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UberHorny Review

UberHorny Review
About Site
Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 85 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Real profile pictures
  • Reputed site
  • Huge member base
  • Easy registration process
  • Variety of beautiful women
  • Fewer features with a free membership
  • Slightly tricky user interface
  • Recommendation for members not provided

With a reputation of being one of the most popular sites for dating, UberHorny has over 2 million members worldwide. It continues to mark the dating scene even if more than half of its members originate in the USA. The dating site was built to encourage conversations between hot singles and couples who’re on the lookout for a casual fling. With a quick search function that allows you to search for people location-wise, it also doubles up as a hook-up and lets you explore the sexually wild side.

If you don’t want to opt for the premium membership priced just around average, you may choose to go for the free membership or a 2-day trial. This will help you understand if the site is cut out for you or not. You also have a surprise awaiting since the site offers a free 3-months package to people who have a premium membership and could not get a match in the first 3 months.

UberHorny Review

How Many Languages Does UberHorny Support?

UberHorny supports English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and German.

Who Owns UberHorny?

UberHorny is owned by Domains by Proxy, LLC

So Where Is It Based Now?

The site is based out of the United States of America.

When Was UberHorny Founded?

The site was most likely founded in 2008.

Is It Available Worldwide?

Yes, the site is available to use worldwide in most countries where dating sites’ usage is not banned.

How Old Should You Be To Register?

You should be over 18 years of age to register on UberHorny.

Can I Use The App Using My Computer?

You can use the site version on your mobile, which acts up as a mobile version. This practically works as an app with similar functions and features, and by the end of your experience, you’ll not feel the necessity to use an app.

How many Members Does UberHorny Have Worldwide?

UberHorny has over 2 million users worldwide, spanning across the globe, with most members emerging from the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Website Design & Usability

Overall, the design usability of UberHorny is clean and straightforward. Anyone of any legal age can swiftly navigate through the site and have an enjoyable experience. You’ll feel immediately comfortable since the site owners have the functionality extremely simple and uncomplicated.

The appearance design of UberHorny primarily uses white and grey colors. It divides sections into boxes for easier usability. Most of the pages appear in a grid layout for a clean look. The site gives a professional look and doesn’t give the look-and-feel of a cheap site. The features and functionalities are well-structured out. This helps you not to get lost through a plethora of options.

All the features of UberHorny can be accessed from the top menu. Some of the tabs have a drop-down menu that further categorizes each feature.

Website Design & Usability

Which Browsers Support?

The site is supported well across all standard browsers that are currently used widely in the market.

How Do I Use The Camera?

To avail this feature, we suggest you get in touch with the support team.

Special Features

UberHorny has several unique features that it offers to its members. These features can help you gain more visibility in the app.

Who’s Cute Game

Every day, you will get 50 profile entries in which you vote whether that member is cute. If you think the member is attractive, click the green checkmark; if not, click the red ‘x’ to go to the next profile.

Who Is Streaming?

Through this feature, you can view which members are currently live streaming sex videos.

Swipe Game

Swipe Game is a premium feature, which is similar to Tinder’s matchmaking.

Premium Content

Premium Content is a photo gallery where members can upload home photos, and other members can view them by paying credits. You can also upload your images if you want to earn money from the site.

Premium Content

Premium Live Cams

Premium Live Cams will take you to a third-party website to watch live videos of professional models.

How Does It Work?

The site UberHorny works very simply. It’s advisable to opt for a premium account if you’re used to dating sites and understand the functionalities. For free members, however, many features are already unlocked. From sending messages to quick chats, you can utilize that. However, to have a conversation, a premium account is required. Once you’re through to the site after the registration, it’s all about finding your partner and exploring all the site’s cool features. You can send likes and winks to interesting parties to let them know your interest in them for free. To participate in the ‘who’s cute’ swiping game, you, however, need to have a premium membership.

You should check out this tab called ‘Trending Now’ which works as a news feed of Facebook. Here, you can post photos, status, and videos and comment on other members’ similar content. You post a comment for free on other members, so this acts as an excellent ice-breaker to talk to other members if you’re not interested in spending money for the membership. The search page has four last login categories, photos, popular photos, and last but not least, distance. There are also search filters given to you to understand what it takes to find a real partner.

How Does It Work

How Can I Message Someone?

Once you get yourself a premium membership, you can message anyone you find interesting by going into their profile and clicking on send the message.

Is Sending Messages Free?

You can only send messages for free if you’re a premium member.

How Can You Start Messaging With Someone On UberHorny?

You can start messaging anyone you want to interact with after getting yourself a fine premium membership of your choice.

Why Can’t I Access UberHorny?

You’ll find difficulties in accessing UberHorny for the following reasons: if your server has internet issues if your country has banned dating sites, and if the site itself is down for maintenance purposes.

How Long Are UberHorny Bans?

You should be careful about not getting a ban on UberHorny. You usually get a ban only if your profile has been found guilty of any controversial content. The site moderators are strict and hence, will make it very difficult for such profiles to make a re-entry into the site.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

You can reactivate your banned account by getting in touch with the support team for further help.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account

Is There An Option To Delete Your Profile?

Yes, there’s an option to delete your UberHorny profile by either going into your account settings and deleting it yourself or simply, contact the support team who can do the rest.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me On UberHorny” Option?

If you disable the Show Me on UberHorny option, members will not view your profile from that moment onwards.

Where Do I See My Matches?

Once you get a premium membership, all the matches will appear in an orderly manner on your grid timeline.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me On UberHorny?

After getting yourself a paid membership, you can see who messaged you by checking out your inbox.

Is It Possible To See The Members Who I Liked?

Yes, it’s possible to see who you liked on UberHorny after getting yourself a paid membership.

What Is UberHorny’s Spy Mode?

Unfortunately, we could not come across any spy mode on this site. However, if you wish to make your account private and away from privy eyes, you can always use the incognito mode.

How Do I Edit My Username In UberHorny?

To edit your username, you can go into your account settings and change it. However, you may not be able to edit your usernames too often, so don’t overdo it.

Why Am I Having A Hard Time Entering The Site?

You’ll only have a hard time entering the site if your local server has any internet issues, if the site is currently down for maintenance or if your country has banned the allowance of dating sites itself.

There are various ways through which to filter out your searches on UberHorny. And the best part is that even the advanced search filter options are provided free for free members who are a bonus. Apart from the usual basic filters that show you results based on age, sex, location, etc., advanced filters show you more personal results such as sexual reference, interests, hobbies, sexual positions, etc.

Sign Up Process

The sign-up process in UberHorny is straightforward. It’s been made in such a way that age groups from the young to the old can access it easily. The best advantage is that it doesn’t even take much of your time and is completed in a matter of a few minutes. All you have to do is enter your basic information such as gender, sex, location, etc., along with a few personal information. Once that’s done, you’re all set to go and explore this wonderfully built dating site.

Sign Up Process

How Do I Verify My Email?

You can verify your email after getting a confirmation link from the site moderators on the registered e-mail address you’d have received.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

You can register like a usual sign-up process through your Facebook account.

How Do I Join UberHorny?

You can join UberHorny in a straightforward process. After going to their home page, you need to go on the sign-in page. The site will ask you for absolutely basic information that’s required to make your profile page. The questions will be on the lines of preference of partner in searches, location preference, age, gender, etc.

Can I Use The Site Without Signing Up?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the site without signing up.

Users Profile Quality

The user’s profile quality is of the highest standard in UberHorny. You’ll see that the profile information is well-outlined and has a good impression straight away. It’s not bombarded with content that hurts your eyes and, instead, gives you a crisp understanding of the member page. With content ranging from sexual preferences to location, you can understand a member’s psyche by going through the profile page. It’s also not cluttered and has an orderly fashion in showcasing its photos and the content. For a user who’s logging for the first time, the profile quality will immediately catch the eye and leave a lasting impression.

Users Profile Quality

Mobile Applications

Unfortunately, there is no app for this site that we could come across. However, you can always use the mobile version of the site on your devices.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Duration Costs Total
Gold Membership
1 Week 9.95 USD / Week 9.95 USD
1 Month 34.95 USD / Month 34.95 USD
6 Months 11.66 USD / Month 69.95 USD
12 Months 6.67 USD / Month 80.04 USD

The site offers a gold membership, which is their name for premium memberships. They’re providing it in different periods of 2 and 7 days, including 1 to 6 and a yearly contract. The longer membership you take in terms of duration, you’ll end up paying less for some time.

If you don’t come across any casual fling within 3 months, you’re provided with another 3 months extension for free of cost. If you think you’re someone who might be using the site a lot, it’s highly advisable to go for the gold membership. If you’re unsure of the duration, you can opt for a 2-day trial period for a minimal rate that won’t put a hole in your wallet. If you feel the site is not cut out for you, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Free Membership Features

You make yourself available for various features that you usually won’t get in a dating site by opting for a free membership. You can register yourself and also send messages for free. You’re allowed to add fellow members to your favorites list and also send likes if you intend to show interest to a member. The biggest advantage you get is using advanced search filters and posting anything you want to on the Trending Now page.

Is UberHorny Free?

Yes, the site is completely free to register and also avail of many other benefits. However, if you wish to utilize the site’s best thoroughly, it’s recommended to opt for a premium membership.

Can You See If Someone Likes You If You Are A Free Member?

You can see if someone likes you on UberHorny if you’re a registered paid member on the site.

Premium Membership Features

By opting for a premium membership, you’re opening yourself to all the features of the site. Along with reading and sending texts, you can also see who viewed your profile. You’re allowed to participate in any private or public chat room you wish to and allowed to use the swipe game.

Does UberHorny Offer Premium Membership?

Yes, the site offers premium memberships in the name of gold memberships under different packages of months.

How Do I Cancel My UberHorny Membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership, you can contact the support team to help you out.

Is UberHorny Membership Auto-Renewed?

Your membership can be renewed if you choose this option while opting for a premium membership.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

The site doesn’t offer a refund; however, if you have a 3 or a 12-months subscription, you’re eligible to get a 3-months extension if you don’t get a match within that period.

Is My “Support” Automatically Renewed Every Month?

It’s an option that you can enable depending completely on your preference.

I Am Not Satisfied With UberHorny. Can I Get My Money Back?

Unfortunately, there’s no money back policy on the site; however, you do get a 3-months free package if you don’t manage to get a match in the first 3 months of your gold membership.

How Will My Support Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

The support will appear as a ‘discreet’ option on your credit card bill.

Can I Give Support To Other UberHorny Members?

Yes, you can give support to other members if you wish to. Check with the support team just in case to absolutely confirm this.

Can I Send Support For Just A Month?

It’s advisable to check with the support team to check if you can avail of this option.

Is UberHorny Really Safe?

Yes, the site is safe and has all the necessary protocols required to update a dating site. You’ll see that the site moderators do a fantastic job of moderating the site’s contents throughout the day and night. There’s a 256-bit SSL encryption that prevents the entry of third-party hackers and attackers to the site. It also keeps the members’ data and information completely confidential.

Are UberHorny Forums Threads Moderated?

Yes, the site moderators work 24/7 to ensure that all the site content is checked for any offensive behavior. They also manage their workload well as they get tons of complaints from millions of members worldwide.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me?

You can filter who can message you after you opt for a premium membership.

What Security Features Does UberHorny Have?

The site is well-protected and has tons of security features that allow thorough protection of UberHorny. Apart from following standard internet protocol required for the international site, the site owners have deployed a 256-bit SSL encryption that protects the members.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

You can block and report a suspected scammer by either going to their profile and blocking them or choosing to contact the support team who can help you out.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses An Account To Solicit Money?

Suppose anyone’s found guilty of soliciting money. In that case, the site moderators will ensure that the strictest actions are taken against them and that they’re never allowed to set foot on UberHorny again.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted In Your UberHorny Account?

You should ideally avoid posting any kind of controversial comments that could get you in hot waters. Avoid posting any inappropriate content that may hurt fellow users’ sentiments and put you in a bad spot with the moderators.

Are UberHorny Chats Encrypted?

Yes, the chats are fully encrypted with a 256-bit SSL encryption that ensures that all of the members’ data and content are safe.

Can It Track You Down?

If your ISP is provided, then yes, UberHorny can track you down for any solid reason. Usually, no one is tracked down unless it’s a serious issue.

Can It Be Traced By The Police?

Yes, the police can trace you but don’t worry; they won’t trace you unless a serious crime is committed.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy?

If you have any questions regarding the site’s privacy, you may contact the support team to help you out.

Can I Delete The Information That I’ve Already Submitted To UberHorny?

Unfortunately, you should avoid deleting any information as it was maybe difficult to revive that data again.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members on UberHorny?

No, there are mostly no fake or scam members on UberHorny, and we only came across genuine members who’re interested in casual flings on the site.

Contact Information

  • Address: Worldwide Connect Partners, LLC, and Global Personals, LLC
  • E-Mail: [email protected]


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Real Life Review

‘I came across UberHorny while I was looking for a short-term fling on online dating sites. Since then, I’ve just been hooked on it; it’s seriously addictive but at the same time, a lifesaver! – Ryan, 46.

Is UberHorny the Best Dating Site/App?

It’s one of the excellent sites if you’re into the niche of looking for hot singles to mingle in your area of location. Since the site also has many benefits for free members, it’s worth spending time and checking out its worth.

Can I Unmatch An UberHorny Member?

Yes, you can unmatch after getting hold of premium membership.

Is UberHorny A Hook-Up App?

Yes, it’s an online dating site that also adds up as a hook-up app.


UberHorny is a wonderful platform for hot singles and couples who are willing to go outside of their sexual lives and find love and lust online. Its clean interface gives it an authentic look and doesn’t look cheap at all. Apart from all the benefits that a free member gets, millions of members interact with it. If not that, you can also turn on location filters and search for hot singles or couples near you to explore your sexual adventure that you’d never think would have existed instead of you. All in all, UberHorny is a great site and a must-visit for horny singles who’re looking for quick action or interact with similar people around the globe.

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