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WellHello Review

WellHello Review
About Site
Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 55 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A user interface that's smooth flowing.
  • Clients can pick from yearly and monthly subscriptions.
  • Different participation expenses are accessible for your benefit.
  • Trial membership for one day costs you $1 only.
  • Clients can send each other private recordings and pictures.
  • WellHello reviews the most engaging clients so you can keep them near you consistently.
  • Having a free account won't be of much help hooking up
  • Search options are usually restricted
  • Phony profiles and messages are irritating.

The WellHello website is a dating platform designed for a particular reason. It’s meant to be a hookup app for different kinds of people. Every single subscriber understands this, so it’s a smooth way of picking up partners. WellHello, is a grown-up threesome dating sites for energetic singles or couples who need to satisfy their sexual dreams.

What Languages does It Support?

The WellHello website has its terms, privacy policies, and interactive interface written in English. However, the hookup culture is most important to them, and language translation is something they’re updating.

Who is the Owner of WellHello?

The owner of the WellHello is Smoochy Brands, Ltd. A great company with many apps up its sleeves and great marketing platforms, apart from creating a hookup app.

Where is the WellHello Office Located?

It is located at 6, Flat/Office, 2003 Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus. Any significant relocation is to be updated in their contact section.

What is the Founding Year of WellHello?

Trying to dig up any data on when the site was founded, or any details concerning its achievement in hooking up single proved difficult. But if you disregard that, its earliest inspiration was around 2013. According to many WellHello reviews, it has been around for a while.

What is the Founding Year of WellHello

Availability Worldwide

As noted by many WellHello reviews, many other single clients come from the United States and Europe. Its widespread research in Asia has been a welcome addition, raising the number of members.

WellHello reviews have been positive to how it sticks to the laws of consent while rejecting bad behavior. You must be at least 18 years old to use the website and the services. You are liable for deciding if you can use the website depending on your state’s age restrictions.

Availability for PCs

Even if you’re new to the game, you won’t have issues finding the alluring person to hook up with. Simply because all major and significant features to help you meet that special someone is available at the WellHello website.

What is the Number of Members Worldwide on WellHello?

To be a great dating site, the number of clients has to count for something, right? WellHello reviews have made the calculations, and the decision is mixed. But at any random second, you can see at least 5,000 clients currently online planning hookups with their favorite profiles. It is such good news to those on the lookout for potential partners with benefits.

Website Design & Usability

You can access the benefits of hooking up with ease on the company’s website. The features themselves are dazzling and convenient. Most importantly, the site is current and well structured. Every single important highlight of the platform is within your eyesight.

Website Design & Usability

What Browsers does WellHello Support?

A good WellHello review led us to conclude that most web browsers can support the website without a hitch. These applications aren’t too new and include Internet explorer, Phoenix browser, Opera Mini, UC browser, Brave Privacy browser, Google Chrome, DuckDuckGo, and the custom internet browser on any device.

How does Camera Function on the WellHello?

You’ll have to set your profile picture on joining; therefore, you can choose from the camera roll. Here’s the cool part, the inbuilt camera has excellent features that can filter your flaws or highlight your best qualities. In the setting button, go to profile and select profile picture, select ‘take a photo’ and continue to snap a real-life picture of your face. Pick your best side to attract the best hookup partners.

You can also use it for quality video calling and sending private pictures.WellHello Reviews have been positive about the picture quality.

Special Features

The Well Hello website is modeled with perfection for clients willing to pay and access privileges. These include:

  • WellHello Survey – WellHello reviews everything about your sexual experiences. Twenty sex-related inquiries are provided, and you’ll need to answer truthfully to truly gain the WellHello hookup adventures. And sometimes, if you’re among the lucky ones, you will be approached to pick one prize from 3 alternatives. Sign up to find out about these naughty prizes.
  • Private Gallery – Private exhibitions of pictures allow users to feel comfortable before potentially meeting up. Just a hello by the sender can give another profile access to see these explicit photos. It is included as a benefit for those paying for membership.
  • Experimenting – For just $1, you can see the profiles, send messages to everybody, and learn for yourself the advantages of having a premium membership.
Special Features

How can I Use the WellHello?

The initial step you should finish is enrollment. All you need is to give email, age, and sexual orientation. When enlisted, you are free to check out the site, especially if you test out its $1 trial period.

Messaging People

You can trade pictures, talk, and interface through their modern framework even if you don’t know whether you truly need to meet anybody yet. The WellHello website consistently protects your profile, so you don’t need to reveal anything until you’re sure.

Free Messaging

Something you have to remember is that correspondence with different profiles is kept for premium memberships. To empower the number of connections you get, pick one of the top-notch subscription choices.

How Can I Start Sending the Message to Someone on the WellHello?

As you prepare to join the WellHello website, be creative and dynamic as you choose your site’s preferences. Understanding who you want to meet on a dating site and what kind of relationship you’d want to make with them is a substantial initial step.

How Can I Start Sending the Message to Someone on the WellHello

What is the Reasons You Can’t Access WellHello?

Most WellHello reviews reveal that error messages rarely happen, but there might be a few explanations when it does:

  • You were going against WellHello community rules.
  • Many users might report you for predatory actions, and your access may be restricted.

What is the Length of Bans?

The WellHello website maintains whatever authority is needed to boycott any clients who abuse their terms and conditions or some other pertinent laws and guidelines. It may be temporary or for all time.

How Can I Reactivate My Banned Account?

Restricted clients may not utilize the site or the services provided. The Help team may help you out if you send an email or visit their support page. You may be disallowed, and if so, identified and a lifetime boycott of the profile be allowed.

How Can You Delete Your Profile on WellHello?

You have full control of having your profile erased. It is a right any user of any hookup site should have. Have a chat with them if the WellHello website doesn’t serve you well enough anymore.

Disabling The “Show Me on WellHello” Option

It will remove you from the card stack as the users swipe, but you will still be able to message your existing matches.

How Can Users See Their Matches?

Matches are displayed on the browse page. The preferences page gives you those who have admired your profile and can speak with your matches on the chatting page.

Seeing Your Messages

The app has an 89% reply rate, and that’s quite convenient when you’re feeling lonely and in need of a hookup option. The messages are available for free, and seeing them is effortless.

Ability to See Who You Like

Premium members have the option of seeing their favorites and even their profile photos. Free members don’t have this option, and once they’ve swiped, they can never view them unless they match again.

Ability to See Who You Like

The Matchbox Spy Mode

Well, it has not been included as a package for free or premium members. Maybe a later update might improve on this feature.

Can I Edit My Username on WellHello?

Head up into the upper side of the screen on the home page. Select ‘Profile’ to press on the ‘pen’ button under the username to change your username into something creative. There is no limit, and you can change it whenever you like.

Difficulty Accessing the Site

If you want to expand the reach of your hookup encounters, then swipe your credit card and be one of the well-favored members. With this redesign, you can message any profile, see private pictures, and be guaranteed 100% hookup chances.

What is the Search Option on WellHello?

The search works to accomplish good hookup options but only for premium members. Usually, the filters are set to check their age, country, zip code, sexual choice, and sexuality. It may present those currently online, confirmed accounts for a creeper search, and those who accept video calls often.

Sign Up Process

You can join as a man, woman, or a couple WellHello. The enrollment isn’t a complicated process: all you have to give is your email address, secret word, age, and ZIP code. The WellHello website doesn’t insist on confirming your email — you can begin your Well Hello experience immediately.

After you’re granted access to the site, you will be promptly urged to purchase a subscription package. It’s such a fishy move by WellHello simply because no one in their right mind will immediately subscribe if they haven’t assessed it for themselves. It won’t stop you from browsing through the profiles, though, so this is a decision you’ll have to make up for yourself.

Sign Up Process

Verifying Your Email

If you’re new to the WellHello website, you’ll need to approve your email after signing up. It is to guarantee that every one of its individuals has a verifiable email. This safety effort plans to reduce the number of phony people. You may do the account upgrade much later.

Registering using Facebook Account

If you’re not into filling up too many questions, then this is the perfect way of signing up. The WellHelllo website will no longer send you a confirmation code, and you can pick pictures from your Facebook account. And it doesn’t post on your behalf.

How Can I Join WellHello?

Joining WellHello is free and simplified. All you’ll have to do is pick your sexual orientation, and have a designated password. For those looking forward to a good time in a threesome or more, you have the choice to register as a couple.

Is It Possible to Use WellHello without Registration?

Practically all dating sites will not permit looking through their platforms without enlisting. WellHello.com is constantly investing in making counterfeit profiles and employing staff to communicate with you so that you’ll wind up pursuing a paid subscription.

Users Profile Quality

WellHello profiles contain just a couple of hidden details, and most personal information is not available for free users.

The degree of detail in your account is your decision to make regards to how complete you need your profile to be. But all the same, make certain to completely fill the blanks to establish a decent connection with hot and flawless partners on WellHello.

Users Profile Quality

Mobile Applications

You might want to use WellHello employing PCs, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But be assured that the application for Android and iOS clients are accessible whenever you want. Get notifications wherever you travel. Every new message, profile guests, or more will be sent to your cell phone instantly.WellHello guarantees that connecting is simpler than your ABCs.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

To upgrade your membership, you have three installment options:

  • Mastercard
  • Direct Debit
  • Gift voucher

And your choices are going to be among these:

  • 1-day access to give you a feel of the WellHello website’s capacities at the cost of $1
  • One month will have you cashing out $29.95
  • Yearly costs of $9.99 every month.

Your choice having been made, all the functions and the capabilities accessible to you. If you choose the first option, when the 24 hours elapsed, you are invited to pick another subscription plan and keep using the site. Find out for yourself.

Free Membership Features

Clients not yet ready to pay can still access some features. The catch is that premium individuals can only see private pictures. These features include:

  • Registering,
  • Searching for another profile,
  • Seeing pictures from other profiles,
  • Chatting
  • And seeing Wellhelllo reviewed matches.
Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Free WellHello

Speaking with different individuals in WellHello is a privilege left distinctly to premium individuals.

Seeing Your Likes as a Free Member

As a free member, you can welcome viewers to your private gallery, and they can, in turn, send them to you. Likes from other free profiles are shown to you, but any likes from premium members are notified, but their profiles are hidden.

Premium Membership Features

When you have selected the participation plan, you are awarded a wide range of advantages. The most significant ones are:

  1. You can have a look at new clients,
  2. see who looked at your profile,
  3. Make a record of profiles you’re interested in,
  4. Send unlimited messages,
  5. Video talk ability,
  6. Using both PC and cell phone,
  7. You can post or ask for private pictures from different profiles.

Premium Membership

Subscribe to premium privileges to send teasers and to trade unlimited messages with other online daters.

Is it possible to Cancel Membership on WellHello?

If charged to your iTunes account, then you can stop the subscription via iTunes.You may also cancel it via your google accounts, and you are free to resume paying at some later date.

Is Membership Auto-Renewal on WellHello?

The company has a goal of offering consistent assistance, so it works with a programmed renewal system. The site has the option to recharge your monthly enrollment naturally. So, the site may do this renewal upon its expiration.

Refund for Unused Time

Anytime problems come up, you will open an inquiry to the help desk to get the job done. Should a debate concerning your charges begin with your bank, you may be answerable for any remarkable payments owed to them.

Is My Support Auto-Renewal Every Month on WellHello?

Subscription is auto-renewed, which means that it will be auto-recharged monthly until you unsubscribe 24 hours before the end of the present time frame once bought. The installment is paid from iTunes after confirming your purchase.

Refunds Due to Unsatisfactory Service

Membership charges cannot be discounted or returned. All installments made by you on a cyclical basis are conclusive. It’s no use fighting their system on this matter because these matters are in the fine print.

Credit Card Bill

The payment from your bank won’t show WellHello as the biller. Other organization names will be utilized to conceal your profile and provide privacy. You may check their contact page for any further details.

Support from Members

Partnering to support someone’s payment can only be approved when both of you confirm it. Your support will show up on one another’s profile.

Sending Support for Just a Month

It is possible only towards the app publisher and can be canceled anytime within the month. Renewal is manual.

WellHello Safety

Most WellHello reviews confirm that it’s safe for clients to gain entry. Any correspondence sent to their team, including critique, questions, remarks, or recommendations, is non-classified and can be utilized for their own data.

Forum Thread Moderation

The WellHello website doesn’t assure you that different clients will conform to community rules. At the same time, you may expect all danger of mischief or injury because of such bad profiles. You are always free to report any client that you feel is being a bad apple.

Filtering Messages

Separate profiles you like normally begins as you judge people’s personalities to eliminate the hookups that may never happen. Anyway, you can filter the channel by age, sex, membership, and spam accounts.

WellHello Security Features

Before registering to the site, WellHello reviews whether you have ever been sentenced for a genuine or brutal lawful offense and being enlisted as a sex offender anywhere.

Suspected Scammers

If you find someone’s advances too suspicious, especially one you have recently welcomed, go to his/her profile and click on the “Kick from Private” button.

Soliciting Money

Solicitors are denied from damaging or doing their best to abuse the security of the site. As a user, be cautious by not giving out your monetary data or sending cash to strangers. By using the site, you acknowledge that the WellHello website doesn’t pre-screen or perform criminal record verifications on users.

Information Not to Post to Your Account

Be cautious of publishing ads or soliciting others to buy or sell merchandise on the platform. You are endangering your account by sending an unsolicited email with promotions and advertising of your or third party products or services in any manner unless expressly authorized to do so.

Chat Encryption

Like most hookup stages, you will obtain a username and an account only you can access. Be accountable for yourself even though the chats are encrypted. All charges and liabilities that occur under your username and password or account number cannot be warrantied.

WellHello and Client Tracking

By signing up for the WellHello website, you recognize and agree that they may reveal data you give whenever they feel compelled to assist in fraudulent investigations. They may also disclose contact details because of demands or requests from law authorities.

Police Tracing Accounts

The police can trace accounts if any illegal activities such as initiating customers into the escort or prostitution business are drawn their attention.

Privacy Inquiries

In case of any unapproved utilization of your username, hacking assaults, or a break of security, promptly alert the WellHello website team. However, they won’t be held liable for cases of outsiders getting to mine your personal info and contacts as a result of deliberate hacking on your account.

Deleting Submitted Information

If you deactivate the profile or ban you from accessing it, they may hold certain data originally in your account for record-keeping respectability.

Fakers and Scammers

Tragically, like most other hookup platforms, it has some number of phony profiles.

These people go out of their way to meddle with or disturb the community by flooding, spamming, hacking assaults, or crashing the websites.

Fake profiles normally have one picture in particular, and they look almost too perfect to be texting people desperately. The WellHello website has a low percentage of phony profiles contrasted with different dating sites.

Contact Information

  • Address: 6, Flat/Office,
  • 2003 Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Phone-Hotline: 1-888-414-3752E
  • Mail:[email protected]


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  • Flingster
  • Ashley Madison
  • 69 Positions.
  • The Girlfriend Helper.
  • Mixologist.

Real Life Review

We were new to swinging and found the app enjoyably great from 3 meets as a couple. I like it! It is very decent! – Madelaine

Well, Hello! I was a bit skeptical when joining this site, but after a few days of using it, I got to get lots of matches. Of course, you will encounter scammers and fake profiles here, just like on any other site! But will you get your match? I received it, so you will receive it too! – Lecky

Initially, I didn’t believe in hookup apps, but I was having adventures I could have never imagined after subscribing to Well Hello. The replies kept coming, and I was sometimes overwhelmed with the choices. It may not be the best, but it’s worth getting. – Lopez Martin

WellHello Dating App Ranking

The WellHello website doesn’t cut it for the most adventurous and successful app, but it does have its moments. Try it out for yourself since you might be mesmerized by the encounters that await you. What’s more, getting a match is quite quick according to most WellHello reviews, so high chances you’ll get yours quick too.


You’ll find it easy to unmatch with someone else if you find them not to be of your preference. It helps keep your algorithm in check and provides better matches.

WellHello for Hookups

The reply rate is shockingly high, and it won’t be rocket science, getting someone compatible with your thoughts and desires. All clients can scan for different profiles using a few model parameters. It makes connecting simpler and very engaging.


The dating arena of the WellHello website is an outlet where you can explore different sexual fantasies and satisfy your every urge. The basket is always full here, whether your choices are either to search for a genuine relationship or to have a single night rendezvous, or both, sign up and do a WellHello review for yourself.

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