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Meddle Review in 2024

Meddle Review in 2024
About Site
Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 17-25
Profiles 5 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It's free to register for an account and set up a profile
  • All communication and search features are free
  • You get help from your friend in the dating experience
  • Friends' choices may put you in pressure due to the expectations
  • This app is for serious relationships and not hook-ups.

Have you ever brought a partner to your friend, and they are like ‘Nah, this is not the one for you.’ Have you ever thought that you could include your loved ones in choosing to find your right person and ensure there are no later regrets about it? Meddle is all about friends’ participation in finding a partner, so let’s dig deeper to learn more.

How Many Languages Does Meddle Support?

The site was developed in English, and that is the primary language in use. However, if you come from the same hood, you can freely use your slang.

Who Owns and Runs the Site?

The founder of this site is Peter Leonard, who also happens to be the CEO and helps to outrun the company.

So Where is the Headquarters of Meddle?

If you intend to visit Meddle’s offices, you better go to their offices located in Seattle, United States.

When Was Meddle Launched?

The Meddle website was launched in 2015.

Is Meddle Available Worldwide?

The site offers its services to members all over the world.

Is Meddle Available Worldwide

What is the Age Requirement to Register for Meddle?

The age you need to attain to become part of the Meddle website is 17 years old.

Can I Use the Site on My PC?

No, you cannot. The site is only available via the mobile app that it offers. The most you can do on your computer is to get the general view of the site.

How Many Members Does Meddle Have Worldwide?

There are no specific figures given out in any Meddle reviews. However, claims say that many users are located in the United States, making most traffic. Most of the users are assumed to be male. As for the meddlers, statistics show that many meddlers are of different genders from seeking a partner.

Website Design & Usability

The app has a simple but fancy design. It’s quite colorful as well and offers great views. The fonts used and the icons to represent various information are very clear and perfectly designed. As for the layout and distribution of information offered in the pages, they are perfectly grouped and follow each other in synchrony. Each section is well-positioned, and instructions are clearly stated to ensure that navigation is made easy.

Meddle Website Design & Usability

Which Browsers are Compatible with Meddle?

Unfortunately, you cannot explore the Meddle website’s features with your browser. The only thing you can access is the official website that doesn’t have much but the policies, FAQs, and a summary of what the site has to offer.

How Do I Utilize the Camera on Meddle?

Unfortunately, there is no video chat offered in the Meddle website. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that you cannot use the camera offered. You will need a profile photo and also send photos or videos to fellow members. With this in mind, you can get a well-lit place, find a perfect background, and take your snaps. After that, you might decide to either send them or upload them.

How Do I Utilize the Camera on Meddle

Special Features

Uniqueness is what makes online dating platforms stand out from one another. Special features are what separates the best from the rest. So let’s take a look at what Meddle has to offer;

  • Meddle – This is the part your friends play to swipe for you to get a match that will be the right for you. It is usually the decision-maker on who you will contact and end up with.
  • Favorites list – In this list, you get the opportunity to select the best of the choices that your friend chose for you. It’s a form of future reference for the people you’d like to make contact with.

How Does It Work?

It happens exactly how the name suggests. Meddling! So after you get the app and sign up for an account, you should complete your profile and call upon your friend to play their part. They need to swipe for you through several profiles to get what they are supposed to be the right partner for you. After this, they will choose either to make contact themselves or to allow you to make your choice, although the latter is not part of the rules. You will interact with the match, and if not interested in them, the cycle continues until you get the one for you.

Meddle How Does It Work

How Can You Make Contact With Someone?

Making contact begins with your friend meddling for you. They can either use their account or yours. All these eventually come to swiping for the right match that you will contact. You or they will make the first contact by liking the profile. It can go either way – you sending or receiving a message. If you haven’t received a message yet, you can decide to throw in your ice breaker to start the conversation on a higher note. Communication will continue until you decide to meet up eventually. The site offers security policies for external meetups, including driving yourself there or taking a taxi, not taking any alcoholic drinks, and having someone you trust close enough in case anything happens.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Every single feature, including the messaging part, is free. You can either send your text message, a photo, or a short, interesting video at zero costs.

Meddle Is Sending Messages Free

How Can You Start Messaging with Your Match on Meddle?

Messaging someone on the site will begin from finding the right person to message. This step is totally on your friends since they are the ones who choose your matches. Upon getting one, there is simply the old fashioned way of communication – a text message. You can also send the match you are interested in, a photo, a video, or a GIF to spice up conversations. It makes the conversations interesting.

Why Can’t I Access Meddle?

It can be as a result of using the wrong means. It is important to know that the site is not accessible via the browser because only the blogs are seen there. With this in mind, you should know that only the app is available and not to have any form of expectation. Another issue can be your phone’s space since if you don’t have enough, you can’t install the app. Another major issue is having an unstable internet connection that will make you unable to open and use it.

Meddle Why Can't I Access Meddle

How Long are Meddle Bans?

The bans given to users of the Meddle website depend on the offense done by a member. Usually, there are two types of bans; temporary and permanent bans. The temporary bans are usually done when the issue isn’t serious as a form of warning and fair to the user receiving the punishment. These kinds of bans are easily uplifted since they take at most two weeks. They are usually as a result of posting something wrong or using improper language to a fellow user. As for the permanent bans, they are irreversible. They are a form of expulsion from the site and are usually for heavy crimes such as fraud or scamming a user.

How Can I Reactivate My Banned Account?

The only approach to use to get your account’s ban uplifted is by appealing to the officials. It can be done by contacting the support team who will forward your case to the security department of the Meddle website to counter check your case by doing more investigations on the case you were reported for. You have to be certain that you did no such thing, and it’s just a misunderstanding. After doing so, you shall be notified of the investigations’ results, and a verdict will be made. If you appear to be innocent, then you will get your account back.

Is There a Way to Terminate Your Meddle Profile?

You should know from the beginning that by deleting the Meddle mobile app, you wouldn’t have deleted your account – that’s a mistake many people make. You have the option to delete your account from the settings section. It is done precisely in the account settings section. You choose to manage your account and select deactivate your account. By clicking this, you will achieve your goal of deleting the account. It would help if you kept in mind that all the data you have will be deleted, and this process cannot be undone once completed. After all that, you can then uninstall the app since you won’t be needing it anymore.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me on Meddle” Option?

Since there is an option of signing in with Facebook, then this setting is available. Usually, it happens when there is a possibility of using a social media account to sign in online dating platforms. These settings can easily be disabled by logging into your Facebook account, going to the settings section, selecting the privacy settings, and then going to where the linked accounts are. There is an option on who to share your linked accounts with either the public, friends of friends, friends, or nobody, and you choose nobody to disable the ‘show me on Meddle’ settings.

Where Do I See My Meddle Matches?

You don’t get to see your meddle matches, but your friends do. They will go through several profiles looking for the ones that might blend well with you. You can see them in your message inbox if they went ahead and contacted them or in the favorites list to choose for yourself who you like best.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me on Meddle?

The messages in Meddle are presented as notifications. When your data is on, you can see all the notifications and tap on them to see the content and sender. If you haven’t enabled message notifications, you can open the app to see who has contacted you.

Is It Possible to See the Meddle Users that I’ve Liked?

Yes, you can if you come across their profiles again while searching. When your friend swipes right, that is alike, and you can know who you have swiped by name or if you try to contact them to know more about them.

What is Meddle’s Ghost Mode?

There is no spy mode on the Meddle website. You cannot anonymously view profiles without being noticed. However, if you try to consider this – since you can’t see who has gone through your profile, if a member doesn’t like or contact you, then you’ll never know if they viewed your contact. Isn’t that a version of spy mode?

How Do I Make Edits of My Username on Meddle?

There is no way that you can make edits to your username on any online dating platform. It serves as your identity, and it is usually unique all through the website such that you don’t share a name with any other user. With this in mind, you have to be accurate with the name you chose during registrations since there is no possibility of changing it unless you open up a new account with the name that you desire.

Why am I Having Trouble Entering the Site?

It can be due to feeding in the wrong login credentials that deny you access to the site. If you are experiencing such difficulties, you can choose to sign in using your Facebook account to avoid having many passwords to cram.

The search filters include gender, age, and distance within where you live. You can also include the interests and personalities that are usually included in the profile information of members.

Sign Up Process

The signing up process is quite short and simple. There are two choices to approach the site; you can either sign up as a single person looking for a partner or rather register as a meddler to help out your friend to get a partner. As for the process, it starts by asking you about your country; then, you will indicate your mobile number (this is very unusual since not many sites ask for your phone number). You’ll be sent a verification code to confirm if the number is valid.

Your next step would be to indicate a user name (ensure it is funny and also portrays your personality and characteristics), and also an email address will come along. The next step will be defining yourself (either a meddler or a single person). The other indications will be uploading your photos (you’ll be lucky if you signed in using Facebook), your gender, the gender you are seeking, and the age group you’re interested in finding matches from. You will also indicate the perimeter you’ve like your searches to be in. There will be a chance to work on your bio as you say more about yourself. And lastly, you’ll answer how you got to know about the site.

Meddle Sign Up Process

How Do I Go About Email Verification?

None of the Meddle reviews have mentioned anything to do with verifying your email on the site to finalize registration. It can be a huge concern since you never know what intentions different people have when joining the site. It’s a direct portal for scammers. However, you should not know that the site asks for your number instead, and the verification code is done via the number you’ve provided.

What Happens If I Register for Meddle Using My Facebook Account?

If you opt to sign in using your Facebook account, then you’ll save your time. It is a form of linking both your account and the site’s profile. By so doing, you will save on the time that you’d have spent to fill in the registration forms and complete your profile information. You can also have the option of uploading photos from your Facebook gallery, which is a bonus. You will also save yourself the hassle of cramming new passwords for the Meddle website.

How Do I Join the Meddle Website?

First things first, you’ll be required to get the app. After downloading and installing it, the next step will be to create an account by following the given instructions. After registration, you fill in the profile information and complete your profile. With that done, you can call upon your friend to come to meddle for you.

Can I Use the Site without Registering for an Account?

Not by any chance. Since the site is only offered in the app form, unless you have an account, then you cannot access the site to see profiles or alike. However, you can see different Meddle reviews from the review section in either of the app stores to learn more about the app, what to expect, and what people have experienced there.

Users Profile Quality

The profiles of users are quite something. From them, you can see the username of the member, their age, gender, and a small bio. More details are offered in terms of practices and personality. There are a couple of photos as well that the person has uploaded, and the options to either message them or block them.

Meddle Users Profile Quality

Mobile Applications

It is through mobile application alone that you can access this amazing dating platform. The app is offered in both the Google Play and the Apple Store. The app is free as well, and the size is around 83Mbs. The app offered everything from registration of an account to filling up your profile, swiping (done by your folks), searching for members, communicating with them, getting customer care services, and every other feature. This site stands out since it offers its users the app alone, making communication better since mobile phones are portable, and as long as you have an internet connection, you can easily keep tabs with your matches. It also enhances meetups since you can carry your phone when showing up for the date (this is both for security in case you find out the person you’re meeting up with is a scam and can work out well when finding directions to the place the date is happening).

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

There are no costs incurred on the Meddle website since there every single thing available is free. But if you insist on the figures, then there it is;

  • $0 for everything

Free Membership Features

  • Creating an account.
  • Filling in your profile.
  • Using the search engine.
  • Sending and receiving text messages.
  • Swiping profiles.

Is Meddle Free?

The app is free. Every single feature is available to the basic membership.

Can You See the Members Who’ve Liked Your Profile?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly see who has liked your profile. Nonetheless, we offer you a thought: when you swipe right, meaning you’ve liked the member’s profile, and you end up contacting them later. Aren’t your chats your likes as well?

Premium Membership Features

There are no premium features; all the features are free.

Does Meddle Offer Premium Membership?

Luckily the app is free, and you need not chip anything to enjoy its services.

How Do I Cancel My Meddle Premium Membership?

Cancellation of premium membership is not available at all since there is no premium membership in the site. It is free.

Is Meddle Membership Automatically Renewed?

You cannot renew a subscription that you haven’t subscribed to. No subscription is offered, the app only has basic membership, and it’s free.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Time on the Site?

You better utilize every second of the free membership – there are no payments required on the site.

Is My Donation to Meddle Automatically Renewed Every Month?

In terms of donation, you’ll have to consult with the financial officers and state your terms. If auto-renewal is one of them, then you sure will have a monthly cut for Meddle support.

I’m Not Satisfied with the Meddle Premium Features. Can I Get My Money Back?

Unless you’re using the wrong app, then you need to worry about getting your cashback. It’s because you are not required to pay to enjoy anything on the site.

How Will My Meddle Purchases Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

Usually, all payments, in this case, donations, are made in the Meddle website, showing the company’s name, Meddle Inc.

Can I Give Support to Fellow Meddle Members?

The Meddle website doesn’t mention such a possibility, so it is a no unless you have a wider knowledge of this, then you can drop a comment after the article.

Can I Send Donations to Meddle for a Single Month?

Donations are dependent on the agreement between the officials and the member, but it is possible to send support for a month.

Is Meddle Really Safe?

It depends on the personal experience of an individual. However, many Meddle reviews rank it average.

Is Meddle Really Safe

Are Meddle Forums Standardized?

Meddle doesn’t offer any form of forums on the site since all conversations are one on one.

How Can I Filter Who Can Contact Me on Meddle?

There is no specific feature for this; however, you can decide not to reply if you don’t share a vibe with the member trying to contact you. A more effective way would be to block them so that they cannot send you any messages or even see your profile.

What Security Measure are Taken by Meddle?

The encryption of chats and also gives members the responsibility to take part in security issues.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

You can provide the person is nagging or making you uncomfortable, then you can report them from their profile.

What Will Happen to a User Who Uses a Meddle Account to Steal Money?

This individual will be tracked down and presented to the court to face criminal charges, and when found guilty, then justice will be served.

Which Details Shouldn’t Be Posted in Your Meddle Account?

Anything that violates the policies or also the privacy of any member of the site

Are Meddle Conversations Encrypted?

All conversations done in the Meddle website are encrypted using a specified algorithm.

Can Meddle Track You Down?

If you went missing after attending a date with a Meddle member, the site is liable to track you to know your whereabouts.

Can Meddle be Traced by The Police?

It is possible especially considering that they have actual offices. However, this can only be possible when there is a warrant or court order for that.

Who Should I Contact if I have Queries About my Privacy in Meddle?

In case you have any questions or concerns, you should contact the support team through their email.

Can I Delete the Information That I’ve Already Included in My Meddle Profile?

Editing of information is acceptable but also limited, depending on what you’d like to change.

Are There Any Fake Accounts on Meddle?

According to Meddle reviews, there are several reported cases of scammers in the site pretending to be good members.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]


Hinge, Badoo, and CoffeeMeetsBagel.

Real Life Review


The Meddle website has lots of potential. If only the site had more members, then the experience would have been better. When it achieves this, then I’m positive that it will be brilliant. As at now, I’ll enjoy the meddling with my folks living in major towns – Jaimeshunk

Is Meddle the Best Dating Platform?

Almost there, considering that you get to experience partners who your friends have chosen for you, it is very interesting.

Can I Un-Match a Member in Meddle?

Yes, un-matching will be done by denying the matches that you have received.

Does Meddle Only Offer Hook-Ups?

The Meddle websites offer both hook-ups and long term relationships. It all depends on the aim you had while joining the site.


If you want your friends to take part in and assist you in making date choices, which is fun, then Meddle is where you should be. You will also enjoy the various features and get to see what kind of taste and the preference of a partner that your friends want you to be with. Have you tried Meddle before? Who swiped for you? How was your experience with your matches? Let us know in the comments!

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