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MouseMingle Review

MouseMingle Review
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Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 2 600 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Niche Based Audience: It serves as a niche audience, especially for the hardcore Disney lovers. MouseMingle provides the best platform for the people who wish to find an equal fanatic.
  • User- Friendly: The MouseMingle website is a user-friendly one and offers free access to profile images.
  • Low payment: Even though the site requires payment to get access to the chatting options. However, it still asks for a small amount like $12.55 compared to most of the other dating platforms for a monthly subscription.
  • Find friends easily: Apart from being a dating website alone, it also helps in finding friends online who have the same kind of obsession.
  • Opportunity for all: MouseMingle website gives equal opportunities to the people of all sexual orientations.
  • Geographical search: The option of geographical search helps in connecting people living closer.
  • It supports only English language: English is the only language supported on this website and its mobile application. This makes it a little bit difficult to use for those who can follow the language easily.
  • Less popularity: It is a dating website that serves only people who have a similar liking on Disney characters. Therefore it is not popular among common people who are looking for a comprehensive dating platform.
  • Limited Access: The recently developed android application for mobile users has restricted access, and it is not available in every country.
  • Required Paid Membership: It is free to browse the website but requires a paid membership to get into a chat.
  • Spam Profiles: There are MouseMingle reviews that speak about the existence of some spam profiles created on the site, even though the creators work on reducing such fake accounts.

MouseMingle is one of the popular dating websites for Disney fans created by Dave Tavres, a former railroad engineer at Disneyland. It helps people obsessed with Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvels to find equally enthusiastic Disney lovers as friends or life partners. The MouseMingle website is free to browse, and any member can look through their stories and images online, but it requires a paid membership to chat or send messages with others. Like most other dating platforms, MouseMingle includes profile creation, description of one’s likes, dislikes, and preferences along with certain Disney specific questions.

MouseMingle Review in 2020

How Many Languages Does Mousemingle Support?

As MouseMingle is a dating website for a niche audience, including people from all over the world, the website uses and supports the English language alone as it is a global communicative language. For people who do not follow English, it might be slightly difficult to use the site or app, and it is one of the cons that most MouseMingle reviews suggest.

Who Owns MouseMingle?

MouseMingle is owned by Dave Tavres, the founder CEO of this website. Tavres has worked as an engineer in Disneyland and is a Disney geek. He started the website to find a Disney fan as a partner for himself in 2015. Still, it gained huge popularity among Disney lovers from the world over and presently. As its owner, he wishes to help Disney fans around the world find each other and build magical relationships.

So Where Is Mousemingle Based Now?

It is currently based in Anaheim, California, United States, and it is the only physical location for the company. MouseMingle works mostly through the online platform called MouseMingle.com and through the recently introduced Android and iOS mobile applications to help single Disney fans find an equally Disney enthusiast as a companion.

When Was Mousemingle Founded?

Dave Tavres found the MouseMingle website with a wish to create a platform for Disney fans to interact with the people who have the same interest. Even though the idea of this website was brought in 2011, Tavres took almost four years to begin. And in July 2015, the website was found and eventually launched in December the same year.

Is MouseMingle Available Worldwide?

Yes, it is an available worldwide website that helps in connecting Disney fans all around the world. But the recently developed android application is not accessible everywhere in the world, it is restricted in some countries, but the website is fully available.

How Old Should A Person Be To Register On MouseMingle?

The permission to register on the dating platform is granted only to the people above the age of 18, and there is no specific upper age limit for the same.

Can A Person Use The App Using My Computer?

There are no MouseMingle applications that suit’s the computer. However, a user can easily access the website on a computer using various browsers.

How Many Members Does Mousemingle Have Worldwide?

The platform provides a comparatively more straightforward subscription starting from about $12.55 per month, and anybody above the age of 18 can register and have a membership. There are millions of members worldwide registered in the MouseMingle website searching for the right life partner.

How Many Members Does Mousemingle Have Worldwide?

Website Design & Usability

The website has a simple design providing the right kind of information at its first look. The home page offers plenty of images of its users and also has the easily accessible ‘join’ option for the newcomers as well as the ‘sign in’ option for those who already have an account. A member can easily filter the images shown on the main page to confirm the latest, top-rated, or the most discussed ones. Along with this, a single tap on any particular image quickly gives their name and rating and also directs the user to those specific profiles. There is a readily available search option that can make things easy for an initial user. However, the website design is much simpler and seems less attractive. The MouseMingle website also provides a mobile version of the same site, which allows its members to choose the desktop version or the mobile version according to the convenience.

However, the website lacks contact details and other background information regarding its founders and developers. However, they provide a mailing list option that keeps one connected to their website, providing the latest upgrades and updates through mails.

Which Browsers Support MouseMingle?

Almost all the popular web browsers like Google Chrome, UC browser, Firefox, support MouseMingle effectively. This makes it easier for everyone to use the platform through the browser of their choice.

How Can A Person Use The Camera On MouseMingle?

Once the login procedures are over, one can easily upload photos of their choice on their account by adding it through their phone gallery. The moment one clicks the upload image icon, the website directly provides the options to either choose from the existing gallery or click pictures using the camera.

Special Features

Ad-Free Browsing & Track Record Feature

The paid membership promises unlimited access on the platform along with Ad-free browsing. It is easier to track the record of other people’s accounts and to know what they upload or post.

Compatibility Option

Members can provide preferences compatibility according to their interests. The harmony between people in this platform works mostly based on the interests of Disney. The website asks for some basic questions relating to the Disney world that helps to do compatibility automatically based on the preferences that are given in the profiles.


MouseMingle also provides the feature of keeping an account invisible as per the user’s wish.


How Does This Website Works?

According to the Mousemingle review, the app allows every user to join in so that they can try their luck at finding their soulmate or even a park pal to hang out in the nearest Disney park. The app requires similar authentication and signing up guidelines, just like the traditional dating mobile apps in the market needs. The app has all facilities to find the perfect match, and users can upload pictures of themselves, which is displayed on the homepage of the site. The entry to the site is free, yet users are required to pay an amount of $12.55 to start conversing with their interests. The app also propagates that it has features to cover up the lack of LGBTQ+ representation in the Disney universe.

How Can A Member Message Someone?

A member can message another member over the MouseMingle app by clicking on the profile and just texting them with a message. The best part of this website is that it does not restrict any member while contacting other members.

Send Messages For Free

There are two ways in which a user can send a message to another user, who they are interested in. The first way is to message them through the mail. To start, a user just needs to visit the other person’s profile and click on the email button. Then, a dialog window with two boxes appears, the person can type in the message and click on the ‘Send Message’ option.

How Can A Member Start Messaging With Someone On MouseMingle?

The next facility is to send an instant message to the person. Again, to do this, a user should visit the person’s profile, and there is an option named ‘Instant Message’, clicking on which would help open a chat session. Once a user types and sends the message, it is the receiver who decides to get on with the conversation. If the user accepts, chatting can begin ultimately. All users who wish to chat, need to keep the instant messenger tool turned on.

Why Can’t A Member Access MouseMingle?

According to the MouseMingle review, the app can be inaccessible when there is an overload in the server. As the website has many members who are using it simultaneously, it can slow down the buffering process. If a user’s account gets suspended or terminated, then even a user is unable to access the application. Entering the site might also become difficult at times when such overloading happens. When the site is under maintenance or the user’s slow internet connection can also lead to such problems.

How Long Does A Mousemingle Bans Stick?

A person gets prohibited or banned from the website if they are found to be using the platform in the wrong ways. This includes using hurtful comments about someone in private or public. The overtly suggestive, sexual images and vulgar content can also make an account banned on MouseMingle. However, the developers of the MouseMingle website do monitor any obscene content and reprimand of such behavior on the platform. These behaviors may result in suspension or deactivation of the account, but this could be revived if the user proves he/she innocent.

How Can A Member Reactivate A Banned Account?

An account is terminated or suspended depending upon one’s behavior, and the suspension might happen due to breaking the terms of use provided by the website makers. A banned account can be reactivated by appealing to the customer care service.

Is There An Option To Delete A Mousemingle Profile?

To delete an account forever, a member needs to login to the profile and click on the person icon at the right corner of the page. Then, the member needs to choose the ‘Edit Profile’ option, from the menu that drops down. At the bottom of the page, as one scroll down, there is a ‘Delete Profile’ button. This is an one time process, and the deleted profile can never be recovered. If the member is sure, he/ she can go ahead and click on the “Delete” option.

What Happens If A Member Disables The “Show Me On Mousemingle” Option?

You will no longer be visible to the members looking to explore profiles.

Where Do A Member Can See Their Matches?

The matches of a user are sent in through the matchmaking emails, and they get prompted by mails. Moreover, a member can also see their matches over the browsing section.

How Does A Member See Who Has Messaged Them On MouseMingle?

Viewing if someone has messaged on the site is pretty straightforward. The homepage of the page itself, after logging in, has a “Messages” icon on the right corner of the page. Clicking on the messages will lead to a page where a user can find all the messages that have been sent to him/her.

Is It Possible To See The Liked Profiles?

Yes, it is possible to see here.

Does MouseMingle’s Has A Spy Mode?

No, MouseMingle does not have a spy mode.

How Can A Member Edit Their Username In MouseMingle?

Once a profile is created, it is not possible to change the username. A user needs to delete the existing account, and then they have to create a new account to have a different username. Also, the user has to use a different email address for the new account, as the site does not permit creating different accounts with one email address.

Why Does A Member Has A Hard Time While Entering The Site?

According to the MouseMingle reviews, if the website does not allows you to enter the website smoothly. Then, you must clear the cookies, or you can try to log in from different browsers.

The site has quite a simple outlook than any other dating websites. One can search for people based on age, gender, distance, or based on requirements like dating, marriage, or friendship.

What Are The Different Options Of MouseMingle Search?

Sign Up Process

Joining the MouseMingle website is easier, and a user needs to follow only traditional and straightforward informational guidelines like all other dating apps. The app has a first questionnaire round that requires a new user to provide their necessary details like Email address and name so that the website can verify the user. Before signing up, the site also asks whether one is up for a serious companion or just looking for a person to hang out in their favorite Disney parks. All this information is seen as essential to find a suitable match.

How Can A User Verify Their Email?

The application asks for verification of the user through email. Thus, it is necessary to provide an active email to the site. Also, there are chances that a user may face the failure to receive the verification email, which might be due to the overloading on the website. Moreover, for verification, a link will be sent to the email through which the user needs to click to verify the account.

What Happens If A User Register’s Using Their Facebook Account?

There is no way of signing up for the account using a Facebook account; the developers have not updated this feature yet.

How Can A New User Join MouseMingle?

Joining MouseMingle is an easy task. A user just needs to open the website or download the application from the play store. Then, the app will ask for some essential details which they need to fill out on the site. The user is required to fill out personal information and Disney interests, like their favorite Disney character, color, series, and so on. After filling out, they are free to join in.

Can A User Use The Site Without Signing Up?

According to the MouseMingle review, a user can surf through the site without signing up, but to avail of all other features, it is necessary to sign-up to the site.

Users Profile Quality

The quality of profiles in the MouseMingle dating app is quite appealing. In the profile section, the users can share their Disney albums, and can even share pictures with like-minded people. Changing people’s profiles, updating their interests is also an easy task for app users.

Users Profile Quality

Mobile Applications Of MouseMingle

There is also a provision for android users to have the opportunity to use the MouseMingle website on their mobiles. The application is supported in the android versions, iOS mobiles and has similar features as the website.

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

The application could be joined at free of cost, and there is no need to pay any amount to even surf through the app. But, if members want to avail of a paid membership to enjoy premium features, they need to pay a small amount.

Free Membership Features

MouseMingle does not allow a user to take advantage of all its best features with a free membership. A user needs to subscribe for the monthly or yearly subscription to avail all the features. However, a free member can visit the website and go through the profiles on the site. They can see the profiles and can read about them. But, they are not allowed to contact their favorite match, or even matches are not allowed to contact them. Also, for them to be contacted or matched with someone, the payment has to be done. A user has to pay $120 for a year and $12.55 if they wish to receive a monthly subscription.

Is MouseMingle Free?

Both free and paid options are available.

Can A Member See If Someone Likes Them On Mousemingle If They Are A Free Member?

Yes, a free member can see if they are liked by someone, or matched to a particular profile. Free features are also available, but a member needs to have a paid membership, to avoid pop- up ads.

Premium Membership Features

MouseMingle premium membership offers many features, with the magic of Disney with it. However, creating a profile does not require a fee, but it requires a paid membership to get an easy roll while contacting other members. The premium membership of the MouseMingle Website is available at the cost of $120 annually. It offers various features like:

  • Messaging options
  • Flirts
  • Unlimited texting
  • Voice and video call options
  • Allows searches without any disturbances from pop-up ads

Does MouseMingle Offer Premium Membership?

Yes, MouseMingle offers premium memberships. The premium membership requires the user to pay $12.55 monthly, and it costs $120 per year. The payment can only be made by Pay Pal.

Does MouseMingle Offer Premium Membership?

How Can A Member Cancel Their Mousemingle Membership?

According to the MouseMingle review, the website allows the members to cancel the membership. For this, the user has to log into the PayPal account and click the “payments” option from the navigation. Click in “Manage automatic payments” and choose “MouseMingle.com.” Then choose to cancel this, which will cancel the further payment as well as the membership too.

Is MouseMingle Membership Auto-Renewed?

Yes, the membership of MouseMingle is auto-renewed.

Can A Member Get Their Refund For Unused Time?

No refund of the cost for the unused time on the MouseMingle website has been provided. The premium plan is auto-renewed with no refund policies.

Does The “Support” To Mousemingle Automatically Renewed Every Month?

The payment for membership at the MouseMingle website is recurring and can only be canceled by the user’s PayPal account. This applies to the yearly payment of $120 for the premium membership on the website.

Can A Member Get Their Money Back?

No, the MouseMingle website does not provide any forms of refund. If a person is going in for the paid membership, they have to be ready to use the account for the year. The money will be debited and cannot be refunded.

What Will Be The Effect Of Mousemingle Support In The Credit Card Statement?

The money for the premium Membership will be debited from the PayPal account linked to the credit cardholder. A member of the MouseMingle website will be given a statement corresponding to the $120 annual membership. This is auto-renewed membership that will recur in the account every year if not canceled.

Can Member Support Other Members Of MouseMingle?

Yes, a member can support other members on this dating website.

Can A Member Send Support For A Month?

Yes, monthly plans are available. The deluxe membership allows paying $12.55 for a month in order to enjoy all ownership features for a month. This allows monthly payment. This could be used for chatting and messaging other members and enjoying ad-free experience for a month. The payment can be stopped from renewing by canceling the subscription through the PayPal account.

Is This Really Safe?

Safety is an important factor to consider in dating apps. The MouseMingle website offers a safety page that could be contacted for safety concerns.

The website does not allow any non- paid users to view the profiles of registered members. This just provides a basic level of security. Moreover, the messages on MouseMingle are technically impossible as the entire data is sent by making use of an SSL connection. If a certain account is found to be fake, it can be immediately reported by the user. Also, it has its own set of terms of safety and privacy policies. It claims to offer a safe online dating experience. However, certain safety measures need to be explored.

Are Mousemingle Forums Threads Moderated?

Yes, the MouseMingle website moderates its thread and measures that its members’ right series of choices is provided.

How Can A Member Filter The Message Option On Mousemingle?

There is no filter on messaging a member. The profile choices come up as a result of Disney preferences. Any paid member can go through another user’s profile and can start a chat by a quick message.

How Can A Member Filter The Message Option On Mousemingle?

What Security Features Does Mousemingle Have?

MouseMingle website provides a certain number of security features. Only paid members can view and chat with members. The entire data from the site is transferred by the SSL system, which prevents the chance of technical interruption and leakage of data. A user can also block a user and report them in case of suspicious activity.

How Can A Member Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

A dating site can have a considerable amount of scam accounts. In case a user wishes to block another user due to suspicious activity. Just find the scammer’s profile, click in the “more” button, and choose “block.” The suspected user will not be able to view or chat with the user.

Any suspicious account can be reported to the MouseMingle website along with the reason by choosing the “report” option. Various options for choosing reports are also available on the website.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses A Mousemingle Account To Solicit Money?

MouseMingle is aiming at providing a good dating experience. Hence, they do not entertain other activities through their website. If a member finds that a user is trying to solicit money through the website account, they can report the activity to the MouseMingle website. The website would take action if the report action were correct.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted In Your MouseMingle Account?

MouseMingle is simply for dating purposes. Make sure not to post private photos, or to leak information related to your bill payments. Also, make sure not to share vulnerable information while chatting.

Are Mousemingle Chats Encrypted?

All MouseMingle data are transferred using SSL. Thus, there are no chances for technical leakage of data.

Can Mousemingle Track A Person Down?

MouseMingle website uses cookies to enhance the user experience. A member can be tracked down easily as the information is provided voluntarily by the member is saved in their data.

Can Mousemingle Be Traced By The Police?

The Police can trace users by information provided in case of any illegitimate activity.

Who Should A Member Contact If They Have Questions Regarding The Privacy In Mousemingle?

The MouseMingle website offers support. In case of any issues, email can be sent at [email protected]. They support team can also be contacted through their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.

Can A Member Delete The Information That Has Already Been Submitted To Mousemingle?

The information submitted to MouseMingle remains in the record. If the user wishes, the account can be deleted permanently from the MouseMingle website.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On Mousemingle?

Fake members can be present in MouseMingle, like all the dating websites. However, MouseMingle tries to reduce scammers and fake accounts by various methods.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On Mousemingle?

Contact Information

  • Company: MouseMingle, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Voicemail no: (657) 549-2855

Alternative Website

The alternative sites are as follows:

  • Rich meet beautiful
  • Hot ebony dating

Real Life Review

Disney lovers have an amazing liking for the app. However, some complaints are registered by the members claiming that the features are not as great as claimed.

Is Mousemingle The Best Dating Site/App?

No, better options are available. However, it is advantageous to Disney lovers.

Can A Member Unmatch A Mousemingle Member?

Yes, a person can unmatch a member.

Is MouseMingle A Hook-Up App?

MouseMingle aims at providing dating experience to Disney fans.


The app enables a user to upload pictures and talk to people of similar interests, specifically Disney. David Tavres, the creator reasons the initiative to be a result of him wanting a person who shares his love for Disney and cites that it is rather tough to find someone who would love the characters as he does. They are great for crazy Disney lovers looking out to find their perfect match. This article provides a MouseMingle review dealing with premium membership features. On a concluding note, this site and its app are great for Disney lovers as it makes a great platform to find people who have a similar craze for Disney.

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