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AmoLatina Review

AmoLatina Review
About Site
Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 23-29
Profiles 1 260 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can communicate with lots of Latina ladies on the site
  • The site has a mobile application
  • There are security measures that keep scammers away
  • You can translate the messages sent to you in a different language
  • Members can enjoy romantic getaways organized by the site
  • The site welcomes users from different countries.
  • The premium membership is expensive
  • Minimal payment methods
  • There are cases of fraud
  • Plenty of negative reviews.

Online dating sites have been the go-to for many of the individuals you will either have the bad luck of dating, or you are simply too busy to start searching for a partner. With this said, there are plenty of websites out there, but you got to find the one that works well. The AmoLatina is a site specifically for guys looking for Latin women to interact with and probably start a life together. The site also has Latin guys you can communicate with, and it also welcomes members who aren’t Latin. The site presents a couple of features to enjoy and policies as well. Read on this AmoLatina review to find out.

How Many Languages Does AmoLatina Offer?

The site’s primary language of communication is English. Nonetheless, the site offers a translator to the members if they are not familiar with the language to make the communication easy and interaction smooth.

Who Owns and Runs AmoLatina?

The site is under the Anastasia Global and the SOL Networks Limited company that manages the operations and monitors its activities.

So Where is AmoLatina Currently Based?

If you’re interested in getting to the offices of the site to pass your concerns or push for your issues to be addressed, you better head to their headquarters, which are located in 71, Tower Road, SLM 1609 Sliema, Malta.

When was AmoLatina Founded?

This site has been in existence since 2007, and from then it has connected several couples to date.

Is Smooch Available Worldwide?

The site is international since it is about 32 countries offering services to the different members of the site.

How Old Should You Be to Sign up for AmoLatina?

The minimum age requirement for one to be part of the site is 18 years old. The site records most of its members ranging from 25 – 44 years. These are also the most active members on the site.

Can I Use the Site Using My Laptop?

The site does have a desktop version for this. One can access the site either from a Windows or MacBook PC. The version offers users the opportunity to register for an account, complete their profile, search for members, use the communication means, and use special features. The version is conducive for members who enjoy the chilled vibe and also prefer working from their laptops.

How Many Members are on the AmoLatina Website All Over the World?

The exact number of members on the site is unknown, as the site has not released this data recently. Nonetheless, the site claim that the female members are more than the male members, and the female members are the most active in the site.

How Many Members are on the AmoLatina Website All Over the World?

Website Design and Usability

The general design used by the site is quite good. The site’s design has a simplicity to it as well as some old school touch. The view is quite plain as the background shows a couple (maybe this was their strategy to win members over by offering them a chance to be like the couple). Most of the site is white, which is boring since the new aspect is missing. Compared to the sister sites, this site did a poor job on the design. The layout, though, is perfectly executed as sections are well-positioned. The fonts and icons present the info well enough for the members. This navigation of the site makes up for the design as you can easily access all the features at ease.

Which Browsers Support the AmoLatina Website?

The browsers that support the site are many as long as it was developed after the site was launched. However, you have to go for the best to get the quality service available on the site. You should opt for browsers that will give you great speed, save on your device’s space, and protect you from hackers and malware. The best browsers for this job include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

How Do I Operate the Camera on AmoLatina?

The site allows its members to utilize the camera in different ways. One of which the members fancy the most is the availability of face-timing. It’s a feature that allows members to interact through video chat. The conversations here are more intimate and better communication since you can see them in real-time. There is also the option of taking photos that you can upload on your profile or send them to the matches that interest you.

Special Features

Several unique features ensure you get the quality services which the site offers to the members. Let’s take a look at the uniqueness that the site displays;

  • Call me – This is a feature that allows members to interact with their matches via voice calls. The site provides a number on acceptance of this request by the other member, and either of you can make the call. There is also a translator on the site to enable the communication to be smooth.
  • Cam share – You can see and talk to your match through your webcam. This feature provides security to individuals to ensure that they are talking to someone real and match all the descriptions of their profile.
  • Date a lady – With the help of the site’s officials, you will be able to plan for a date with the member you have been admiring overtime. It’s one feature that appreciates a lot in the AmoLatina reviews.
  • Virtual gifts – This is a way to show your appreciation of a member by using gifts icon to express your gratitude for the time they create to talk to you and love that is shared with you.
  • Gifts – The site also partners with several stores where you can purchase an actual gift and have it delivered to your match’s address.
Special Features

How Does It Work?

Using the site is quite simple, and anyone can find it smooth to access their account and enjoy the features. The site enables individuals to register for an account and complete the creation of their profiles. The process is simple, and including every detail that is asked of you will give you a better chance of success. You will then process to enjoy the features offered by the site and also purchase and upgrade if you are willing to do so.

How Can I Message Someone?

Messaging someone has different approaches to it. There are different options in which you can ensure that your communication grows and interest is maintained. We shall put them in sequence in the order of how they should follow each other to get the ultimate results.

  • Direct message – This is the emailing of a message to your match to kick start your conversation. You have to make good use of your ice breakers and pick up lines to ensure to make the best first impression.
  • Voice call (live chat) – After you’re a bit familiar with the person, you can send a voice call request where you will be able to communicate on call and deepen your conversations.
  • Virtual gifts – For an appreciation of the long calls you have had with a member, you can send them virtual gifts that are done in your conversations as digital gifts.
  • The video call (live chat) – When the right time comes for you to see who you’ve been talking with, you can suggest a video call where you will be able to see the member and talk with them as they can also show you how they live.
  • Gifts – Now that you have an address for the member, it is only noble to organize a gift to reach them, depending on their preference.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Unfortunately, all the communication features are paid for.

How Can You Start Messaging with Members on AmoLatina?

The most important step before you start your communication process is to find the match that will be worth the time and effort. It’s the part you make good use of the search feature to find your match. There are many filters to choose from that will lead you to the exact individual right for you. After getting the right person, you can use the communication methods to make contact with them.

Why Can’t I Get Access to AmoLatina?

It’s usually a result of not having a website that is compatible with the website or a phone that doesn’t support the mobile app. The other main issue is having a poor internet connection that denies you access to the site. The main issue, though, according to AmoLatina reviews, is not having an account in the site which locks you outside.

How Long are the AmoLatina Bans?

The bans in the AmoLatina website are imposed for not conforming to the terms of use of the site. The bans usually given include temporary bans, which are usually a result of minor cases such as using offensive language on a user, and they last for a month or so. On the other hand, the permanent bans are issued for serious cases such as fraud or scam, and they do have an indefinite time that they last.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

Reactivation of bans depends on the kind of ban that is issued to you. The temporary bans approach is that you should just wait until the period of the ban is over for you to gain full access to the site. The temporary bans aren’t full bans, as you are just denied access to a specific feature on the site. The permanent bans will need you to send an appeal for you to access your account. It will trigger reopening and reviewing your case, and further investigations are done. If you are lucky, you will get your account back and maybe compensation.

Is there an Option to Erase Your AmoLatina Profile Page?

There is an option to delete your account, but it is quite a process. You have first to contact the support team and express your intentions, and they will provide you with a form to fill. This form will include your details and the reason as to why you want to terminate your profile. The form will then be returned, and you wait for the feedback. The site does the deletion themselves, and that also involves deleting all your data in the profile.

Is there an Option to Erase Your AmoLatina Profile Page?

What Happens If I Disable The “Show me on AmoLatina” Feature?

It’s usually a feature that is offered by sites that will ensure that the social media account that you use to sign in to the website will not display your profile details. The feature is usually available in sites that offer the Facebook approach, but unfortunately, it does not.

Where Do I See My AmoLatina Matches?

Your matches are indicated in your search results since the site doesn’t have a matching system that suggests members for you.

How Do I See Who Contacted Me on AmoLatina?

The site has an inbox section where the members can see all the users who have tried contacting them. The section divides the messages into voice calls, video calls, and direct messages. The gifts are usually inside the direct message section. You will get the content of the message, the sender, and the options to reply.

Is it Possible to See the AmoLatina Users Who I’ve Liked?

There is no similar feature on the site, so logically you cannot see the guys you have liked. However, the members you communicate with can be your likes but indirectly.

What is AmoLatina’s Invisibility Mode?

The spy mode is a mode that enables members to hide their profiles and then move on to go through other members’ profiles anonymously. There is no spy mode on the site.

How Do I Change My Username in AmoLatina?

There is no option of changing your display name on the site. It is because the username and your age, location, and gender (which cannot be edited as well) serve as your identity.

Why am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

It is usually a result of using the wrong credentials when logging into the site. The solutions to this include saving your passwords in the browser or the app, using the ‘forgot my password’ option to go through the password recovery process or choose to sign in using Google to save you the hassle of keying in login credentials. The other issue is members on banned accounts or those who have deleted their accounts trying to access the site.

There are multiple filters in the site that makes searching for a user way more advanced. These filters include your gender and the person that you are looking for, the age bracket, the city/country that you target if the member is available for a video call, and a long list of interest.

Sign up Process

The procedure of registering for an account is quite simple and done quickly. The details required are your email and a password only for you to get on the site. You will then include your gender, username, and age to finalize the registration. Moving forward, you will be required to create your profile, which will require you to fill in a couple of details. This info consists of the following; located, occupation, education level, and the languages that you speak. Relationship status, if you have kids, smoking and drinking habits, interests, height, eyes color, hair type and color, body type, a short personal bio, and finish off by uploading your videos and photos (public and private albums).

How Do I Verify My Email Address?

The site does not offer email verification, although they have another form of verification.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

There is no option for signing on the website using your Facebook account, although it substituted this option with Google. Signing in with Google will give you direct access to the site. There isn’t anything else that the approach can help you with since Google accounts don’t have any user details.

How Do I Join AmoLatina?

Joining the AmoLatina website is quite simple. You need to start by either getting to the website or download the app of the site. The next step for you to follow is to begin the account registration process and then finish up with the profile creation. After finishing up, you should move forward to enjoying all the features available on the site.

Can I Use the Site without Signing up?

No, you cannot. The non-members are only limited to a few information on the official website, including a set of profile photos, a list of features that they offer, a couple of success stories, the terms and conditions of use, and the privacy policies and the contacts of the site.

Can I Use the Site without Signing up?

Users Profile Quality

The profiles of the members are quite detailed with lots of information. You can get from the profiles to know what the member is interested in and who they are in general. The arrangement of the sections is one to be admired. The profile photo tops the page with the name and age of the user. A short bio and a contacting method are offered just below. Below them is a list of the ways to make contact with the member. The rest of the page shows the info about the members from personal info to their interests.

Mobile Applications

The site offers a mobile application for the members who are always up and down thus cannot find time to sit down with their laptops. The app is available for free in both the Google Play Store and Apple Store. The app offers all the features that the desktop version and its design are slightly better than those of the website version. There are also positive reviews of the app on the website.

Membership Price and the Payment Methods

There are a couple of payments that you will incur if you want to enjoy the features offered in the premium membership. The costs are in terms of credits rather than what the other sites have in terms of periodic subscriptions. These prices include;

  • $16 for 20 credits
  • $30 for 40 credits
  • $56 for 80 credits
  • $96 for 160 credits
  • $185 for 320 credits
  • $249 for 500 credits
  • $399 for 1000 credits.

These are the only available prizes, and the credits are to be used to access various features on the site. The only means of payment offered is with a credit card.

Free Membership Features

There are several features that you can enjoy in the basic membership which include;

  • Registering for an account
  • Creating your profile
  • Going through profiles
  • Basic searching for matches.

Is AmoLatina Free?

The site is free to register for an account and enjoying limited features.

Can You Notice When Someone Likes You on AmoLatina If You are a Basic Member?

You cannot see the members who you like on a free membership.

Premium Membership Features

The premium features that you will enjoy after purchasing an upgrade include;

  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Sending gifts both real and virtual
  • Using the live chat (voice call and video call)
  • Accessing private gallery of members.

Does AmoLatina Offer Premium Membership?

The site offers a premium membership in the form of credits, and it helps access additional features.

How Do I End My AmoLatina Membership?

The cancellation of your premium membership can simply be made by following the steps offered in the account settings or contact the support team to do that for you.

Is AmoLatina VIP Membership Auto-Renewed?

Once your credits are over, the site will automatically renew them by purchasing the same package again, which will cause a credit account reduction.

Can I Get a Refund for Unutilized Time?

The site is not limited in terms of time, in which you can use your package. It is better since you don’t have a restriction on the time that you have on the site.

Can I Get a Refund for Unutilized Time?

Is My “Support” to AmoLatina Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Donations to the site are a different case since there can be an automatic renewal if that is one of the terms agreed upon by the site.

I Am Not Satisfied with the AmoLatina Subscription. Can I Get My Funds Back?

You cannot get back your money if you are not satisfied with the package. The wise thing to do is to unsubscribe from the premium membership and use up the remaining credits.

How Will My AmoLatina Payments Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

The payments of the site will appear as the name of the company on your credit card bill.

Can I Give Support to Another AmoLatina Members?

It is possible since you can simply buy credits for a fellow member of the site approves the basis of that move.

Can I Send Donation for Only a Month?

You can send donations for a month if that is what you can afford.

Is AmoLatina Really Safe?

The site offers several security measures, so it sure is.

Are AmoLatina Forums/Threads Monitored?

There are no forums offered on the site.

How Can I Choose Who Can Contact Me on AmoLatina?

You have no control over whoever contacts you, but you can choose who shouldn’t contact you. It can simply be done by blocking users so that they can’t view your profile or send you messages.

What Security Measures Does AmoLatina Have?

  • The site has an anti-scam system to protect users from scammers
  • There is a verification of profiles
  • Encryption of chats
  • Blocking and reporting members.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Fraudster?

It can be done through the profile of the member by clicking an appropriate button.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Misuses their AmoLatina Account by Stealing money?

The member will be charged with the criminal charges involved.

Which Details Shouldn’t Be Posted on Your AmoLatina Account?

Any info that will violate the terms of use is prohibited.

Are AmoLatina Chats Encrypted?

There is an algorithm that does this job.

Can AmoLatina Track You Down?

If there is a reason for doing so, then it is possible.

Can AmoLatina Be Traced by the Police?

Upon issue of a court order.

Who Should I Go to If I Have Queries Regarding My Privacy on AmoLatina?

The support team that operates 24/7

Can I Edit the Info that I’ve Already Included on My AmoLatina Profile?

Editing of details in enabled by the site.

Are there Fraudsters or Scammers on AmoLatina?

AmoLatina reviews claim that there are a couple of them.

Contact Information

Phone: +1 (800) 844-3978


AsianLadyOnline, LatinWomanDate, and AnastasiaDate.


Real Life Review


I haven’t been to any other dating platform before but tried AmoLatina after seeing an advert. I met up with several ladies from the site, although there wasn’t any tight connection until my third month when I met my ideal partner. I don’t know where to begin to be grateful to the site for offering me the chance to meet this great lady. Give it a try– Jonathon


My review of this site is probably the worst since I realized that the member I’ve been talking to didn’t correspond with what the profile indicated. These profiles are of individuals who want to lure you into spending money on the site. I finally got to communicate with the actual person after digging some info and found her on Facebook, and she assured me she didn’t own the site at all. I requested a refund for my money spent on the site, but it gave me a lame excuse – Bernadino Silva

Is AmoLatina the Best Dating Site/App?

The site has its spot among the best dating apps for Latin nationalities.

Can I Un-Match a AmoLatina User?

It can be done by passing a search result.

Is AmoLatina a Long Relationship Seeking App?

The site promotes interactions that lead to serious relationships.


If you aim to be in a relationship with a Latin partner, this is the right site for you. The site offers amazing communication features that will ensure your interaction needs are catered for. The site also has a lot of cuties for you to choose from. Have you tried the AmoLatina website before? Which feature did you refer most?

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