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Outpersonals Review

Outpersonals Review
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 560 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Many members
  • Free signup and registration
  • The site is easy to access from different parts of the world
  • Unique features like video chatting and live webcams
  • You have to subscribe to enjoy all the features

Outpersonals is the top-most gay dating avenue where men can effortlessly link with other attractive men for dates. This site is ideal for both hookups and long-term relationships. This platform allows you to meet gay, straight, and bisexual males searching for other men. There are over 400,000 members to look through; this increases the chances of meeting a local willing to know you. There are many members because of the website’s sleek design, communication tools, groups, and blogs. This site is ideal for you if you are seeking a causal relationship or long-term dating. You can also use the site if you’re comfortable with adult content.

Languages Supported by Outpersonals

Outpersonals website supports various languages, including English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, and Japanese. Outpersonals is a global dating site; that’s why there are many languages so members can navigate through the site and communicate easily. You don’t have to be stuck wondering how to join the site because of the language barrier. Scroll down the website and choose the language.

Languages Supported by Outpersonals

The Owners of Outpersonals

Although Outpersonals provides the best avenue for gay men to connect, the owners are not known.

Outpersonals Locations

Outpersonals is currently located in the USA, and they have offices in various locations:

  • Ventnor Enterprise Limited
  • Suite 2, Second Floor
  • 145 High Street, Colchester
  • Essex
  • Various, Inc. 910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor, Campbell, USA
  • Magnus Processing PTY Ltd. 85 Torquay Rd. Redland Bay Australia
  • Sinric Processing Pte Ltd. 531A Upper Cross St. #04-95 Hong Lim Complex Singapore

Launching the Outpersonals Website

It’s not really clear when the Outpersonals site was launched; however, gay men have been meeting and hooking up successfully through this site for years.

Global Accessibility

The reason why Outpersonals reviews have 5-star ratings is that this platform is available worldwide. Gay studs can chat and meet with bi-sexual or other gay males within their localities. When you join, you can choose to search for members from your city by typing the city you wish to find a match.

Global Accessibility

Age Restrictions

You must be at least 18 years old when you register on Outpersonals. People who have not attained the age of 18 years are prohibited from accessing this site or its services.

Computer Accessibility

Any member feels like leaving a positive Outpersonals review because you can access the site using your laptop or computer, whichever you prefer. You can navigate the site effortlessly and the stud you prefer from your computer. However, you cannot download the app on your laptop/computer. The site is easy to navigate, and the unique features don’t complicate it.

The Number of Worldwide Members Currently Using Outpersonals

The Outpersonals website is very popular and currently has 410,007 registered members. New members continue to join daily, so the numbers keep increasing. There’s also a large number of members online at any given time.

Design and Usability

Outpersonals was created for quick, effortless connections; therefore, the site is designed that you get instant access to what you are looking for without any hassle. The signup process is very simple and requires no explanation.

The page is a breeze to navigate, and the tabs on top of the site are straightforward and allow you to access different features and your profile. You can include more photos or use the features with minimal effort.

You can also use these tabs to view groups, blogs, instant chats, live-action webcams, and the magazine. The sidebar allows you to see people who have viewed your profile, new messages, your “hot list”, and other additional features.

Design and Usability

Browser Support

You can access the Outpersonals website through popular browsers, chat, and meet gay men online. Your connection and speed depend on the browser you choose.

How to Use the Camera

It’s very crucial to know how to use a camera. This is how you upload your photos. Uploading a profile picture guarantees many responses. You use the camera on this site the same way you use your phone camera or Webcam.

Special Features

Outpersonals is one of the most popular gay dating websites because of its unique features. They include:

  • Voice and video introductions
  • Live video chats
  • Instant messaging center
  • Photos
  • Chat
  • Blogs
  • You can create a friend page
  • Blogs
  • Personality profile
  • You can join topical or local interest groups created by members. Here you can meet people with mutual interests.
  • Erotic photo gallery.

Special Features

How Outpersonals Works

The Outpersonals website allows you to navigate through the features and tabs smoothly. You can search other members, read and contribute your own articles. After signing up, you can start searching for your matches, like members, send messages, engage in chats and live webchats, and also join groups.

How to Message Someone

After setting up your account, you’re ready to start chatting with other members. Although all dating sites allow you to chat with your matches, Outpersonals goes a step further to include video and voice chat. This allows you to know the other individual on a more personal level.

If you find someone who appeals to you, you can start a conversation by sending him a message. You can send several messages to the individuals who appeal to you. If you want to chat, check out members who are online and start a conversation.

The Cost of Sending Messages on Outpersonals

You have to pay to send a message on Outpersonals.

How to Start Messaging Someone

It’s easy to start messaging someone you like on the site. Just send a message, and the recipient will receive a notification. Search for your preferred match using different descriptions such as location and start chatting.

How to Start Messaging Someone

Why You Can’t Access the Outpersonal Website

You should be able to access the Outpersonals website as long as you have an internet connection. However, if you can’t, it might be because you are banned from the site.

The Length of Bans

If you harass or abuse other members, you will be permanently banned from accessing the site and its services.

Reactivating Your Banned Account

You cannot reactivate a banned account. You are completely restricted from accessing membership on Outpersonals.

How to Delete Your Profile

You can permanently delete your profile by following the steps below:

  • Visit the site and then log in by typing your password and username
  • At the top of the site, follow “My account” link
  • When you access your account, select “Permanently Delete my Account”
  • Type your password and then choose the “Yes Delete my Account” option.

When you permanently delete your account, you cannot recover it anymore. Your profile no longer appears on the website. If you want to use the site, you have to create an account.

Disabling the “Show Me” Option

If you don’t want other members to see your profile, you can simply disable it. Log in to your account, select “My Account” on the navigation bar, click “Profile Availability”, and then choose “Make my Profile Temporarily Turned off”. If you don’t want members to view your profile and pictures or even send messages, you can use this option.

How to See Your Matches

You can see your matches based on your ideal partner’s type of relationship, age, and location. You can do this by accessing the search option at the top navigation bar and then filling in your preferences. Matches are also sent to your inbox regularly. Matches help you view members you are compatible with without browsing through many members on the site. This is also an easy way to find out if anyone matches you on the site.

How to See Who Messaged You

You will receive a notification on the sidebar whenever a member messages you. Click on this icon to open your message. If you’re interested, you can start chatting and maybe hang out in the future.

How to See Members You Like

You can search for members you like on by including your preferences such as age and location. There are many members on the site; this increases your chances of getting a match. Once you see someone you like, send a message, introduce yourself and wait for the other party to reply.

Outpersonal Spy Mode

Your data is retained on the Outpersonals website as long as you use their services. However, your personal information is not disclosed to other members or any third parties. The website uses “cookies” which help to store to make your user experience smooth and more intimate. Your web browser stores “cookies” these store information you search on a website and then customizes your searches, depending on your search history.

Outpersonal Spy Mode

How to Edit Your Username

You can edit your username without any hassle. Visit the Outpersonals website and log in to your account. Select “My Account” and then select “Basic Profile”. Change your username and wait for the approval. You can choose any username you wish to appear on your profile.

Why You’re Experiencing Difficulties Accessing the Outpersonals Website

If you can’t access this website, you might be permanently banned or have lost your internet connection. You might also have a hard time navigating through the site if you’re not a member, so create an account to enjoy the services.

You can search men by the following criteria:

  • Keywords
  • Men online
  • New members
  • Who has viewed you
  • Most popular men

The Sign up Process

The signup process is simple and straightforward; in fact, it takes less than 10 minutes. Once you access the website, click on “join for free”. Then you are required to input your gender and the gender of the person or people you want to meet. The best step requires your email address and setting a strong password. Create a unique description of yourself; this allows other members to know what kind of an individual you are. The last step is entering your birthday and location.

The Sign up Process

Email Verification

When you create an account on Outpersonals, you will get an email notification. Click the link sent to you to confirm your email.

Registration Using Your Facebook Account

You can register on the Outpersonals website using your Facebook account. Doing this allows you to skip the process of typing your name and password.

How to Join

To join the Outpersonals you need to register and become a member.

How to Use the Site without Signing Up

Unfortunately, you have to register to use the site and its services.

Users Profile Quality

After signing up, you need to create a profile so that your potential matches can easily locate you. Many hookups and dating sites ask you simple questions. To get the right matches, answer all the questions. These questions ask about your preferences, and they help to match you with a compatible member. It also helps to include a few pictures on your profile.

Users Profile Quality

Mobile Applications

Currently, there is no Outpersonals app available in the market.

Membership, Price, and Payment Methods

You can choose a subscription package from the ones below:

  • 1 month subscription for $29.96
  • 3 months subscription for $49.96
  • 12 months subscription for $119.96

Payment is via credit card, but you can send a money order or check, online check, or Paypal if you can’t use your credit card.

Free Membership Features

Free memberships will give you access to other members’ profiles, search engines, network tools, interest groups, and emails.

Outpersonals Cost

Outpersonals is free and allows you to access various features on the site.

How to See when Someone Likes You as a Free member

The site allows you to see how other members rate you.

Premium Membership Features

Having a premium membership allows you to access more features like:

  • Being at the top of the search and viewing list
  • Viewing and contacting all members
  • Priority photos and profile review
  • Advanced searches
  • Exclusive 3-day access to new individuals
  • Getting full cupid reports of new matches in your inbox
  • Fast phone and email support
  • Guarantee to find a match on the search engine
  • 3 months free if you fail to get a hookup.

Premium Membership Features

Outpersonals Premium Membership

Outpersonals offers both free and premium membership.

How to Cancel Your Membership

If you don’t want to continue your membership, you can cancel it. Log in to your account, select “My Account”, and choose “Credit Card Info and Billing History”. You will see “Product Status” at the top navigation bar. Select “Off”.

Membership Renewal

Outpersonals automatically renews your membership every month using your credit card unless you terminate the subscription.

Getting a Refund

You can terminate your account at any time; however, you’ll not get any refunds for unused time.

Support Renewal

The website offers renewal promotions for various periods. These services are different from normal subscriptions.

How to Get Your Money Back if You’re Not Satisfied

Unfortunately, there is no way to get your money back.

How the Outpersonals Support will appear on Your Credit Card Bill

The bill will appear, explaining why your credit card was charged.

Giving Support to Other Members

You cannot give support to other members.

Sending Monthly Support

You can not send support once or any number of times you want.

Outpersonals Safety

Like other dating and hookup sites, you’re likely to meet a few scams; however, the Outpersonals website has measures to deal with such individuals. The site protects your information from misuse, alteration, and loss. Although you can’t really be safe on the internet, the technical staff strives to keep you safe on the site.

Outpersonals Safety


Outpersonals allows you to access topical and local interest groups. Here you interact with individuals with mutual interests.

Filtering Individuals who can Contact You

Although you can filter those who can message you, you can block an offensive member.

Filter Features

The website uses reliable security features and tries to protect your information from loss, misuse, and other parties. They utilize top-notch security systems like firewalls, which keep your information safe.

Blocking and Reporting Scammers

If another member is offensive, you can block him by visiting his profile and selecting “Block”. You can also report scammers and abusive members by visiting the website’s “Report” page.

Consequences for Individuals who Solicit Money

Outpersonals website was designed for hookups and dating and discourages members from soliciting or giving put money. If somebody tries to solicit money, you can block or report him.

Information You Cannot Post on Your Account

You are required not to post any unlawful content like prostitution, abusive, harmful, tortuous, threatening, defamatory, racial, obscene, or invading others’ privacy. You cannot upload any information or information that you have no right to upload according to the law. You should not upload unauthorized or unsolicited advertising.

Information You Cannot Post on Your Account

Chat Encryption

Outpersonals website uses encrypted chats; only you and your recipient have access to the messages. Nobody can view or monitor your chats.

Outpersonals Tracking System

Encrypted chats are private, and only you and the recipient can access them. Encryption utilizes unique keys to ensure that your message reaches the right individual.

Tracking by the Police

Although anyone can access the website, police cannot access members or track them without any legal reason. Outpersonals encrypted chats ensure that your privacy is maintained when you are using the online platform, protecting you from cyber-crimes and government spying.

Deleting Submitted Information

You can delete submitted information by logging into your account and editing your profile. You can also request the site to remove your credit card number from their database.

Scam and Fake Members

You won’t miss several fake and scam members; they are on all dating sites. Always trust your gut, use common sense, and practice caution when interacting with members. The site cautions you against posting, disclosing, or exposing any information to the public or groups that you don’t want other members to know.

Try to know other members first; ask questions before giving out your personal information. Also, don’t give out your password to any member. Giving out your password can make you lose your accounts to scammers and hackers. If you feel that any actions might have compromised your password, you ought to create a new one immediately. Alternatively, you can contact the site at [email protected].

Contact Information

  • Company: OutPersonals
  • Phone: +1-408-702-1033
  • Email: [email protected].
  • Address: 910 E. Hamilton Avenue, Sixth Floor, Campbell, CA 95008, USA.


There are also other dating sites where you can look up gay men. They can be either free or require a subscription; they include:

  • Zoosk – this site has many gay members and is ideal to meet a compatible gay partner. User-friendly app, and it uses photos to verify members.
  • Gay Cupid – this site is exclusive for connecting with gay individuals. Accessible on both iOS and Android.
  • Grindr – dating site for both bisexual and gay men. You can download the app on your phone. Presence of gaymoji to make conversations more interesting.

Real Life Review

I’ve been Gold Member on OP for many years, and for the first four or five years, I enjoyed it and actually met some hot guys and had some great time with them. I even met a cool guy Colin, with whom I think we can build together something more than just a casual hookup! I would recommend Outpersonals to any guy who’s looking for fun and love!

Outpersonals Compared to Other Dating Sites and Apps

Outpersonals is one of the most used dating and hookup sites for gay members to find bisexual and other gay men. Its popularity is because of the security measures, unique features, affordability, and a large number of members.

Unmatching a Member

Unfortunately, you cannot unmatch a member; however, you can block him if he is offensive.

Outpersonals Website for Hookups

The site exists solely for hookups and dates.


Outpersonals website exists for the sole purpose of connecting gay men with bisexual and other gay men for casual hookups or relationships. This dating site is free; however, you need to pay to send messages. It is ideal for gay men looking for a site to collect gay individuals for a casual relationship. The features make using the website more interesting.

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