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MobiFriends Review in 2024

MobiFriends Review in 2024
About Site
Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 55 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Signing in is easy
  • Filing in your profile is done for free
  • The website has some traffic meaning it has active members.
  • The site is slow to operate due to the traffic available.
  • The site is only in two countries.
  • There can be a language barrier in case your match doesn't speak the same dialect.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to find love out there. Some fail and give up while others keep looking, hoping to find a partner. Well, things can be quite hard, especially if you don’t know a few individuals who can help you out with some introduction or instead all your friends have married already. Thus, the online dating industry was born to help the unlucky ones get their perfect match. Many sites are introduced, with each coming with their different features, but have you come across the MobiFriends website? In this review, we will learn a couple of things about the site and whether you should join the site.

How Many Languages Are in MobiFriends?

The site was to run in English. However, there are two more languages offered on the website that you can change the site to. The new introductions are Spanish and Catalan.

Who Owns and Runs MobiFriends?

The owner of this site is MobiFriends Solutions S.L. It is the same company that also runs the operations and manages the site.

Who Owns and Runs MobiFriends

So Where are the MobiFriends Offices Based Now?

Suppose you’re interested in visiting the offices of MobiFriends. In that case, whether you have a concern or have a personal request to make, you should visit their headquarters, in Albigenses 25-27 Bajos Ext 08024 Barcelona, Spain.

Which Year was MobiFriends Launched?

This Spanish based online dating site has been in existence for more than 15 years. The official launch was on 25th October 2005.

Is MobiFriends Available Globally?

This site offers its services to a vast majority of members from all parts of the country. It encourages the matches and makes the interaction interesting since there is a lot to learn from someone who has different cultures from where they come from.

What is the Age Requirement to Register for MobiFriends?

The minimum requirement for you to join this site and enjoy all the offered features is 18 years old. As for the age distribution, this site has members who are mostly between the ages of 25 to 34 years. There is a reasonable number in the 40+ bracket as that group is after a more settled approach to the site for a relationship leading to marriage.

What is the Age Requirement to Register for MobiFriends

Can I Access the Site through My PC?

Yes! The site offered a desktop version where you can enjoy your MobiFriends features at ease. The experience starts by registering for the website to fill in your profile. You can also enjoy the features of communication that are in the desktop version. Also, the searching allows you to use the several filters that are available on the site. You can make the edits as well as speak to the customer care form the desktop version. As a bonus, you can enjoy the full screen available on your PC and the manual keyboard to better your typing. It can be your choice if you are in your home and not on the road.

What is the Composition of Members on MobiFriends?

There are more than 3 million users of MobiFriends worldwide. The figure came out in a case where information of members was leaked on the Web by a hacker. As for the records from different MobiFriends reviews, most of the members are in the United States and Spain. The number of women is slightly higher than the number of men. Many members are also active; however, their response rate is slow due to language barriers.

Website Design & Usability

The general look of the MobiFriends will blow your mind off. The site looks terrific with ticks at every box. The colors used are an A-plus since the site uses a transparency effect on the different pages, and there is a beautiful background on every page. Furthermore, each page has its color synchrony, and that makes the experience on the site memorable. The design also has different fonts on every page, and it perfectly highlights the information that they showcase on the website, which dives the site a great look. As for the usability, the site offers clear instructions to all the members to enable navigation in the site simple. Going through the site is also interesting as every page has something new to show. Rating the design would be 5/5.

Website Design & Usability

Which Browsers Can You Use MobiFriends on?

The design is impressive, and you wouldn’t want to spoil the experience by using a shoddy website to access it. With this in mind, you have to opt for the best browsers available in the market. Getting yourself Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera will be the best choice to make. These browsers will offer you high speed, save on your space, and protect you from malware or viruses.

How Do I Utilize the Camera on the Site?

You’re going to enjoy your experience on the MobiFriends website since they offer a video chat to members. You will search for your match and send a request to a video chat with them. Upon acceptance of the application, you get to explore the ‘real’ conversations with the member. All you’ve got to do is find the right place with proper lighting so that you can see the person. You can also use mobis, which are short videos of you doing something cool or just sharing anything. Since the site offers you to send photos as well, you can then dress up and an ace on those snaps you will willingly submit to your matches.

Special Features

The uniqueness is what makes a site stand out. So let’s see what attracted the 3 million users to the MobiFriends website;

Special Features

Video Chat

So this is something that many people would like to enjoy. This feature helps you to get a one on one conversation with a match and get to have that in-depth talk on things in words. It also assures you that you are speaking to a ghost or someone who is not straight forward. You can also use the chat feature when the connection is terrible, and you cannot hear what the other person is saying.


These are short videos that you can send to a user. You can do anything on the video, pull a trick, dance, and entertaining stuff. These videos are animations that make them more attractive. It was the whole idea behind the site, and it’s the main feature.


You can send a flirt that will act as your first contact with a user, and it helps make a great first impression, especially if you are interested in that member.


This is a place where the members learn lots of issues in matters of dating. The blogs are uploaded daily and offer users the chance to ensure that they know the problems they are not familiar with.

How Does It Work?

The operations of the site are quite simple. You start by getting an account to enjoy it. You can search for a member using the filers offered and then select a match that looks more appealing to you. Contact them using either by sending them flirts, sending mobis to brighten someone’s mood, or doing the old-fashioned way of sending a standard text. You can also request for a video call to interact more with a user.

How Does It Work

How Can I Make Contact with Fellow Members?

Messaging someone has different approaches to it, and it all depends on the kind of relationship that you intend to have with that member. The various things you can do include;

  • Text message – This will work out well for you if you are good with words. It all depends on your way of approach. You can do with a salutation or pen down the ice breaker that never disappoints you.
  • Mobis – These are videos that you can send to a user to put that smile on their face. Ladies usually use it, and the animations look quite cute.
  • Video chat – This has to have a request made first since it can be out of the blues. You can explore the face to face conversation by utilizing your webcam. However, it’s for a relationship that has grown over time since it takes time to win members’ trust before you can get them to talk to you on video chat.
  • Flirts – If you don’t know what phrase to write, what quote to use no words to put together, you can use the flirt feature to express your interest in someone.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Sending messages on the site is free, states different MobiFriends reviews. All you need to do is get the right person to contact.

How Do You Begin a Conversation on MobiFriends?

Messaging can start from the searching as it is a necessary step ha you need not miss. After getting a worthy member, you can send a text message, request a video chat, or send flirts and mobis.

Why Can’t I Access MobiFriends?

It can be a result of your internet connection since you cannot access the Web in general. The other issue is your browser might not be compatible with the website as some won’t enable you to access the site. You can check on your device’s viral status to see if it hinders you from accessing the site.

How Long Does MobiFriends Bans Last?

The bans of the MobiFriends website are permanent (most of them). They usually arise from violations of a member’s privacy policies against the site’s terms and conditions. As a punishment for this, the site completely shuts down your profile for good such that no one can even see you when they search. The bans can also be temporary if the issue at hand is minor and can’t deny you the right to enjoy your experience on the site (they can last for as long as 21 days or 72 hours).

How Do I Get Rid of Bans?

For you to lift a ban given from the site, you need to file a complaint to the support team to revisit your case. For an appeal, you have to be sure that it was all a misunderstanding to avoid unavoidable claims. Upon completing further investigations, you can get your account back if the case you presented is valid. It usually takes time to be processed and finished.

Can You Terminate Your MobiFriends Profile?

Terminating your account is possible in the MobiFriends website. There are a couple of steps you need to follow to ensure you realize this plan. You need to go to your settings section where your account settings are for you to start the procedure. Follow the steps you’ll be directed by the site to delete your profile finally. Deleting your profile will clear all your information both from your end and in their website’s database. This process is not reversible.

What Does Disabling The, “Show Me on MobiFriends” Option Do?

It’s possible. The settings will only be available if the site you are using allows you to sign in using a social media platform, and luckily MobiFriends does. The site will enable you to sign in using your Facebook account. To disable these settings, you go to the Facebook profile and navigate to the settings section. It would be best if you further went to the privacy section to get the place where the linked account is displayed. Disable sharing your other accounts with friends from Facebook to make sure you disable the ‘show me on MobiFriends’ setting.

Where Do I Access My Matches List?

Your matches are in the conversations you have had; this is because you talk to them after searching and liking their profiles. There are also matches suggested by the site that appears in the form of a list where you can like or dislike them.

How Do I See Who Has Contacted Me on MobiFriends?

If you want to see the people who have contacted you, you go to the inbox section where you can easily see them. They come with the name of the sender as well as a bit of inside detail to expect.

Is It Possible to See My Liked Members list?

There is a specific feature for that purpose called a favorites list. However, people you are communicating with are the people you like (at least some of them).

What is MobiFriends’s Ghost Mode?

The specific feature is called stealth mode on the site. The function usually enables you to view profiles unnoticed. Despite the rules, you cannot see the people who have viewed your profile, meaning if you don’t like a match, they will never know that you visited their profile.

How Do I Change My Display Name?

All online dating sites agree on this one thing that there is no editing of usernames. Your usernames are what members identify you with, and they are the identity of users. Other items are the email address and gender that you cannot change.

Why am I Finding it Difficult to Use the Site?

It can be an issue of the credentials that you are using to log in to the MobiFriends website. If your username or password is incorrect, you will not get access to the site. Choose the ‘forgot my password’ section to help you develop a recovery password that will hold things together before you change the password. If you have also been banned from the site or deleted your account, you cannot access it.

What are the Various Search Options on the Site?

The site’s search filters involve your gender, the search gender, your intentions (sharing hobbies, making friends, flirting with, relationship approach and seeing where it’ll lead to), the search country, age bracket, and with/without a photo. It gives you narrowed results ensuring accuracy in your matches.

Sign-Up Process

The signing up process isn’t a hassle and doesn’t take you long to clear it. First things first, you’ll be required to fill in a couple of details including your date of birth, the city that you reside in, your gender, your email address, and further confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions of the site and that you are 18 and over. After that procedure, you move forward to filling your profile. There are a couple of things required to fill in, including your body presentation, occupation, hobbies, interests, and personal information. These help the site better their matching system to provide you with great matches as they get familiar with who you are and what you like.

Sign-Up Process

How Do I Do the Email Verification?

It came since the hacking incident happened. The verification is done by simply clicking on the link in the email sent by the site that validates that your email is legit.

Is Registering Using My Facebook Account Possible?

Registering with Facebook is an option for one to join the MobiFriends website. This approach will save you the hassle of filling in the information that the site asks from you when you register using the email. You can also upload photos from the Facebook account, which is more comfortable than uploading your library.

How Do I Become Part of MobiFriends?

Joining the site is a natural process. All you need to do is get your device, go to the website or in the app, create an account following all the steps asked of you, and using the approach you’d like and start enjoying the services of MobiFriends.

Can I Use the Site’s Features as a Non-Member?

It is possible, and MobiFriends reviews have praised this aspect. You can search for contacts and see what variety of people are there to interact with. However, you cannot view the profiles fully nor contact them.

Users Profile Quality

The quality of the profile is quite something. The pattern offers information like the photos (which is the main element), a link to other images, the member’s purpose, their age, and what they are looking for. There are further details that you fill in the personal questions during the registry that presents additional information. Beware of false information given since you can find a ’25 year old’ looking like a 55-year-old.

Users Profile Quality

Mobile Applications

A mobile application is available for the site. It is on Android devices. It is free to download and also doesn’t use much of your device’s space. The app works and the desktop version, and they look similar, both having great designs. It is convenient for members who are always up and about since they can access the app wherever, provided there’s an internet connection.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Upgrading to a premium membership comes at a cost. However, we are still researching the prices.

Free Membership Features

There are features that you will enjoy for free, and they include;

  • Meeting friends
  • Searching for members that you share common interests
  • Sending messages
  • Video chat.

Is MobiFriends Free?

Yes, the site is free. You can do the registration part and communicate with fellow users for free.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on a Basic Subscription?

That’s not possible. The feature is not on the free package.

Premium Membership Features

The extra features that you will get in the premium membership include:


  • Your profile highlighted
  • Stealth mode that helps you to ghost around profiles
  • Getting free credits
  • Zero adverts
  • Get to see the new users.
  • You can make your text and mobis top the list in one’s inbox.
  • Get to see who added you to favorites.
Premium Membership Features


  • Top the search list
  • Send gifts to members
  • Become features in blogs and searches.

Does MobiFriends Have Premium Membership?

Yes, the site offers premium membership to users. You will have to pay depending on the subscription length that you prefer.

How Do I Cancel My Premium Membership?

It is easily possible from your settings section, specifically at the VIP section. Cancellation should be earlier than the expiry of the current subscription.

Is Premium Membership Automatically Renewed?

The VIP and premium packages are usually automatically renewed. It applies at the end of the subscription you are on.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Time?

No refunds offered if you didn’t properly use the subscription purchased. You should properly utilize the subscription to avoid such a case.

Is My “Support” to MobiFriends Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Information on donations or support to the site is not yet clear. No mobifriends reviews give any clear direction when it comes to this.

I’m not Satisfied with the MobiFriends. Can I Get My Money Back?

You better ask for information from fellow members on how the premium membership works before getting a package. The move is important to avoid scenarios since you won’t get your money back.

How Will My Donations Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

The credit card is a means of payment allowed by the site. Your bill will read the company’s name.

Can I Give Support to Fellow Members?

There is no clarity to that. Proper consultation with the support team will help you out if you are interested in supporting a fellow member.

Can I Send Donations for a Month Only?

Donations are made following the policies of the site. However, you should consult the support team to inform you if it is possible to donate for a month.

Is MobiFriends Really Safe?

Considering the recent incident (hacking of users’ information), you will realize that it is not safe. However, proper measures are put in place to ensure that the site will be secured.

Are MobiFriends Forums Threads Moderated?

The threads on the site include chat rooms and blogs. These forums are always moderate for the audience.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me on MobiFriends?

There is no feature available to perform that task directly. Every member can send you a message.

What Security Features Does MobiFriends Have?

The site recently introduced email verification. Apart from that, they have chats encryption.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

Only the site can block users upon the realization of suspicious activities. You cannot perform this task on your own.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses a MobiFriends Account to Solicit Money?

The member will receive a ban from the site. They will further face criminal charges.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses a MobiFriends Account to Solicit Money

Which Information Shouldn’t be on Your MobiFriends Account?

There are restrictions made to make the site user-friendly. Any kind of information that does not align with the policies of the site is prohibited.

Are MobiFriends Chats Encrypted?

MobiFroends encrypt their chats. An algorithm encrypts the conversations between members.

Can MobiFriends Track You Down?

Yes, the site can track you down. It will be possible because they have your location details and email.

Can MobiFriends be Traced by The Authorities?

The police can track the site. It’s legal if there’s a court order or a warrant issued for the same.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Concerns About My Privacy in MobiFriends?

The support team will guide you in everything to do with the site. Throw any question from them to receive a fast response.

Can I Edit the Information that’s on My Profile?

Editing of information is allowed. The only condition is that there are restrictions on particular profile details.

Are There Scammers on MobiFriends?

Lots of the claims MobiFriends reviews. The claims are about the hacking incident. In terms of member-to-members, there are minimal cases reported.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]


FirstMet, Flirt.com, and InternationalCupid.

Real Life Review

Perfect place for knowing peoples from all the world, and also can help for starting to learn a new language by texting – Bouazza B.

Is MobiFriends the Best Dating Site/App?

Not per se, but it has worked well for many. A great majority will support this claim. It has a good track record if you reflect on the reviews given by members.

Can I Un-Match a MobiFriends Member?

That is possible by rejecting the matches offered. Unmatching should be if a member doesn’t interest you.

Is MobiFriends a Hook-Up App?

Sort of, hookups are the go-to for many. Nonetheless, it also offers friendship and relationships. It all depends on your approach and target on the site.


If you seek a site that is entirely free to communicate in, then MobiFriends is one for you. You need to upgrade to enjoy some cool features, and also you should be careful about the scammers. Are you a MobiFriends user? How has your experience been?

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