engine is quite decent
  • There's a let's meet feature that helps out with local matches.
  • The site entertains many adverts that interrupt a member's dating experience
  • Features are only available upon signing up
  • The search filters are rather on the lower end
  • Member's profiles aren't that many details so you can't know much from them
  • The premium membership doesn't make a great impact apart from the removal of ads.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a partner, especially if you have a busy schedule of you simply don’t know how to go about it. However, that’s the reason online professional dating sites have been so popular in recent times. From getting you a one-night stand to a partner in life is what these platforms are known to do. But how do you get the right site to get the quality services? Are you taking a big risk with your purchases? What kind of success stories are out there about them? Read on this DateHookUp to find out more about this particular site and whether to get a membership there or simply pass.

DateHookUp Review in 2020

How Many Languages are Offered in DateHookUp?

The site was developed, and it is run in English. However, you can freely communicate in another language provided you and your match can fluently do so, this is of course if you come from the same region.

Who is the Owner of DateHookUp?

InterActiveCorp owns this award-winning site (3rd most popular online dating site, 2015), but the company, Match Group, do the operations and management.

So Where are the DateHookUp Headquarters?

If you need to head to their offices, you better pack your bag, get a ticket and fly to the United States to their headquarters in 555 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011.

Which Year was DateHookUp Founded?

You better take note of this section! The DateHookUp site was first launched in 2002 as a free platform for finding hookups and long term partners. In 2014, the site did a general upgrade and changed some of the site’s features introducing the premium membership in the process. On 9th May 2018, the site closed its platform, and members can no longer have their dating experience on the site.

Is DateHookUp Available Worldwide?

The DateHookUp website issues its services to members from every corner of the world. Countries from all continents had their citizens able to enjoy the dating experience from the site. However, most of the members were from the United States.

How Old Should You Be to Sign-Up for DateHookUp?

The minimum age requirement for you to sign up for the site is 18 years and above. As for the site’s age distribution, there were many members in their late 20s and early 30s.

Can I Access the Site Using My PC?

That is possible. The site offers the members a desktop version that will work well on any PC, either a MacBook or a Windows computer. This version enables you to create an account with DateHookUp, make changes in your profile, use the search tools, communicate with fellow users, upgrade for a premium account and use all the other features available on the site. The desktop version also gives users the luxury of enjoying the wider screen available on a computer. Communication is bettered since there is an actual keyboard that helps users type their replies faster.

How Many Members Does DateHookUp Have Globally?

The site has recorded millions of users, although the exact figure is not available according to multiple DateHookUp reviews. There is also the largest number of users situated in the US, which is about 1.3 million members. The site gets more than 6 million visits in a month, and half of these visits are usually from the US. Weekly, there are more than 40,000 active members. As for the gender distributions, the male users are 60% while the female users are 40%.

Website Design & Usability

The general appearance of the website is a bit of old school and somehow modern as well. Of course, the latter came as a result of the incident in 2014 of refurbishing the site. The site is not as colorful as such, but the synchrony between the blue and white colors used works well for the general appearance. Many users have their share of thought in terms of the design with others saying it’s shoddy, but others appreciating what they see. It differs with the age difference. However, it all comes down to the usability of the site, and it does make up for the mixed feelings about the design. DateHookUp is easy to navigate since every instruction is visible and easy to operate. The layout is well done with sections finely positioned in different parts of the site and the interface a beauty. Generally, the site has a good score for its design and usability.

Which Browsers Support DateHookUp?

You can never go wrong when it comes to the browser of choice to allow you to go for the best available in the market. Get yourself Google Chrome, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox, and you’ll be good to go. The quality offered by these choices ranges from speed, security issues, and the storage of your device.

How Can I Use the Camera on DateHookUp?

No feature will utilize your camera since the DateHookUp website does not offer video calls. However, this doesn’t mean that you will neglect the camera offered, but instead, you can use it differently. Put on your best outfit, find a good place, smile, and take your snaps. You’ll need profile photos, right? You can also send the photos to people you are communicating with or even make short videos and share them with other members.

How Can I Use the Camera on DateHookUp?

Special Features

The uniqueness of sites is what counts when it comes to members’ choices to join one. There are many members on the DateHookUp website, so let’s find out what drew them to join the site.

Let’s Meet

This feature improves the dating process you get random pop-ups of profiles that might suit you and you get to choose whether you are interested in the members or not. If so, then you can directly so contact then and start to interact.

DateHookUp Forums

This is a platform that offers the users the opportunity to further interact with users. These forums are a spot for members to give out their views and debate on any given topic.

NB: The site does not regulate the forums, and it can get out of hand as well, however that is the beauty of it, and what is dating without a bit of breaking the rules?

Find People

This feature enables you to find the partner you are looking for by giving you suggestions depending on the preference you select. It is a form of searching but slightly fancy.

Chat Rooms

This feature gives users the ability to have conversations in a locked ‘room.’ What makes it different from the forums is that this feature is a platform of communication rather than a discussion offered in forums. People interact and share with fellow members. It works well for the shy ones who cannot handle a one on one conversation.

How Does DateHookUp Work?

The site is excellent is what it does. Searching is what comes first in terms of the interaction, and you can get several members that you are interested in or just choose the suggestion sin the let’s meet section to kick off stuff. The messaging part is easy since all it takes is dropping a message and exciting a reply. You can also directly contact a user who you admired during the forums that you attended the site and start things off with them. You get to air out your issues and give a piece of your mind and talk about anything in these forums. It gives you the best experience you can get.

How Can I Message Someone?

The messaging ways offered on the site is quite easy to use. The first step and most important is to find the right person to use your favorite ice breaker on. You can then drop a text, funny meme, or an interesting video to begin the conversation.

Is Sending Messages Free?

All the communication features, which are text chats, chat rooms, and forums, are free. This is what makes it worth membership in the site.

How Can You Make Contact With a User on DateHookUp?

The one step to start with is to accept the ‘let’s meet’ recommendation sent by the site. That can be your opening. You can then send a text, photo, or video to start the conversation. If you prefer to be with several members, then you should search for the best chatroom for you and join then send a thank you upon being welcomed by fellow users. The other way to make contact is to participate in a forum and air out your views.

Why is it Impossible Access DateHookUp?

You probably have an internet connection problem that is blocking you from the web. Similarly, there are different sites with almost the same name, so entering the correct URL on your browser will enable you to gain access. Furthermore, there can be malware or virus issues with your device that’ll cause malfunctioning, and there is nothing you can do with the device until it’s fixed.

What Periods Do Bans Last?

Bans on the DateHookUp website, although not specified by any DateHookUp review, last as long, depending on the reason for the ban. Violation of the policy results in punishment and, specifically, the bans. Most of the bans are usually permanent since it is the basic move made. There can also be temporary bans if the issues reported are light and can be easily changed. All in all, there is indefinite information about this.

How Do I Overturn a Ban?

To overturn a ban is done by appealing to officers in charge of security through the support team. If falsely accused of an offense or there’s a misunderstanding when penalized, you can submit an appeal to more investigations to get the ban laid off. If there will be proof you were falsely accused, then you’ll have your account back.

Can You Delete Your DateHookUp Profile?

It is possible to terminate your DateHookUp account. It is referred to as deactivating your account. The procedure followed starts from your setting section, where you choose your account settings. You will follow the steps given and eventually finalize that process. Once an account is terminated, you cannot undo the process, and also all of your data is removed from the server’s database.

What Happens If I Turn Off the “Show Me on DateHookUp” Option?

Unfortunately, there is no feature available to disable this setting. It is usually offered for sites that enable members to sign in using their social media accounts. It is a way to show that your dating profile is linked with the social media profile.

Where Can I See My Matches?

It’s visible in two different sections. One of which is the let’s meat section. It is usually automated by the site to give you suggestions for members who are close to your location. Matches are also in your inbox.

Where Can I See My Matches?

How Do I See Who Contacted Me on DateHookUp?

The messages or moves made by users can be seen in the inbox section, and they usually contain their username of the sender as well. You can also see who has contacted you in a chat room by going to the message that a member has highlighted to you or mentioned you.

Can See The DateHookUp Members Who I Liked?

There is no favorite list for this. However, you can still note them. The users you accept from your suggestions of the let’s meet can be your like since the yes symbolizes interest. The people who you are having a good conversation with are also your likes.

What is DateHookUp’s Spy Mode?

There is no spy mode feature for the site. It is a feature that enables members to view the profiles of fellow members without being noticed. However, on another look at it, the ghost mode is still there if you decide not to like a profile – they will never now you viewed their profile.

Is It Possible to Edit My Username in DateHookUp?

There are so few sites that offer these edits, and DateHookUp is not one of the ones. A username is an important detail alongside the email address and password. You can’t alter your username since it’s your identity on the site. If you are not comfortable with the one you have, you better delete your account and open up another in the new username you have in mind.

Why Is It Impossible to Enter the Site?

It can be an issue of submitting the wrong credentials when logging into the website. As much passwords and usernames should be unique, you should not go for anything that is complex and that you can end up forgetting. You can choose the option that you’ve forgotten your password section to get help on recovering your account. Another option is that you might have deleted your account, or you have been banned.

The search feature doesn’t offer many filters to use. The options you’ve got are gender, age, and location.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process will take you just 3 minutes to be done. The details on your first step include your gender, the gender you seek, an email address, username, password, date of birth, country, and the zip code. After finishing this step, you get to the spot of completing your profile. There are a couple of details that you will fail. They include; body structure, height, ethnic background, education level, occupation, whether you have kids or not, etc. you are then allowed to upload a couple of photos on your profile. You can also explore your writing skills by writing a short bio of yourself (this gives a more description of you that is not available from the options given by the site). After doing all that, you can get on with searching for members that might interest you.

How Do I Go About the Email Verification?

There is no email verification when signing up for an account on the DateHookUp website. It is a worry for many users since it welcomes scammers and fake accounts.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

The site does not offer the option of registering using your Facebook account. It would have been better since you can save time in filling in your profile and during signing in.

How Do I Become Part of DateHookUp?

The only way to become part of the site is by getting to the site and getting an account. Follow the process of registering for an account and filling your profile, and then you’ll be good to go.

Can I Use the DateHookUp Website Without Signing Up?

Unfortunately, you cannot access the app without having an account. The only things you’ll be able to access are the terms of use, the privacy policy, and the contact information of the site’s officials. As for the features offered, you need to get an account so that you can enjoy them.

Users Profile Quality

The quality of the profiles of members of the DateHookUp website is quite average. The profiles are not that detailed according to DateHookUp reviews, although there is loads of information that you can get from them. There is a restriction of putting your contacts on your profiles for that will result in a ban. The general presentation is okay, as the information makes the better part of the profile. The top contains the username and the gender of the user and that of the partner they are seeking, the online status, like/dislike, and the message option. Below is a bio, which is a paragraph or two. Down at the bottom, there is a details section on the left and the right of the activity between you and the user. At the end of the profile, there is an option to block or report a user.

Mobile Application

There is a mobile app available for the site that’s available for free in Google Play and Apple Store. The app has a better design compared to the desktop version as it looks more modern. It is also easy to use as the fonts used, and the icons representing details are visible. The app offers more features such as the wink option, chat, friendship, and favorites list. The layout is also neat and more presentable.

Mobile Application

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

The DateHookUp site offers a premium payment that is very affordable to users. As for the costs incurred to get a package, they are as follows:

  • $10 for a month
  • $23 for three months
  • $36 for six months.

The premium membership is only available on the mobile app, and the payments are made with a credit card.

Free Membership Features

There are a couple of features that are offered in the basic package which include:

  • Registration for an account
  • Creation of a profile
  • Communicating with other users
  • Searching and finding matches
  • Joining forums.

Is DateHookUp Free?

The website is free on the desktop version.

Can Your Likes Be Seen on a Basic DateHookUp Membership?

You can’t directly see your likes on a free subscription. However, as another way of doing so, you can see your inbox or matches since they qualify as your likes.

Premium Membership Features

After premium membership activation, you will get additional features which include:

  • Seeing the people who have liked you
  • Acquiring a VIP badge that appears on your profile
  • You get priority on search results.

Does DateHookUp Propose Premium Membership?

Yes, the site does, but it is only available on the mobile app.

How Do I Cancel My DateHookUp Subscription?

Cancellation on premium membership can be easily made from your settings section. You will select the VIP section and follow the instructions issues for the completion of your cancellation. It can also be done via the support team if you find it hard to do so.

Is DateHookUp Premium Membership Auto-Renewed?

Yes, it is renewed upon expiry of the current subscription.

Can Users Get a Refund for Unused Time?

No refunds are given for purchases made regardless of the reason.

Is My “Support” to DateHookUp Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Donations on the site are dependable on the agreement made, and if auto-renewal was an option, then it will.

I am not Satisfied with DateHookUp. Is It Possible to Get My Money Back?

You can never get your money back after purchases.

How Will My DateHookUp Donation Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

The name of the company, Match Group, is what will appear on your credit card bill.

Can I Give Support to a Fellow DateHookUp Members?

No DateHookUp reviews have mentioned this. It’s still unclear.

Is It Possible to Send Donations for Just a Month?

Yes, it is possible.

Is It Possible to Send Donations for Just a Month?

Is the DateHookUp Website Safe?

No, considering that there is no email verification and lots of scam reports.

Are DateHookUp Forums Standard?

The forums held in DateHookUp are standardized.

How Can I Filter Who Should Contact Me on DateHookUp?

There is no feature to enable this move.

What Security Features are Available in DateHookUp?

There is an ability to report a user.

Is It Possible to Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

It is possible through choosing that option at the bottom of their profile.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses a DateHookUp Account to Solicit Money?

He/she will face criminal charges.

Which Information Shouldn’t be Posted in Your DateHookUp Account?

Anything that violates the policies clearly indicated on the site.

Are DateHookUp Conversations Encrypted?

An algorithm is used to encrypt every information on the site, including chats and profile information.

Is DateHookUp Able to Track You Down?

Yes, if given a reason to.

Can DateHookUp be Traced by The Police?

Probably, when there is a warrant for that.

Who Should I Go To When I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy in DateHookUp?

The Support Team.

Is It Possible to Delete the Details That I’ve Already Submitted to DateHookUp?

Edits can be made on limited information.

Are There Scammers on DateHookUp?

DateHookUp reviews claim there are cat-fishers, scammers, fraudsters and phishers.

Are There Scammers on DateHookUp?

Contact Information

Company: Match Group

Address: 555 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011

Email: [email protected]

Hotline: (214) 576-3272


Match.com, Zoosk, and EliteSingles.

Real Life Review


Long story short, I met my boyfriend on this site, and that was four years ago. We now have a baby and are planning a long life together. He has a great job as do I. So no matter how others feel about this site. I am truly grateful – Jessy.lynn.7


I have tried many times to register for DateHookUp and, in the end, bring me to another dating site. So why is it doing this? – Kevin

Is DateHookUp The Best Dating Platform?

Not really, but it’s performing fairly.

Is Possible to Un-Match A DateHookUp Member?

Yes, simply by disliking a match suggestion.

Is DateHookUp a Hook-Up Platform?

Yes, it is, but it also offers a chance for long term relationships.

Is DateHookUp a Hook-Up Platform?


If you planned to access free dating services with an extra feature, then you getter to get the desktop version of this site. Beware of scammers and don’t fail to air out your issues in those DateHookUp forums. Have you ever been part of the DateHookUp website. How was your experience like? Anything you thought this DateHookUp review is missing?

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